Ribbon Exercise(PAE) Updated On 0000-00-00
Participatory Assessment of Entitlements (PAE) is a SHG level tool that helps in generation of awareness on various entitlements(Government schemes) and local self-governance. The community cadre of the SHG network facilitates this exercise in the Gram Panchayats. The SHG members respond to each of the questions by tying ribbons of different colours around their wrist as a mark of having access to a particular entitlement. The use of ribbons makes the process more vibrant and interactive. Using PAE, the community understands the gap in entitlement access in each of the member’s families and the database that is created serves as the baseline for measuring success in achieving entitlements by the community. After the completion of the exercise in all the SHGs, the data is consolidated and the Village Organization (second tier of federation) sets achievable targets for achieving the gap in access to entitlements. Subsequently, joint consultative meetings between VOs and Gram Panchayatsare conducted for sharing these plans and working together. The entire exercise helps in generating a collective energy and positive environment for the Panchayat and SHGs to work together.
Gender Resource Center Updated On 0000-00-00
It is a space established in collaboration with Local Self Government to coordinate the activities for gender development and women empowerment under local government. Local Self Governments will provide infrastructure facilities and Kudumbashree will coordinate the activities and manage the running of Centre. Kudumbashree Gender resource persons and community counselors will be managed the center and facilitate the programmes. This year Kudumbashree aims to start 5 centers in a district. It aim to • Capacitate women in different levels • Analyze the status of women and design projects • To prevent and address the atrocities against women and children in the area • Support to Jagratha Samithi and other bodies to address the issues of women & children • Organize gender sensitization training to the elected representatives and other community leaders • Counseling support to the needy • Impart knowledge and resources for the community development programmes • Small studies and researches based on gender development and promote internships. • Convergent programmes of different departments
Micro Placement Drive Updated On 0000-00-00

The concept of micro placement drive is arranging one or two employer at a small place for small number of job seekers. This concept also helps in DDU GKY candidates for getting jobs in their own locality. Most of the employers expect above mention sectors have small number of vacancies in accounting, administration, frond office, clerical staffs etc. In this Circumstances Micro placement drive helps to employers for selecting suitable candidates from a small group of Jobseekers.

Community based tracking system for DDU-GKY Updated On 0000-00-00
DDU-GKY, the skill and placement initiative of the Microstry of Rural Development (MoRD) is a significant initiative that the Government of India and Kerala State have embarked upon to turn the advantage of our young population to become the largest pool of technically trained manpower in the country/world by investing adequately in their skilling and employability, turning this youth potential into reality. ‘DDU-GKY’ aims at skilling rural poor youth and providing them with jobs in the organized sector
Kudumbashree is facilitating the mobilization of aspirants from different parts of Kerala through concerted community action in partnership with Project Implementing Agencies (PIA). The major role of Kudumbashree is to disseminate the project information, identify the right beneficiaries, counsel and motivate the candidates and track the candidates.
Kudumbashree through its CDS-ADS-NHG structure has organized numerous camps at the panchayat, block and district level. Through this active participation in mobilization and follow up, Kudumbashree could able to complete training for 21, 617 students and placement for 12,000 candidates. Reaching out to the community is a humongous task involved in training and capacity building, public relations, social networking and last mile delivery. Active community based resource persons are required for support for this activity who know the local community, the youth and their aspirations. ThusKudumbashree has launched a new scheme for incentivizing community tracking and mobilization by organizing a pool of Community based Volunteers. As part of this scheme each Community Development Society are advised to select one community Volunteer and delegate the responsibility of mobilising, tracking and maintaining “Naipunya” register (skill register). Based on the performance of the community volunteers, Kudumbashree district mission will release the incentive to concerned CDS and CDS will release the amount to Community Volunteer. It is aimed that the community will take more ownership about the program through this intervention and reach out to the right beneficiary.
Kudumbashree Micro Enterprise Convergence with DDU-GKY Updated On 0000-00-00

Kudumbashree is well known for its Micro enterprise activities. We have more than 30000 Micro enterprises. In that many canteen units, Tailoring Units are prominent part. We try to converge these enterprises with DDU-GKY also. Some convergence we mentioned here

DDU-GKY Canteen Run by Kudumbashree ME Unit,

AVON Facility Management Service is one of the training centres in Idukki district, which is a residential training center. In one batch they can train 140 candidates and they are running with full capacity utilized. In that with the district team effort Kudumbashree tie up with the PIA for setting up the canteen unit for the students. Now it’s a model convergence program in DDU-GKY. The details below

  • PIA- AVON Facility Management Service,
  • Training Center – Arakkulam, Idukki
  • Group name - soubhagyam
  • Members..
    • Sini Saviour – president, ValsaSateesh, - secretery, SubyJomon, SavithriPappachan, RamanyThankappan

Monthly income around 7,0000... Profit- 35000 (5 Members)

Placement of Candidates through KERALA SREE Employment cell (Micro Enterprise) Updated On 0000-00-00

Keralasree is an employment cell (Micro enterprise) of Kudumbashree District Mission Ernakulam. An amiable air-conditioned waiting hall, to be maintained and operated by volunteers (Keralasree) of Kudumbashree mission, has been opened at Ernakulam North & south railway stations. The facility to be charged Rs 20 per head for an hour. This is the first time the railway associating with a non-governmental organization to maintain and operate a thematic waiting hall. The waiting hall has facilities such as free Wi-Fi, kids play zone, mini library, train on call service, gents and ladies washrooms, breast feeding comfort , changing room for infants and digital display of trains arrival and departure timings. We have placed 8 DDUGKY candidates through Keralasree in Housekeeping and also as receptionist. Implementation stakeholder’s details: SRLM –Keralasree is a microenterprise (employment cell) of Kudumbashree district mission Ernakulam. District mission place the candidates apart from PIA’s. Need Gap Analysis description: To ensure the placements of our candidates with a good salary. Key results/achievements post implementation: First we placed our students in South railway station and the placed students are satisfied in their job. Hope we may get the chance to manage the AC waiting halls in all other important stations in Ernakulam. How the success of the Best Practice was measured: All the candidates were satisfied in their job. What improvements/next steps are being planned: Hope we may get the chance to manage the AC waiting halls in all other important stations in Ernakulam. So that we can place more candidates. Feedback of the end user: The feedbacks from the placed candidates are that they are very much satisfied and with the job and salary what they get now

Uniform Stitching Unit for DDU-GKY Program Updated On 0000-00-00

Kudumbashree Mission, the nodal agency for implementation of DDU-GKY project in Kerala, Subsequently MoU was signed between various PlAs and Kudumbashree Mission (reference (2)). Rs per reference (3), DDU-GKY guidelines stipulate that PlAs provide sets of uniform to the candidates who are enrolled in the training centre and one pair of uniform shall consist of one cap and any one of the (a) Two-T-shirts for Boys (b) Two sets of salwar, kameez and dupatta.

The budget allocated for Uniform Cost is Rs 1000/- per candidate as per DDU-GKY guidelines. Kudumbashree micro enterprises or apparel parks have the capability to supply the DDU-GKY uniforms as per the Standard Operating Procedures. The PlAs are hereby notification that they shall place orders of uniforms on the Kudumbashree apparel parks/micro enterprises through the Kudumbashree State Mission for all the batches which stqrt after 01-Jan-2017. The PIA has to place orders for uniforms to the SMMU before 30 days of the start of the batch so that there would not be any delays in servicing the orders. The table given below provides the prices of the items finalized by

  1. Two T-shirts for Boys - Rs 700/- Uniforms
  2. Two sets of salwar, kameez and dupatta - Rs 950/- Uniforms
  3. Jute Bag – 150/-
  4. Cap – 50/-

So far Kudumbashree receives Rs 15 Lakhs work order from various PIA.

Attappady Skill Training Program - (Tribal Special Intervention) Updated On 0000-00-00

MoRD Exclusive Adivasi Women’s Collectives for Regenerating Agriculture for Food and Nutritional Security, Economic Sustainability and Self-Reliance. The project aims to uplift the social and economic status of Irula, Muduga and Kurumba tribal communities of Attappady. Sustainable livelihoods like agriculture and allied activities need to be developed where the community can be self-reliant and self-sufficient in food. Women’s institutions would be built up for total financial inclusion leading towards poverty alleviation and social development. Awareness generation would be enhanced on all issues for the communities to be able to access all entitlements and schemes. The institutions would enable women to access credit, engage in sustainable livelihoods, build up entrepreneurship, marketing and negotiation capacities and capacity to assert their agency in all realms from the domestic front to the various forums like the area of work, Panchayat and various departments.

Under DDU-GKY, we started one training canter in the settlement itself. SB Global started their training center and they offered Domestic Electrician, Welding and Plumbing courses. 60 students are currently undergone training on these trades.

Tribal Mobilisation Updated On 0000-00-00

Diversity has been blamed for poor tribal public in a number of different contexts. It is associated with reduced spending on field services and awareness generation of tribal community. Yet in our analysis of the present situation we need to give more support strengthening their desire to more forward for a better life. For this we have started our “Door to door” campaign.

In Thiruvananthapuram district we have 260 settlements which is scattered in 31 LSGD’s. We tried to arrange a number of mobilisation camp in each settlements but unfortunately the participation from the tribal community is comparatively lesser than other mobilisation camps. From this we have started “Door to door” mobilisation camp in each tribal settlement. Till now we have covered around 48 settlements. This helped as to give more awareness the community and attract more candidates to DDU- GKY programme .In continuation we are planning to cover all the settlements in Thiruvananthapuram and bring more candidates to DDU-GKY and other Kudumbashree programme.