Block Nodal Society for Enterprise Promotion (BNSEP) & Block Resource Centre (BRC)

The Block Nodal Society for Enterprise Formation forms one of the primary components of SVEP implementation. In Kerala the 3 tier Kudumbashree CBO structure is organized at the Local Self Government level. Hence a separate institution has been created at the block level for implementation of SVEP. This block level institution has representation from all CDS in that block. Since this institution will be working primarily for development of micro enterprises, it is known as ‘Block Nodal Society for Enterprise Promotion (BNSEP). The BNSEP monitors and manages the CRP-EPs/MECs, appraises SVEP loan applications and acts as the repository of enterprise related information in the block. Block Resource Centre for enterprise formation (BRC) and MEC (Micro Enterprises Consultants) are coterminous, such that BRC becomes a physical space to be used by the MEC to provide the required enterprise-based support. BRC and MEC network works in creating a knowledge and consultancy ecosystem in the villages which are easily approachable. The services are paid which enables sustainability in the systems.