2017 -18 : Year of New Beginnings In Kudumbashree
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National Award for NULM
Kudumbashree received National Award from Government of India for best performing state in implementation of National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) during the financial year 2017 -18. Executive Director, Kudumbashree received award from Shri. M. Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon. Minster for Urban Development in a ceremonial event held at Pravasi Bharathiya Kendra, New Delhi on 23rd April 2018. Rs. 6 crore was given as prize money, to be utilized for the project.

2 Additional sanction of 198.96 crore to train 20,000 youth in DDUGKY
Additional Targets to provide skill development to 20,000 students (Project forRs. 198.96crore) sanctioned to Kudumbashree by Ministry of Rural Development as a part of DDUGKY project. Kudumbashree implemented DDUGKY in an exemplary manner, receiving National award for the year 2016 – 17, resulting in sanction of additional targets. 
3 MoU s with 16 states and one union territory
Kudumbashree National Resource Organization has been supporting other states in piloting PRI CBO convergence, MEC project and Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP). In 2017-18 Kudumbashree signed MoU with many news states like Tripura, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. As of now a total of 16 states and union territory of Lakshadweep have signed MoU with Kudumbashree NRO. 
4 100% coverage of houseless people in PMAY – 82,487 houses sanctioned
As per part of PMAY project,330 Detailed Project Reports of all the houseless beneficiaries (those having land) were prepared in 2016-17 and 2017 -18, and got approval from Government of India. Sanction was obtained for construction of 82,487 houses in urban areas as a part of PMAY (PMAY). 
5 Kudumbashree Facility Management Centre (FMC) – with Kochi Metro
Kudumbashree has entered the facility management market in a big way, when it got an opportunity for facility management contract with Kochin Metro.Kudumbashree provided employment to 720 women in ticketing, customer care, call centre, housekeeping and gardening making Kochi Metro the first women run metro in the world. 
6 Increasing the network of Facility Management to Vyttila Hub and CUSAT
In Kochin Metro, Kudumbashreehas installed a world class performance management system in place to rise up to the clients and publics expectation with the end result of only 15 complaints received among 7 lacs transaction and 66 lacs passengers travelled. Based on the performance, FMC also got opportunity for the facility management services in Vyttila Mobility Hub (Housekeeping and Security Services – 58 employees) and CUSAT (Housekeeping – 60 employees) taking the total employment given to 838.
7 Start Up Village Entrepreneurship Project (SVEP) extended to the entire state
Kerala became the only state in the country to get approval for starting SVEP project in all the districts. Sanction was obtained in the empowered committee for a total of Rs. 75.5 crore for starting SVEP in one block of all the districts of Kerala (SVEP). Implementation of the project started in 2017 – 18 and each block will have about 500 new enterprises within one year.
8 International Training program conducted for the first time
Kudumbashree conducted a 10 day training at KILA, Thrissur for 25 participants from various countries in Africa and Asia as training partner of MANAGE, the national institute for agriculture extension. Further, a team visited Uganda in October and conducted a training for 10 days for 50 participants from Uganda
9 Conduct of Kudumbashree Elections
A major task of conducting election to the three tiers of Kudumbashree network was done in 2017 – 18. Election of office bearers of 2.77 lakh NHGs, 19,489 ADSs and to 1,065 CDSs was a herculean task, as it was one of the largest elections of the world in terms of the number of office bearers to be selected during the process. The election was conducted in a free and fair manner without any untoward incident. All the office bearers assumed the responsibilities and started their work.
10 “Kudumbashree School” – Orientation and Training for 6 days for 43 lakh members
For the first time in the history of Kudumbashree, an in-depth training was conducted to all the members of Kudumbashree family. Titled “Kudumbashree School”, this was a training for 12 hours in 6 days (2 hours per day) involving 1,10,676 volunteer teachers who went to 2,54,000 Neighbourhood groups to train 34 lakh members. The training instigated new vision and energy in the community and reiterated the concept of volunteerism
11 Special NHGs focusing on Transgender, Person with Disability and Elderly
In 2017 -18, Kudumbashree focused on formation of special Neighbourhood Groups for addressing the specific needs of vulnerable communities/groups. 1,793 elderly NHGs, 19 transgender NHGs and 572 NHGs for persons with disability were formed during the year. Further, Rs. 1.50 Crore was given as Corpus Fund to Special NHGs during the financial year 2017 – 18.
12 Strengthening Coastal CDSs through volunteers
A new project was launched in 2017 – 18 to strengthen coastal CDSs. 81 coastal volunteers were selected for the purpose of strengthening of NHGs in coastal areas and to motivate the coastal community to take up livelihood. Till March, 327 new NHGs were formed and 12,893 NHGs were strengthened by the coastal volunteers. Rs. 3 Crore was sanctioned to 2000 coastal NHGs as Revolving Fund. 
13 Kasaragod becomes the first Digital district
e- shakthi project was implemented in Kasaragod and as a result financial transaction of all the 9,740 NHGs in Kasaragod became digital. Tablet computers were provided to CDS and the existing accounting data were digitalized. At present, all the transactions are entered online, making the entire accounts of NHGs digital in Kasaragod.
14 18774 NHGs in the state also embrace digital revolution
Implementation of Transaction Based SHG Digital Accounting System (TBSDAS) project started in 2017-18. Once completed, all the rural NHGs in the state will have digital accounting system. At present, more than 18774 rural NHGs are doing digital transactions with the help of dedicated laptop at rural CDS. 
15 LIFE Mission Survey completed
In 2017 -18, Kudumbashree was entrusted with the challenging task of conducting survey to find out beneficiaries for LIFE mission (housing for all) announced by the Government. Kudumbashree conducted survey of 15 lakh applicants, and shortlisted 5 lakh eligible beneficiaries
16 15,067 NHGs linked to bank, for the first time
Out of the 2,77,000 NHGs, only 1,81,000 NHGs were linked (availed bank loan). Even though the average loan size for the state is about Rs. 4 lakh (for linkage loans), it was a matter of concern why 76,000 eligible NHGs did not avail bank loans. A campaign was conducted in 2017 – 18, aimed at providing linkage loan to all the NHGs, and till March 2018, 15,067 NHGs were linked for the first time. A total of Rs. 480 crore was obtained as the loan amount for these NHGs
17 RSBY Survey completed
In 2017 – 18, another socially responsible task undertaken by Kudumbashree Mission was enrolling poor families in RSBY program. All the CDSs actively conducted campaign to enrol beneficiaries, and a total of 33, 78,782 families were enrolled in the program through Kudumabashree network
18 Pilot study conducted to stop money lenders
In 2017 – 18, Kudumbashree conducted a pilot study in Palakkad district to understand how Kudumbashree network can use the thrift and credit model to help families to escape from the clutches of money lenders. Based on this study, a detailed activity for micro finance strengthening is planned in 2018 – 19
19 Recruitment of Human Resources
One major activity during 2017 – 18 was recruitment of new professionals in Kudumbashree. More than 100 District Program Managers (for NRLM and DDUGKY), and more than 100 city mission managers and specialists (for PMAY and NULM) and more than 300 block coordinators were recruited during the year. Selections for CDS accountants, Coastal Volunteers, Micro Enterprise Consultants etc. were also conducted at district level.
20 Training and Capacity Building intensified
Strengthening various functionaries of Kudumbashree is essential for achieving the goals of the mission. In 2017 – 18, focus was given for giving high quality training to Kudumbashree staff and CBO. Many training programs were designed and conducted which include training for all CDS Chairpersons, CDS Subcommittee convenors, training for all ADS leaders, combined training for all the Panchayat Presidents and CDS leaders, training for new block coordinators, training for District Program Managers/ADMCs/ DMCs, training for coastal volunteers etc. 
21 450 Rural Markets established (weekly markets)
Bringing another first to its credit, Kudumbashree established 450 permanent markets in 450 CDSs. In partnership with Agriculture department, the project is scaled up to all the local bodies in the state. Within a period of 4 months, the turnover touched Rs. 2.1 crore (as on March 2018). In addition to vegetables, banana, and tuber crops, products of micro enterprises are also sold in these weekly markets 
22 JEVA (JLG evaluation team) established
A strong support team of 605 master farmers named as JEVA (JLG Evaluation Agent) was developed during 2017 -18. The team is entrusted with duties like evaluation of JLGs, providing training and support to farmers, collecting vegetables from JLGs for sales in weekly markets etc.
23 More than 50% of NHG members introduced to agriculture practices
With an aim to motivate more NHG members to take up livelihood activity based on agriculture, training on farming practices was given to more than 20 lakh members. The program titled ‘BhakshyaSurakshaBhavanam’ also aims at promoting homestead cultivation and promotion of organic/ safe to eat vegetable production. The program created a positive feedback from the community and there’s demand for further handholding and training.
24 60,000 JLGs cultivated 50,234 hectares of land. 20% increase from last year
Due to multiple campaigns and efforts during 2017 – 18, the total number of women farmer groups (Joint Liability Groups or JLGs) were increased from 40,000 to 60,000 and the total area under cultivation increased from 35,000 hectares in 2016 – 17 to 50,234 hectares. The number of women farmers supported by Kudumbashree crossed 3 lakhs. 
25 Sales volume of JLG products touches 34 crore
Vegetables and banana produced by JLGs were sold through multiple markets. One of the biggest marketing season was during Onam 2017 – 18, where a total of 3269 tonnes of vegetables were sold and the groups got a total revenue of Rs. 12 crore. Further, the total volume of sales during the financial year was 11,634 tonnes and the total revenue from sales is over Rs. 34 crores. 
26 Monitoring tool for Agriculture sales
A web based tool was developed for monitoring the conduct of festival markets during Onam 2017. The software, linked with Kudumbashree website will show the date/ time/place where markets will function. Further, product wise sales volume and turnover was also captured in the software. Data’s are available in the public domain at www.naattuchantha.com
27 Kudumbashree ‘Branded Rice’ reached markets
There were micro enterprises from Kudumbashree producing branded rice. However, in 2017 – 18, this was taken up for the first time as a plan scheme, and farmers/ groups were encouraged to procure paddy and produce branded rice. More than 122 metric tonnes of paddy was procured (18 groups participated in the activity) and sold in the market as Kudumbashree Rice (with local brand names) 
28 ABC program intensified
2017 – 18 was the year when Kudumbashree members took the bold step to form ME groups for Animal Birth Control Program. Training was given to more than 400 members, and 41 groups are actively involved in the project. The total revenue earned by the members crossed Rs. 1.35 crore; and more than 13,500 street dogs were sterilized as a part of the program
29 ‘Kerala Chicken’ Project started
‘Kerala Chicken’ project, started in convergence with Animal Husbandry department and KEPCO, aimed at production of broiler chicken through women farmers. Support was given to 485 farmers encouraging them to take day old chicks (1000 chicks in a batch), and to rear them for 45 days. KEPCO and other identified agencies will buy back the ‘safe to eat’ chicken produced by the NHG member. 
30 First Kudumbashree ‘Hatchery’ started
As a part of ‘Kerala Chicken’ project, a hatchery unit was started in Kollam as Kudumbashree Micro enterprise. The hatchery will purchase hatching eggs and will supply day old chicks to Kudumbashree groups. More hatcheries are planned in the year 2018 – 19 when the final aim of 1000 broiler chicken units in the state will be implemented. 
31 First Pet Hostel in Trivandrum
Another first of its kind initiative of Kudumbashree Mission was to start a novel enterprise in Animal Husbandry. A pet hostel (Pet care unit) was started in Thiruvananthapuram in March 2018. The enterprise group is encouraged to take up animal breeding activity also.
32 First Mobile Veterinary Unit for ABC Project
One of the innovative projects started by Kudumbashree Mission in Animal Husbandry is Mobile ABC Unit in Trivandrum District. This intensive action squad will mobilize an operation theatre to anywhere across the District, and will perform surgeries in the ABC unit.
33 Support for Cow rearing Women groups
In order to support the income generation activity of the NHG members, a new scheme named ‘Support for Common Interest Groups’ for the members undertaking livestock sector is implemented in 2017 – 18. Through this intervention credit support and other supply chain support is given to NHG members undertaking cow rearing since last two years. At present Kudumbashree supported 900 cow rearing farmer groups across the state and providedRs. 9crore rupees as community Investment Fund.
34 Micro Plan Preparation and Household campaign against dengue fever
Kudumbashree CDS s in Trivandrum Corporation took up the challenge of conducting an intense campaign for 7 weeks when dengue outbreak was reported in large numbers. All the 100 ADS s selected volunteers for house visit, and gave training to them with the help of JHI/ JPHN. A group of two volunteers covered 50 houses once a week, for 7 weeks asking families to remove all possible breeding points. 
35 ‘Sparsham’ – campaign to ensure 100% inclusion in urban areas
Kudumbashree, as a part of implementing National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) launched a campaign titled ‘Sparsham’ in all municipalities. The major objectives of the campaign is to ensure 100% inclusion of  urban poor into the Kudumbashree network, to identify weak NHGs and make them active,  identification of interested persons or groups to take up livelihood activities and skill training etc. 
The data obtained from the campaign will be the basis for further planning of NULM implementation in the state. Based on the campaign, Kudumbashree envisaged 100% inclusion of all the needy, and revival of / improvement of the Kudumbashree network and livelihood in urban areas. 
36 Consultancy in capacity building for NULM officials of  Arunachal Pradesh 
For the first time, Kudumbashree was invited to another state for assisting them in implementation of NULM project. A team from Kudumbashree NULM project visited Arunachal Pradesh in February 2018 providing them insights about implementation of the program. 
37 She Lodges – Expanding to new cities 
Kudumbashree training team in Kozhikode (a ME unit formed under Kudumbashree) started a hostel for working women three years ago in Kozhikode Corporation. In 2017 – 18, because of wide acceptance and public demand, number of such hostels increased to 5. Four such hostels for women are functioning in Kozhikode city and the same team has a new hostel is started in Thiruvananthapuram recently.
38 Night Survey conducted to identify those without shelter
As a part of providing support to the urban homeless under NULM project, Night Survey has been conducted in all 93 urban local bodies, and 3195 homeless persons have been identified. This will be the basis for sanction of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for the construction / refurbishment of ‘shelters’ in the coming financial year
39 Street Vendors get ID card for the first time
As part of providing support to urban street vendors under NULM, survey has been conducted in all 93 urban cities, and 21,649 street vendors has been identified during the year.  The project is aiming at rehabilitation of urban street vendors and creation of special vending zone. Identity cards were given to 8,670 street vendors during the year, and this is the first time such initiative is taken up in Kerala as a part of a project. The focus in 2018 – 19 will be to sanction special vending zones in areas where there is feasibility
40 Skill training to unemployed urban poor
Kudumbashree, under NULM imparted skill training through public and private sector training institutes to 9,260 employed urban poor youth during the financial year 2017 - 18. Training was given in 73 trades across the sectors like Cyber security, Accounting, Health care, Automation, Plastic technology, Electronics, Electrical, Ayurveda Nursing, Hospitality, Telecom, Food processing etc. Placements of candidates are progressing and more than 66% candidates who passed the assessment got employment offers. All the courses were of short term duration of 3 to 8 months. 
41 Urban enterprises
One of the key components of NULM project implemented by Kudumbashree is providing opportunities for all who desire to set up micro enterprises. Entrepreneurship development course, and skill training was given to interested candidates. Further, handholding was given to avail bank loan. Hence, in addition to the 2,135 existing urban enterprises, 715 new enterprises were started in urban areas in 2017 – 18
42 Tool Kit for PRI CBO convergence prepared
In order to assist other states for the Panchayat Raj Institution (PRI) – Community Based Organization (CBO) convergence, a tool kit was prepared by Kudumbashree NRO and it was released by Secretary, MoRD, GoI during a national workshop at Hyderabad. This tool kit, in 5 volumes, is a standalone material which will assist the states for taking their PRI CBO convergence program forward. 
43 Module for Community Cadres developed
A module for training the community cadre called Community professionals for Convergence (CPC) has also been developed by Kudumbashree National Resource Organization (NRO) during 2017 – 18 as an academic tool. The CPC has been developed from the existing cadres who have been identified in the project as Local Resource Groups (LRGs). The CPCs will be responsible for scaling up the project to other blocks in the State with the help of NRO
44 National recognition for implementation of SVEP
Start Up Village Entrepreneurship Program (SVEP), the sub-mission of NRLM launched by Government of India is aimed to promote micro enterprises in rural villages with the help of trained Enterprise Resource Persons selected from Community. 
Kudumbashree NRO is one among the four empanelled NROsby Ministry of Rural Development for providing implementation support to other states in SVEP.As of March 2018 Kudumbashree NRO is supporting 53 blocks in 8 statesincluding Keralaand has signed MoU with all states for implementation support. The increasing demand for support from different states can be credited to the recognition and wider acceptance of Kudumbashree s work in SVEP.
45 More than 700 enterprises started in two blocks in the first year of implementation
SVEP project was piloted in Vadavukode block (Ernakulum district) and in Parakkod block (Pathanamthitta district) from January 2017. After selection of Mentors and Micro Enterprise Consultants for these blocks, potential entrepreneurs were selected and training and handholding given to each. As per the approved Detailed Project Report a total of 4,218 enterprises were to be supported over a period of 4 years in these blocks. At present, both blocks has exceeded the annual targets and there are 402 new enterprises in Vadavukode and 318 new enterprises in Parakkod, all started in the first year of SVEP.
46 Kudumbashree completes Tribal individual household micro plan preparation in Alappuzha
Kudumbashree team completed detailed survey of 141 households of Alappuzha constituency and prepared individual micro plans for each family. All the micro plans were in project format and Tribal Department sanctioned Rs. 5.01 crore for implementation of the projects. Based on this model, tribal department entrusted Kudumbashree for conducting individual micro plan preparation in all other districts.
47 ‘Attappady Model’ project started in 3 districts
Attappady Special Project of Kudumbashree aims at creation of exclusive community structures for tribal families. A similar model is started in three districts (Thirunelli Panchayat of Wayanad, Selected Panchayats in Nilambur block and in Aralam farm in Kannur district). Team formation and conduct of initial survey has been completed, and project implementation started in all the three places
48 Traditional livelihoods groups identified in Tribal areas
In 2017 – 18, livelihood promotion in tribal areas focused on traditional livelihoods (like tribal medicine, ethnic cultural group formation, traditional food production groups etc). Training, handholding and exposure (by conducting exclusive food and product exhibition) was given to tribal groups and 52 individual/ group enterprises in ethnic food/ ethnic dance/ traditional medicine are identified for giving further support in the next financial year
49 Skill development for 981 tribal students
As a part of DDUGKY program, special mobilization was done from tribal areas and thereby 981 students were mobilized and motivated to join skill training course of their choice. Out of them, 800 completed training and of which523 were given placement letters/ job offers.
50 Community kitchen in Wayanad
Tribal department entrusted Kudumbashree for running Community Kitchen in Thirunelli, Kaniyampatta and Noolppuzha Panchayats of Wayanad district. Administrative sanction for Rs. 5.67 crore was given. Pregnant and lactating mothers, mentally challenged persons, elderly persons and children were identified as needy beneficiaries. A requirement of 219 community kitchens (299 hamlets, covering     14,017 beneficiaries) identified and 13 kitchens started functioning.
51 New policies in DDUGKY
GIS mapping of all Program Implementing Agencies (PIAs) were completed and it is available in Kudumbashree website. Further, grading of PIAs completed and new policy has been taken regarding priority and preference to ‘A’ graded PIAs. Moreover, policy of mobilizing through community mobilizers were strengthened where incentive is given to CDS members for mobilizing candidates. Also, rolling out of new MIS for DDUGKY will commence from 1, April 2018.
52 DDUGKY Call centre and Student tracking facility started
In order to track all the 71,200 students a dedicated call centre and student tracking mechanism is essential. As a part of DDUGKY project, a dedicated call centre and tracking system has been started in Ernakulum. This call centre will address student grievances and will ensure that all the placed students are tracked for ensuring the continuity of placement or to note the change of jobs.
53 Sanction obtained for Sagarmala project (skill training to 3,000 candidates)
Sagarmala project is aimed at providing skill training to youth in sectors related with port/ maritime trade. Sanction has been obtained for implementation of Sagarmala project in two districts (to skill 1500 students each in Ernakulam and Kozhikode districts in the next three years). Approval for the Project Implementing Partners will be given in May 2018 and the courses will commence from August 2018.
54 DDUGKY – Special effort for reaching to the needy
During implementation of DDUGKY project in 2017 – 19, special care has been taken for reaching to the needy. Door to door mobilization was done to include 981 tribal students. 96 students were selected from Asraya families and 68 are placed as of now. A special training in electrician and plumbing course was conducted in Attappady and 282 tribal students are trained, and 140 among them are placed. 
55 DDU-GKY convergence for MNREGA job card holders
A special convergence project named as PRO – LIFE (initiated by Govt. of India) was taken up in DDUKGY to provide skill training to MNREGA card holders. The aim was to provide skilling to them so that they are competent to take up better wage employment. 4,747 candidates (MNREGA job card holders/ family members) are given skill training and 2,428 were placed.
56 Web based monitoring system implemented
In 2017 – 18, Kudumbashree implemented a web based monitoring system through its portal www.kudumbashree.org. Progress of all the plan schemes are available in the portal and public can also access the same to note the progress. Data entry (on progress of each scheme) will be done from districts. The website is also rich with contents which includes best practices, success stories, featured news etc.
57 6 related websites launched
In 2017 – 18 Kudumbashree launched dedicated website for its online e commerce portal, national resource organization, Kudumbashree facility management centre at kochin, re launch of sreesakthi portal, portal for nattuchantha (rural markets) and for attappady special project. Also, micro sites are launched (sites/ pages in Kudumbashree website itself) for centrally sponsored projects like NRLM, NULM, DDUGKY, SVEP, NRO, MKSP etc.
58 1.22 lakh subscribers for Kudumbashree Magazine. 
Enrolment of subscribers for Kudumbashree Magazine was conducted as a campaign and 1.22 lakh members remitted the one year subscription fees of Rs. 200/- With this readership base, Kudumbashree magazine will be one of the widely read magazine in the state. Each issue focuses on one theme (related to Kudumbashree programs) and covers achievements and activities conducted during the previous month. 
59 Weekly newsletter started
In addition to monthly magazine (in Malayalam), a weekly e-newsletter (in English) was also started in 2017 – 18. The softcopy of the newsletter is sent to subscribers and to groups via email. Newsletter covers weekly updates and highlights success stories.
60 Kudumbashree is State Gender Resource Centre
State Gender Resource Centre started functioning from October 2017 in the Kudumbashree Head Quarters. Social Justice Department entrusted Kudumbashree to be the nodal agency for coordinating Gender activities through State Gender Resource Centre. Rs. 16 lakh was given to Kudumbashree for establishment of the centre and for conduct of activities.
61 126 Gender Resource Centres established in LSG’s
One major achievement in Gender Development Program was establishment 126 Gender Resource Centres in convergence with Local Self Government institutions. With support of LSG’s, Kudumbashree set up such centres in space given by LGSs. GRC will act as a pivotal point for Gender activities in the Panchayat, and will provide counselling services through community counsellors
62 75 Block Level Counselling Centres established
In addition to the Gender Resource Centres at Panchayats, Kudumbashree supported Block Panchayats for establishment of Block Level Counselling Centres in each Block. The aim of the BLCCs is to provide counselling support and legal assistance. Further, trainings and programs aimed at prevention of atrocities are also the key activities of BLCCs. 357 community counsellors were trained and placed in the community to give counselling and other mental support to the women and adolescents who are in distress.
63 Snehitha centres in all 14 districts
One of the highlights of Kudumbashree’s achievement in 2017 – 18 was scaling up of Snehitha centres to all the districts. Further human resource in all the Snehitha centres were also strengthened and 11 staffs (including counsellors, service providers, security, office assistant, and care taker ) are recruited to each Snehitha centre. This scale up turned Snehithas as one of the best networks of one stop centre and a community networking system to prevent atrocities against women and children.
64 Campaign to prevent atrocities  – ‘Neetham 2018’ 
In order to sensitize the members about the need to resist against atrocities against women and to educate them and family members with respect to legal and social remedies, a campaign titled ‘Neetham’ was conducted in March 2018. Discussions were done in 2.41 lakhs NHGs with the help of facilitator, and the action points are pooled at ADS, CDS and District level. Policy for 2018 – 19 will be formed based on these action points.
65 Training in Art, by Biennale team
A 10 day camp for women interested in art/ painting and who are willing to take up livelihood activities through their talent/ passion, was conducted with the assistance of KochinMuziris Biennale team. 30 women participated and they produced amazing sketches/ paintings as a part of the camp. This is the first time a thematic initiative is taken up in Kudumbashree. In 2018 – 19 Kudumbashree is planning to conduct exhibition of their creative works at different places.
66 Gender Sensitization Training for staff
Another unique initiative during the year was commencement of Gender Sensitization Training for all the Kudumbashree staff. A mission aimed to raising awareness of gender based violence and gender equality through personal attitudinal changes of each staff. Hence a 2 day training camp was organized, first time by a government agency in the state, for giving sensitization in Gender related issues for entire staffs. 
67 Vulnerability Mapping processes in 140 LSGs
Kudumbashree has evolved processes that enable women as change agents to map vulnerabilities, analyse them, develop their own action plans, assess the effectiveness of their plans and make regular course corrections. Vulnerability mapping process did in 140 LSGs to address the existing vulnerabilities in the localities. That leads to convergence with local government and other departments who are also formulating projects to address the identified issues.
68 Vigilant groups in 16922 wards to prevent atrocities
Vigilant group is a team of 10 to 15 members at ward level to give immediate support to the woman/child who are in a difficult situation and also aims to prevent the atrocities against women and children. In 2017 – 18 training were given to vigilant group members with the support of Community Police System of Police department. Further, the group is also acting as a task force in convergence with similar systems in local governments
69 PMAY – 5000+ houses got assistance in CLSS
Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) of Prime Ministers AwazYojana (PMAY) is a scheme aimed to provide interest subsidy to those urban dwellers who have taken housing loans. Through an active campaign and with the assistance and help of State Level Bankers Committee, interest subsidy was granted to more than 5000 persons during the financial year. 
70 Construction Units of women started
LIFE mission envisaged by Government of Kerala aims at construction of more than 5 lakh houses in 4 years. In order to tap the opportunities in LIFE mission for house construction, to assist poor families to complete construction of their houses in quick time, and to provide an income for the women enterprise groups, construction groups were encouraged and given training. 64 groups were formed in 2017 – 18. Coordination Committee of LGS empanelled them as nodal agency for construction of incomplete houses of LIFE Mission. 
71 Online E-Commerce Portal (www.kudumbashreebazaar.com) launched
A global market for Kudumbashree products through creation of an online platform was materialized during the year 2017 – 18. The portal, which has more than 300 products listed as of now, will display more than 3,000 products by 2018–19. Sales through online portal started from the first day of its launch, and it is expected to increase in coming months, when online promotion is also planned.Kudumbashree portal not only provide consumers with a variety of productsof small scale producers at their doorstep, but also empower women entrepreneursby linking them with higher markets and institutional buyers, and by facilitating them to compete in the national and international market. 
72 KudumbashreeParticipated in 19 SARAS Fairs outside the state and got sales of more than 1 Cr.
SARAS Melas are trade fairs promoted by Ministry of Rural Development under National Rural Livelihood Mission, for sales of Rural Products. These fairs are conducted in every state. For the first time, Kudumbashree participated in more than 19 SARAS trade fairs outside the state. Kudumbashree encouraged Women Entrepreneurs to take up stalls in fairs conducted by other States (more than 10 stalls per trade fair) and the total sales generated from those fairs crossed Rs. 1 crore in 2017-18. 
73 Two SARAS Melas in Kerala draws huge crowd and sales crossed Rs. 10 Crore
Kudumbashree conducted two SARAS Melas in Kerala (Pattambi and Edappal). In the SARAS Melas conducted inside the state, in addition to more than 250 stalls for display and sales of product, a mega food court with more than 12 food stalls (including 50% stalls from other states) and cultural evening (sponsored, locally) are also incorporated making it a huge attraction for the common people. Total sales in both SARAS Melas together crossed Rs. 10 Crore
74 50+ Nano Markets Started 
‘Nano Market’ is either an exclusive shelf space positioned in super markets operated by government departments and private players or in public places and offices where there’s chance for good sales. This concept was introduced in 2017 – 18 and more than 50 Nano Markets were established within a span of 3 months and the numbers are expected to increase in the coming months. The objective of Nano Marketing is to build a customer base and business at the grass root level. 
75 Handholding of Catering Units intensified
Kudumbashree has more than 1000 catering units. Even though Kudumbashree Mission provides skill training to the women groups, providing hands-on experience through participation in functions where large crowd attend and high volume of food production is essential is essential for increasing the confidence of each group. More than 70 food festivals were conducted by Kudumbashree in 2017 – 18 in order to support the catering units and registered a total sales of more than Rs. 5 crores
76 Rs. 20 crore livelihood fund for CDS – 1,407 Micro Enterprises supported
One major achievement of 2017 – 18 was the support given to Micro Enterprises through Community Enterprises Fund. Getting a bank loan for starting a micro enterprise or enhancing its operation usually take time and during the process, there is likelihood of losing entrepreneur’s passion. Hence, Kudumbashree has designed a special financial product to support the entrepreneurs. Kudumbashree provided Rs. 5 lakhs each to 400 CDSs as Community Enterprise Fund (CEF), for supporting entrepreneurs. 235 CDSs have supported 1407 Micro Entrepreneurs and loan amounting to more than Rs. 9.00 Crore was given from CEF.
77 Kudumbashree Supermarkets – Guidelines published / Consortiums of entrepreneurs being formed
With an aim to start at least one supermarket in each district in the first phase, Kudumbashree Mission has issued detailed guidelines and has initiated formation of consortium of micro entrepreneurs. The process of formation of consortium of producers, arrangements for logistics/ procurement, hiring of spaces on rent etc. started in all the districts, and the first supermarket of Kudumbashree will start functioning in June 2018. 
78 Marketing tie up with Agriculture Department/ Horticorp
Kudumbashree has entered into anMoU with Horticorp to sell Kudumbashree products through its outlets. Horticorp will provide shelf space to Kudumbashree products and will undertake sales of Kudumbashree products as in the case of any other products in the outlet. It was started in two outlets (Palayam and Pazhavangadi) and will be extended to all 94 outlets soon.  A similar convergence with the Agriculture Department has resulted in earmarking 500 sqft area exclusively for Kudumbashree products in the Agro Hyper Bazaar started at Chempookavu, Thrissur.
79 Activities of Balasabha Strengthened
Novel programs were designed and implemented for strengthening KudumbashreeBalasabhas. In addition to conducting Bala Parliament, many programs like Maths Olympiad to kindle aptitude in Balasabha members towards mathematics, training of peer group leaders through Young Mentors, personality development/ leadership training for Balasabha leaders etc. were conducted. Further, a detailed data collection of Balasabha members were also done during this period. 
80 ‘Naadariyaan’ campaign 
Another new idea implemented during the year was launch of ‘Naadariyaan’ campaign. This was a one day journey by Balasabha members through their village to explore the history, culture and tradition of their locality. The activity was conducted during September to November 2018 and all the Panchayats participated actively. This program helped children to increase their social awareness and opened their vision towards the culture and traditions of their village. 1000+ reports are compiled and is being published as a book.
81 200 BUDS Schools Sanctioned
Another major milestone in 2017 – 18 was obtaining administrative sanction to start 200 BUDS institutions. BUDS are institutions for mentally differentially abled children, functioning under LSGIs and monitored through Kudumbashree machinery. At present, there are 181 such institutions all through the State. Rs. 2 lakh was the assistance given through Kudumbashree per institution (BRCs), in addition to the support for purchase of vehicle.In 2017 – 18, Government announced a support of Rs. 25 lakh per institution through Kudumbashree, and announced creation of 200 new BUDS institutions. A detailed survey was conducted to identify Panchayats where there’s a need, and the new schools will start in 2018 – 19
In 2017 – 18, Government announced a support of Rs. 25 lakh per institution through Kudumbashree, and announced creation of 200 new BUDS institutions. A detailed survey was conducted to identify Panchayats where there’s a need, and the new schools will start in 2018 – 19
82 State and District level BUDS festivals
Another new initiative during 2017 – 18 was conduct of BUDS festival in all the districts and at state level. This provided a platform to talented students (out of 6,171 students studying in BUDS institutions) to display their talent, artistic skills and energy. The festival received huge applause from the parents and the community. It was one of the most satisfying programs during 2017 – 18. 
83 PPP for establishing BUDS institutions
A new beginning for BUDS schools in 2017 – 18 was the launch of PPP model. LIONS club came forward with a proposal to support BUDS schools. The club offered building for new BUDS institutions and the concept got approval of Government. First such PPP BUDS school (land/ building provided by LIONS club, and school run by LSG with the support of Kudumbashree and LIONS club) was started in Chengannur. (Convergence offered in 13 panchayats in districts of Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam)
84 Launch of ‘Agathirahithakeralam’
Asraya project of Kudumbashree is an innovative concept for rehabilitation of the poorest of poor (destitute) families. Government announced scaling up of Asraya and re-named the project as ‘Agathirahithakeralam’ (Destitute Free Kerala). In 2017 – 18, survey started for identification of the destitute families. This survey was the first digital survey of its kind, where the entire survey including geo-tagging of the residence was done using a mobile application. The ratification of beneficiary list by LSGIs going on, and projects are expected to get approval from May 2017.
85 Bridge School in Attappady for the dropout children from tribal areas
Bridge school is a residential school established in Agali, managed by the community for mainstreaming of drop out children in Attappady block of Palakkad district. Attappady Special Project of Kudumbashree envisaged this concept and started implementing from 2016 – 17. Free boarding and lodging facility is given to the students till they write the exam and migrate to mainstream schools. During the 2017-18, 93 Tribal students were trained and motivated to take up equivalency exam through this initiative. 
86 Bridge Courses (Daily orientation classes at tribal hamlet) at Attappady.
‘Bridge courses’ are envisaged with an aim of improving quality of education for the school going children in Attappady. Educated youngsters from the tribal community are trained for running the course, and they conduct classes everyday in the morning and evening in the hamlet itself. The focus of Bridge course is to provide knowledge on healthy practices, personal and menstrual hygiene, giving remedial classes and assisting in studies, and providing knowledge on nutrition and healthy food habits. Bridge courses are conducted in 136 tribal colonies in Attappady, benefitting 2762 tribal children
87 BalaVijnanLibrary @ 120 hamlets in Attappdy established 
BalaVinjana library is a Kudumbashree initiative in Attappady in 2017 – 18. Library s are established in 120 hamlets in Attappady. Initially, 50 books were supplied to each library and the team envisages supply of more books depending on the receipt of sponsorship. The establishment of library created a reading habit among the children, and they are becoming more interested and keen in academics and social development due to the new system
88 Centre of Excellence created in one hamlet in Attappady
Centre of excellence is a model community training centre attached with a hamlet. The centre of excellence means a centre run by the community, where students/ researches/ community workers etc. who wish to visit the hamlet for knowing about tribal welfare programs and achievements will get induction (course totally run by the community). 
Demonstration centres of livelihood and other projects are attached to the centre of excellence, and faculty for taking classes are from the community. It’s a model where community is capacitated to teach others about the progress made by them and the path travelled through actual site visits and classes by members. At present, one centre of excellence is created in Veettiyoor (Pudur Panchayat) and 8 more are being set up
89 Community kitchen and up gradation to Nutrition Education Centres in Attapapdy
The ‘Community Kitchen’ Scheme is a nutritional intervention programme initiated in 2013 by the Government of Kerala, to address the malnutrition issues of the tribal population of Attappady block. Nutritious food is given to pregnant women and lactating mothers, to mentally challenged persons and elderly, and to children and those in need. During 2017 – 18, Kudumbashree implemented the community kitchen in all 192 hamlets and about 16,615 tribal members were benefited.  
Kudumbashree envisages up gradation of community kitchen to nutritional education center. The concept is to impart training (total 9 modules) to the community to teach them about food safety, security and to impart knowledge about nutrition, nutritious food and dietary habits and health care. An initial training was given (5 day training for 25 master trainers) for establishment of NEC and it will be implemented in 2018 – 19. 
90 Nyayasamithi’s established in Attappady
Nyayasamithy is an official body to hear and solve the issues of tribal hamlets in a ward in convergence with other departments. It consists of five members selected from the Ward level social Development committee of Kudumbashree. The samithi will meet once in a week to redress grievances of the community in the ward. The informal, but powerful mechanism is solving peoples problems and helping them to focus on livelihoods rather than spending resources and time in litigation. There are 44 wards in all the three panchayats put together in Attappady, and 31 Nyayasamithi’s were established in 2017 – 18.
91 Livelihood for mothers of mentally challenged children
First of its kind initiative taken up during 2017 – 18 was launch of livelihood project for mothers of children studying in BUDS institutions. This pilot project was launched with the assistance of a sponsor (MalayalaManorama) in Enmakaje and Neeleshwaram BUDS schools. Training was given in two streams viz. Umbrella making and stitching and 38 beneficiaries (mothers of BUDS children) started receiving work orders. In 2018 – 19, the project will be scaled up to other districts and there will be focus on livelihood training in selected BUDS school for the children too. 
92 Harithakarnasena – 20,000 members selected and being trained
With an aim to establish Harithakarmasenain all LSGs for waste management, Kudumbashree formed micro enterprises units in most of the LSGs. Units with approximately 2 members per ward for waste collection, and a core team to manage Material Collection Centre (MCF) and Plastic Recycling Unit was selected and training given through master resource persons. Harithakarmasena’s started in some panchayats, and once established, this will be a single network to solve the problems related to waste management in the state.
93 Common Facility Centres for Enterprises in 14 districts
Kudumbashree with the objective of generating revenue through livelihood activities, has identified that microenterprise units can earn more benefit if they formed in clusters, instead of remaining as individual units. For attaining this objective Kudumbashree has decided to form Common Facility Centres across the state, by identifying Micro enterprise units doing similar activities in Districts. The space and infrastructure facilities will be provided by respective Local Self Governments. The assets created through this will be under joint ownership of the LSG and Kudumbashree. During 2017 -18, Kudumbashree has identified 19 Common Facility centres across the state, the formation of which is under progress.
94 Jan Oushadhi launched
JanOushadiis a medical store which will ensure the supply of quality medicines at affordable prices for all. State Government has nominated Kudumbashree as an operating agency to start Jan Oushadi stores in Kerala. The store is operated by a registered pharmacist and a computer operator. Bureau of Pharmaceuticals PSUs of India has given initial approval for starting three Janaushadi stores at Kavalangad, Paingotter, Manalil  inErnakulam. Also, more than 20 applications received for starting of such stores as a Kudumbashree Micro Enterprise unit. 
95 Grading of Nutrimix units completed
Nutrimix units are the micro enterprise units providing take home ration to the Anganwadi students. There are 256 Nutrimix units in the state, established by Kudumbashree, as an enterprise. Representatives from Food & Safety Department, Social Justice Department and Kudumbashree Mission jointly visited the nutrimix units and graded the units using nutrimix rating scale for ensuring the quality of product. Out of 238 units, 216 units secured ‘A’ grade, 20 units secured ‘B’ grade and 2 units secured ‘C’ grade. The units secured ‘C’ grade are suspended from producing nutrimix till they achieve the grading standards and it is aimed to upgrade all nutrimix units to ‘A’ grade in this financial year.
96 International training given to MECs (through ILO)
Micro enterprise consultants (MEC) are members from the community who are selected and moulded by Kudumbashree mission for providing business counselling, marketing support, training, and other hand holding support to micro enterprises.  Kudumbashree identified 16 Micro Enterprise Consultants from the pool of 230 and provided with training on Start and Improve your Business by International Labour Organization. This is the first time an international training is given to Micro Enterprise Consultants 
97 Agencies for skill training empanelled
With an aim to scale up skill training, Kudumbashree invited expression of interest for empanelment of training agencies for providing skill training for women entrepreneur groups. 172 agencies (for 123 trades) are selected in all districts together. Preference was given to experienced Kudumbashree units, to give an opportunity for them to be the master trainers. General Orientation Training was given to 21,904 potential entrepreneurs in 2017 -18 and skill training was given to 6,920 women.  
98 2569 new Micro Enterprises Started
Based on the skill training provided by Kudumbashree during the financial year 2017 – 18 and based on the trainings got in the previous years, 2569 new Micro Enterprises were started during the financial year. This is one of the highest in recent years as the total number of new enterprises started in the last three financial years is less than 400. Entrepreneurs were given assistance for availing bank loan or CEF from CDSs. A total of Rs. 234 crore was given to the entrepreneurs as loan and an interest subsidy of Rs. 2 crore was also given. 
99 Railway parking extended to 40 areas. 5 waiting lounges run by Kudumbashree
During 2016 -17, Railway entrusted Kudumbashree for the upkeep and maintenance of AC waiting hall and parking management in few stations on a pilot basis. Impressed by the quality standards, and service to the community, Railways extended the term of service to 3 years also the number of stations assigned increased to 40. Further, Railways entrusted Kudumbashree to manage the waiting halls of 5 major stations under Trivandrum division. 240 women are employed in the facility management project and revenue sharing model is followed. 
100 Government empanelment (for tender free purchase) for tailoring units
A policy level achievement in 2017 was obtained government order from Finance (stores purchase department), for relaxation in store purchase rules for Kudumbashree Apparel units. As per this order (G.O 07/2017SPD dated 4/02/2017), departments can directly give work toKudumbashree Apparel units without tender. Based on this order, Kudumbashree units got work orders for more than 2 crore from different departments during 2017 – 18. 
101 Coir fibre making unit started and is being scaled up
The first Coir Defibering unit, run by women as a micro enterprise of Kudumbashree, was started at Kannur district on 13/07/2017. The initiative had not only helped to find a new livelihood for the women but also it is strengthening the coir industry sector in the state. The programme would be extended to all the districts in the state gradually. The project envisages collection of husk and operation of coir fibre making unit by a group of women, and Coir Corporation will buy back the product. 
102 Geriatric care givers from Kudumbashree – New project envisaged
Training and placement of geriatric care executives is an innovative and a flagship programme of Kudumbashree to cater to the need of care for the elderlyin the State. This flagship project in service sector is expected to give livelihood opportunities to many Kudumbashree members. Agencies are empanelled for providing quality training (with association of hospitals) and interested women are also identified and shortlisted. Training for the first batch will commence in April 2018. A web portal is also envisaged for facilitating online booking of services
103 Many innovative Micro Enterprises supported
Kudumbashree always encourages incubation of novel entrepreneurial ideas and business models. During 2017 – 18, many Kudumbashree members came forward to start ‘innovative’ enterprises. The courage and conviction exhibited by the members to explore new business areas is praiseworthy. Few novel areas where ME units are established are enlisted below.
  a Mobile Crematorium in Idukki.
  b Buggy Service (battery vehicle unit) in Kozhikode SM street
  c Magazine publishing in Kollam.
  d LED bulb and street light repairing unit in Kasaragod.
  e Mobile veterinary dispensary as a ME unit in Thiruvananthapuram.
  f ‘Green bytes’ fruit bowl unit in Kottayam.
  g Kudumbashree Matrimonial at Thrissur
  h RO Plant in a many locations. 
  i Bullet workshop at Ernakulum
  j Medical Laboratories in Trivandrum, Alappuzha, Ernakulum, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur
  k Well Recharge unit at Palakkad and Kannur
  l Pet care centre atTrivandrum
  m Power Laundry at Idukki
  n Hatchery unit at Kollam
  o Dance teaching unit in Pathanamthitta
  p Construction units in various parts of the state









Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
January 2018
1 Naattuchantha - Total turnover from nattuchantha markets of Kudumbashree crossed of Rs. 1 crore. 452 markets functioning across the state under the supervision of CDSs is expected to amplify the sales in succeeding months.
2 Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam – Reach out to 20 lakhs of Kudumbashree members which aims at the production of safe- to- eat homemade agricultural produces in kitchen gardens.
3 AH survey - Completed in all districts for updating the livestock inventory and extending further assistance
4 Farm producer companies:  NABARD approved 15 Producer company Projects of Kudumbashree and will be broadening financial support to all these ventures.
5 Kerala Chicken – 271 Kudumbashree Chicken units started functioning. 1000 more units will be formed in the next couple of months.


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
February 2018
1 Naattuchantha – Total sales crossed 2 crores
2 MOU signed with SFAC for value chain projects worth 2 crores
3 Kerala chicken beneficiary meeting jointly conducted by Kudumbashree, AH dept and KEPCO. A total of 1.83 crore CIF distributed for poultry units.


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
March 2018
1 Naattuchantha:
  Total sales turnover of Naattuchantha crossed 2.63 crores  
  Started a new website to collect the dynamic data of Weekly Markets. www.naattuchantha.com
2 Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam 
  32 lakhs Kudumbashree members were trained under Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam Campaign.
3 Rs 9.96 Cr received from government as MKSP state share
4 As per the Coordination committee meeting held on 21/3/18 it was decided to transfer the unutilized amount for ABC projects in LSGDs to Kudumbashree.


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
April 2018
1 Vishuchantha:
  Total sales turnover of 3 days long Vishuchantha crossed 1.65 crores



January 2018
1 Sanctioned additional targets of 2652 to existing PIAs.
2 Completed Training centre Rating. Process involved were Self evaluation, Social Audit and Inspection by Dt. Team. 
3 Completed SoP training for all newly recruited BCs.
4 Skill Caravan journey in 140 assembly constituencies as part of Jan Vjnan yatra of PNP foundation.
5 Special mobilization campaign for Ashraya families.
6 Taken policy level decision to undertake Qualitative Appraisal of new projects under DDUGKY  by SRLM team themselves, this leads to revenue generation and expand the scope to become TSA.
7 All 14 districts have applied for PM awards at national level.


February 2018
1 Geo spatial information system in place, covering all Training centres in Kerala.
2 Completed PIA grading of 34 PIAs.
3 Received 27.84 cr from Govt.


March 2018
1 Own SOP based Enterprises Resource planning system in place, SRLM can monitor Due diligence, inspections, candidates’attendance, trainers’attedance, services recieved by candidates and training qulaity. 
2 Empanelled 9 new PIAs, sanctioned 17 projects, allotted 12,077 training targets and released first instalment for 13 PIAs.
3 Revised the days from PAC to fund release to 10 days (as per DDU-GKY guidelines- 26 days)
4 Received 77.33 cr from Govt.
5 Completed QA of 17 prospective PIAs and earn revenue of Rs 26 Lakhs.


April 2018


May 2018
1 Won the second best performing state in the implementation of DDU-GKY from Govt of India for the year 2017-18
2 Sanctioned all 71, 200 targets allotted by MoRD for Kerala to 64 PIAs and 98 projects
3 Migration Support Centre and Call centre are ready to launch at Cochin
4 Foreign placement policy –Rs. 46.5 lakhs
5 Incentivizing policy for PIAs based on Grading
6 Annual alumnae award at Kochi
7 Aajeevika diwas celebration-walkathon in all 14 districts



Micro Enterprises
January 2018
1 Convergence with KILA for Haritha Karma Sena : A proposal for training prepared by Kudumbashree for Harithakarmasena was approved by Kerala Institute of Local Administration and financial assistance of Rs 3.9 Crore was sanctioned and Rs 1.8 Crore released for conducting training at panchayath level.
2 Jan Oushadhi GO : Govt of Kerala has given sanction for starting Jan Oushadhi stores as microenterprise unit to interested Kudumbashree units. The unit has to identify 120 sq ft space for starting jan oushadhi stores. 442 generic medicines worth Rs 1 lakh will be supplied by Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India and Rs 1.5 lakh assistance for infrastructure. Stores should have pharmacist and computer operator.
3 Yuva weave project: This scheme is sanctioned by Govt of Kerala for attracting young entrepreneurs to the loom industry. Scheme is in convergence with Directorate of handloom and textiles and District Industries dept. First phase is incubation programme ;training for 25 batches of 20 participants each as Master weavers and assistant weavers.
4 Convergence with KASE: MoU has been executed with Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence with Kudumbashree to provide financial support of Rs.1.5 Crore for conducting training in driving , Home stay, geriatric care sector.
5 Harithakarmasena Guideline : Prepared working guideline for Harithakarmasena in discussion with Harithamission, Suchitwa Mission, Pollution Control Board, Various district representatives & Clean kerala company. The guideline is about modus operandi of Harithakarmasena as microenterprise unit in various district.
6 Guideline for Coastal ME : Prepared working guideline for implementation of microenterprises in Coastal region. Financial assistance will be given as capital subsidy . Individual microenterprises are eligible for financial assistance of 75% of total project cost subject to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh and Group microenterprises are eligible for financial assistance of 75% of total project cost subject to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh
7 Subicsha Producer Company got administrative sanction for an amount of Rs 1 Crore for improving its market network.
8 Refresher training has been imparted to all existing Santwananam volunteers who are working for all. Need assessment and strategies for improving their expertise was also done.
9 Santwanam training was given to new members and they are positioned in district and medical kit was also supplied.
10 Southern railway has entered into an agreement with Kudumbashree for management of Railway waiting hall in Trivandrum, Kollam, Thrissur and Eranakulam for the next 3 years.
Micro Enterprises
February 2018
1 Selected Railway Facility Management & Women Construction Unit as Best Practices by MoRD.
2 Selected Railway Facility Management as best practise in National level
3 Received work order from Lotteries Dept. for stitching Uniforms worth Rs. 60 lakhs.(20,000 uniforms @300)
4 Women Construction Units- Received approval from Kollam Corporation for constructing 24 houses of PMAY beneficiaries.
5 Received approval for constructing 20 houses of PMAY beneficiaries from Pattambi Muncipality.
6 10000 kudumbashree members completed Haritha Karma Sena training.
7 Jan Oushadi –Received approval for starting 3 Jan Oushadi stores at Eranakulam district.
8 As part of promoting Eco friendly ME(Green ME) received 700 Paper pen order for various programmes
9 Received work order from KSFE worth of Rs.23 lakhs for the supply of 10,000 umbrellas
10 As part of starting 500 Coir Defibering units, first Machine received at Thrissur district and going to start functioning.
Micro Enterprises
March 2018
1 Gavi Tourism Project: Developed a project proposal for implementing an inclusive livelihood program for SC women in Pathanamthitta. Rs. 84.63 Lakhs received from SC Department for its implementation .
2 Haritha Karma Sena Project: As part of Harithakarmasena project, received 70 Lakhs from KILA ( Kerala Institute of Local Administration) for conducting training at panchayath level.
3 Got G.O of 50 lakh sanctioned for Subhisha Project.
4 Got G.O of 1 crore for Maraari Marketing Ltd
5 Got G.O of 4 crore for Marketing assistance.
Micro Enterprises
April 2018
Micro Enterprises
May 2018
1 Kudumbashree construction units started to construct the first house under LIFE Mission at Alappuzha district.
2 Received Government Order for constructing new as well as incompleted houses under LIFE Mission.
3 Received Government order for Nutrimix Price Revision incorporating GST
4 3 batches of HARSHAM- Geriatric Care Executives Training completed at KKD,KNR,KLM
5 Published M.E Photo Album
6 Conducted Santhwanam Sangamam and distributed uniforms and medical kit.
7 2 Hollow brick units started at Ernakulam and Palakkad.
8 Got opportunities to provide various services like cooking, housekeeping, security guard, cleaning in all Arts and Science colleges under Collegiate Education Department, Govt. of Kerala.



Gender Activities
January 2018
1 Suchitwa Mission has allotted rupees forty lakhs to Rangashree community theater for conducting IEC campaign. They are directed to conduct 180 street plays. 
2 Conducted Gender sensitization training for Kudumbashree officials from block level to state mission.  
3 Started Gender Campaign – Neetham 2018 - activities 
4 Vigilant group members has been selected as Nirbhaya volunteers of Home department in all Districts 
Gender Activities
February 2018

Inauguration of Gender campaign by Hon, Finance minister Dr. Thomas Issac – It was the inauguration of campaign activities at different level NHG, CDS & District


Software development for Neetham Campaign – To collect the data of campaign at NHG, CDS and district level


Neetham campaign on prevention of gender based violence conducted in 253906 NHGs – Mapping of atrocities against them, ways of prevention through suggestions and family meet were conducted at NHG level.

4 Sahayathra Sangamom as part of Gender Campaign conducted in 895 CDSs – Kudumbashree members and the people in the area were gathered in a place with symbolic reflection/action with the support of LSG and elected representatives.
5 Film show started at block level in all districts in collaboration with Chalachithra Academy.
Gender Activities
March 2018

Neetham 2018 – Gender campaign state level meet conducted on March 20th to 22nd.


‘ Prathidwani ‘ – state level talk show was conducted.


Neetham 2018 state level report presented.

4 Neetham 2018 district level reports published.
Gender Activities
April 2018


Gender Activities
May 2018

Gender Resource Center manual approved by Government and order issued.


KILA decided to give training to all Gender Resource Centers and TOT completed


Snehitha calling bell implementation State level training completed and guideline issued.

4 Vigilant group training TOT at state level Completed



January 2018
1 Participated in 4 Saras Melas held at Orissa, Sikkim, Maharashtra and Goa. 28 Kerala stalls were setup at these events and there was a turnover of Rs. 12Lakhs (approx.) for the entrepreneurs. 14 MECs and 13 Entrepreneurs represented Kudumbashree.
2 Participated in ‘Come On Kerala’ International Commercial Exhibition organized by Gulf Madyamam at Sharjah Expo Centre. Entered in to a preliminary MoU with M/s Jaleel Holdings to market Kudumbashree products in UAE. The Café kudumbashree food court set up in the exhibitionwas a huge success and clocked a total sale of 40886 AED. Two Units, Souparnika Kozhikode and Five Star Alappuzha participated in the event.
3 Organized Cafe Kudumbashree food courts at the following venues:
  1 VAIGA Fest, Thrissur hosted by Agriculture Department, 
  2 School Kalolsavam, Thrissur
  3 Malabar Crafts Mela, Palakkad in association with Industries and Commerce department GoK (The stall won best food court award)
  4 CPI(M), District Conference, Malappuram
4 A Cafe Kudumbashree food court serving ethnic Kerala Dishes was set up at Red Fort, New Delhi as part of BhaaratParv event 2018 organized by the ministry of tourism, Government of India from 26th to 31st of December 2018. Two Café units ThavackalThalassery, Kannur and Vrindavanam, Thrissur participated in the event. 


February 2018
1 E Commerce Portal - www.kudumbashreebazaar.com, an online portal exclusively for marketing Kudumbashree Products was launched on 21st of February 2018 in a grand inaugural ceremony held at at Kanakakunnu Palace, Trivandrum. Dr. K.T Jaleel, Hon Minister for LSGD launched the portal. Shri. K . Muraleedharan MLA was present. The online portal currently hosts 269 Kudumbashree products from 79 Entrepreneurs across the state. The portal is live now and customers from all over India have started ordering the products online.
2 MoU with Horticorp - Kudumbashree and Horticorp have entered into an MoU to market Kudumbashree products through Horticorp outlets. Initially Kudumbashree has been given shelf space at Horticorp outlets at Palayam and Pazhavangaadi in Trivandrum. This will be extended to all Horticorp outlets in the coming months.


March 2018
1 Started 57 Nano Markets across Kerala.
2 Upgraded packing of 129 products. 129 Products across Kerala got a new look through the intervention of Marketing DPMs. New product packs were designed, printed and the products reached the open market with newly designed packets.
3 Convergence with Weekly Markets - ME products were sold through weekly markets conducted in the month of march and total sales turnover of 7.40 Lakhs were obtained
4 25 Bulk Orders were catered to Kudumbashree Micro Enterprises through the intervention of Marketing DPMs in the month of March. The work orders amounted to a total of  Rs. 48 Lakhs.
5 Second Saras Fair of 2017-18 was hosted at Pattambi, Palakkad. The 10 day  mega trade and cultural fair recorded a total sales turnover of 7 Crores.
6 Participated in Aajeevika Mela conducted at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 23rd March to April 1st 2018 organised by CAPART and NRLM. Kudumbashree got 16 Stalls for sales and promotion of Kudumbashree products. Total Sales of Rs.7,22,352/-



January 2018
1 Training of NULM Arunachal Pradesh Mission Management Unit and Officials of SUDA: The NULM team of Kerala has provided three days training on the effective implementation of NULM programme. The impact of the training at Arunachal Pradesh is that Kudumbashree has got offers from the states of Tripura & Jammu & Kashmir.
2 Day care centre started in Manjeri Municipality as a new initiative.
3 Community Organizers’ of NULM has given 2 day training in ... batches from ... 
4 E- Tender for supply of human resource submitted by the Society constituted under NULM accepted by Malabar Cancer Centre.  As per the work award, 44 women has been placed. 
5 19 DPRs for construction/ refurbishment of shelter homes received.


February 2018
1 Sparsham Campaign- The campaign to reach the unreached has started on February 16th. The campaign is scheduled from 20th February to 19th March 2018.  The objective is 100 % linkage, formation of new NHGs, revival of NHGs, promotion of Self Employment, Providing skill training and placement.  
2 Reduction of members of group enterprises: The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of GOI, has accepted the proposal of Mission to reduce the no. of group members from 5 to 3 and made efforts to amend the NULM SEP guidelines. 
3 The first Urban Service Team started functioning in Trivandrum Corporation with 30 members. The team provides support in the fields of housekeeping, baby sitting, office staff, masons, plumbers, electricians, tile pavement, gardeners, drivers, AC mechanics, mobile servicing & beauticians.
4 The first Event Management Team started functioning in Thiruvalla Municipality with 10 members. Their first assignment was the inaugural function organized as part of supplying medical equipments to disabled persons organized by Pathanamthitta District Mission.
5 Software development to track the Sparsham campaign- The details to track at all levels of campaign and to get the consolidated report of Action Plan of ULBs for the financial year 2018-19, software has been developed.
6 All 93 ULBs issued ID cards for all eligible (approved by Town Vending Committee) street vendors. 
March 2018
1 National Best Performance Award for Kudumbashree – for the implementation of DAY- NULM for the year 2017-18. Kudumbashree bagged 6 crores as prize money.
2 Swatchatha Excellence award for Kudumbashree ADSs: 7 ADSs of Kudumbashree bagged first, second and third prize for the implementation of cleanliness, health & sanitation activities in their respective wards. (4 ADS from Trivandrum Corporation, 2 from Malappuram and 1 from Kodungallor received awards). The first prize was Rs. 1.5 lakhs, second prize was Rs. 1 lakh and the third prize was Rs. 50,000/-
3 Street vendors Rules notified & published in gazette: 
4 100 % Aadhaar seeding of beneficiaries of NULM completed for the year 2017-18
April 2018
1 Second installment of Rs. 359.67 lakhs and cash prize Rs. 6 crores received. Additional central assistance of Rs. 480.62 received.
2 New 16 courses got aligned by National Skill Qualification Committee as requested by State.
3 Work order received for field level investigation for Malabar Cancer registry in 5 districts to Human Resource Supply & Consultancy Service Organization (the company formed under DAY- NULM).



February 2018
1 Convergence with Kudumbashree Construction Units. It has been decided to construct 45 PMAY houses through Kudumbashree construction groups.
2 The first housing complex in the State under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) will be built in Kollam.
3 Kollam Corporation has agreed to construct 24 houses approved under BLC (N) in Mundakkal. Community meeting was conducted and models of houses were displayed for gaining the confidence of beneficiaries.
4 In Pattambi Municipality 20 PMAY beneficiaries expressed their willingness to construct their houses through Kudumbashree Construction Group.
5 In Kayamkulam Municipality one PMAY beneficiary agreed to construct her house through Kudumbashree Construction Group. (Mannar)
March 2018
1 Addressed all land owned homeless in PMAY all over the State and got approval for 82487 Beneficiaries with project cost 2,52,534 Lakhs



Public Relations
February 2018
1 Started Instagram Account. Click here to View
2 Best practices of districts have been uploaded in Website.
3 Photography Awards distributed.
4 Conducted Writeshop in connection with Memoirs book in Kollam Trivandrum, and Kottayam.
5 Started sending Unicode version (Type it )of press releases to different WhatsApp groups.
6 Started interview session for the best practices in News letter.
7 Started a serial of succes stories of Kudumbashree women in Mangalam Daily. Click here to View
8 Started updating Kudumbashree section in LSGD Website
9 Completed Video Documentation of 5 ME Units
Public Relations
May 2018
1 As part of the second anniversary celebrations of Government of Kerala conducted a programme in convergence with PRD. Arranged the Rangasree team from districts by giving script and directing them for the street play on the achievements of Government of Kerala.
2 Edited content, designed and published 7 books for various departments of Kudumbashree.



Social Development
February 2018
1 G.O.(MS) 20/2018/LSGD : Addition to previous Go.s (148/09 &144/13) (Salary increase of BUDS /BRC Teachers) Date:7/2/2018.
2 State Level BUDS Fest : Date : 12/02/2018 & 13/02/2018.
3 G.O. (MS)/25/2018/LSGD: Revision of G.O. (MS)/236/2017/LSGD Administrative sanction for 200 new BUDS institutions: Date: 22/02/2018


Social Development
May 2018
1 State Level Balaparliament conducted                                                                                                                                                          



February 2018
1 MIS team has successfully implemented the Biometric Attendance Monitoring System at the kudumbashree Head Office.
2 As a part of MIS and website linking, relevant reports from the Kudumbashree MIS are made available in the Kudumbashree official website for public viewing.
3 MIS team has successfully developed and deployed a software for the data entry of feed back forms of the Kudumbashree school project.



February 2018
1 Community Radio Launched. The first phase implemented in Malappuram District



March 2018
1 Pending amount of Attappady community kitchen fund of Rs. 7.35 Crore received from tribal development department
2 Rs.5.06 Crore received from tribal development department for Alappuzha Ullada individual Micro plan.
3 Government order for Rs. 11 Crore from Tribal development department for the Advance wage payment for tribal MGNREGA workers of Wayanad and Attapady.  The wage payment implementation through the Kudumbashree system.
4 Idamalakudi team conducted flight journey first time in their life. The tribal panchayth leaders, Oorumoopan, promoter’s animator’s and Kudumbashree workers from the Idamalakkudy travelled from Kochi to Trivandrum to study the performance of Vithura settlement of Trivandrum.
5 Attappady MKSP state share of Rs.1.03 received from finance department.







Year Month Name of the Award Instituted by Received for / by
2018 June National Award for best Neighbourhood Groups Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India Shree Krishna NHG from Kottukal Panchayath of Thiruvananthapuram District and Gramalakshmi NHG of Kaipamangalam Panchayath of Thrissur District received the National Awards
2018 June State Award for activities undertaken to reduce plastic use Department of Environment and Climate Change Multiple activities undertaken to reduce plastics (like Harithakarmasena, cloth bag stitching units, green protocol business etc)
2018 May National Award for DDUGKY implementation Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India Kudumbashree, the state nodal agency for implementation of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDUGKY) received national award (2nd best state in the country) for the efficient implementation of the project
2018 March National Award for NULM implementation Ministry of Housing, Govt. of India Kudumbashree, the state nodal agency for implementation of National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) received the national award (3rd best state in the country) for effectively implementing the project in the financial year 2017 – 18
2018 March Swachhatha Excellency National Award for 7 Area Development Societies of Kudumbashree Ministry of Housing, Govt. of India Kazhakootam, Kalady, Kulathoor and Punnakkamughal ADSs of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation and Chappara ADS of Kodungalloor Municipality, Thamarakuzhi, Moonnampadi ADSs of Malappuram Municipality bagged the Swachhatha Excellency award for the various interventions that Kudumbashree ADSs made in vector control, waste disposal mechanisms, awareness campaigns, organic manure promotion, grow bag cultivation, plastic recycling etc.
2018   Best Women Initiative Award by GULF Madhyamam    
2017 June National Award for Best performing state (DDU-GKY) Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India Successful implementation of DDU- GKY programmein the state of Kerala (Third best state)
2017 June National Award for Best Performance (NRO) Union Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India Implementation of Poverty Eradication Projects in various states
2017 November India International Trade Fair Best Exhibitor Award India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Best display of products in product stall 
2017 November Government of Uganda Appreciation Certificate for Capacity Building and Training Government of Uganda as part of FTTF  Conducting training on SHG formation & establishment of micro enterprises & Joint liability groups in Agriculture sector
2016 November India International Trade Fair Best Exhibitor Award India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Best display of products in product stall 
2015   NIRD Award    
2015 November India International Trade Fair Second Best Exhibitor Award India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Best display of products in product stall
2015   Kerala Trade Fair Award    
2014 November India International Trade Fair Best Food Court Silver Medal India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Second best food court in India International Trade Fair
2014   HUDCO National Award for the best practices in Slum Improvement    
2013 November India International Trade Fair Best Food Court Gold Medal India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Best Food court in India International Trade Fair
2013 April HUDCO National Award for the best practices in Slum Development Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd Urban Governance
2012   Excellence Award - Excellence in Implementation of JNNURM    
2012 25th April 2012 HUDCO Award for Best Practices to improve the living environment Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd Slum improvement through Community Network under the categories of social housing, Urban Poverty & infrastructure and inclusion of women in leadership roles in Chavakkad Municipality
2012   Bheri (Pusthakayathra) Award for Drama Direction    
2012   Excellence Award - Excellence in Implementation of JNNURM    
2012   Kerala State Land Use Board Award    
2011 December Excellence in Implementation of JNNURM Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation The award is in recognition of the outstanding efforts taken by the City Corporation for community mobilisation under the BSUP project during the April 2006-September 2011 period.
2010 November Kerala State E-Governance Award Kerala State government in recognition of IT enabled citizen centric services Web enabled services including web payment
2010   Kerala Education Department Best Film Award    
2009 07-Sep Onam Celebration Best Float Award Kerala State government Prize for the best float by Public Sector Undertaking as part of Onam Paegentry celebrations
2009   International Women’s Day KSCSTE Award    
2009 March The EMPI - Indian Express Indian Innovation Award Entrepreneurship & Management Process International (EMPI) B School & Indian Express Kudumbashree for empowering 3.6 million women in small towns and villages through setting up micro-enterprises such as data entry units and providers of outsourced waste collection services in municipal areas and organisers of monthly markets.
2007 21st April 2008 Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Public Administration Government of India(to acknowledge, recognize and reward the extraordinary and innovative work done by Districts / organizations of the Central and State Governments) Asraya Destitute Identification, Rehabilitation and Monitoring Project( How a difference can be made to the lives of the destitute individuals and families, i.e. those who live at the margin of the economy and polity, without a voice or power of choice, grossly lacking capabilities to access even their basic entitlements.)
2006 June India Innovation - Award for Social Innovations Marico Innovation Foundation Kudumbashree was honoured for its various contributions, which include setting up of numerous innovative group and individual micro enterprises, thus providing employment to 2,42,489 families. 
2002   NABARD Best Performance Award for SHG - Bank Linkage Kerala    
2002   UNDP One among the 15 Best Practices in India UNDP Gold medal for "Best innovation" under auspices of Commonwealth Association for Public Administrations and Management (CAPAM)
2002   Dubai International Award Finalist The Dubai Municipality and UN-Habitat Outstanding contribution to improve the living environment
2002   UN Habitat -100 practises- ( 2002 Practices Global 100 List) United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN–Habitat) Outstanding contribution to improve the living environment
2002   CAPAM - Best 10 Innovations Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management' (CAPAM)  Kudumbashree a role model for developing micro enterprises as poverty eradication tool 
2000 November IITF participation certificate India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Participating in India International Trade Fair
2000 18th October CAPAM - International Innovations - Gold Medal Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management' (CAPAM) (Cape Town, South Africa) Managing poverty through Community participation(Malappuram Model)
1998 5th October  UNCHS -100 Best Innovations(Best practises in Global 100 list) The United Nations Human Settlements Programme CDS system as one of the best 100 practises of the world
1995 September We, the Peoples: 50 Communities" Award  UN The implementation of Poverty Alleviation Programmes with community participation in Alappuzha in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the UN 



Best Women Initiative Award by GULF Madhyamam




National Award for Best performing state (DDU-GKY)

National Award for Best performing state (DDU-GKY)


National Award for Best Performance (NRO)

National Award for Best Performance (NRO)


India International Trade Fair Best Exhibitor Award

Government of Uganda Appreciation Certificate for Capacity Building and Training




India International Trade Fair Best Exhibitor Award

NIRD Award


India International Trade Fair Second Best Exhibitor Award

Kerala Trade Fair Award




India International Trade Fair Best Food Court Silver Medal

HUDCO National Award for the best practices in Slum Improvement


HUDCO National Award for the best practices in Slum Development





Bheri (Pusthakayathra) Award for Drama Direction

Kerala State Land Use Board Award


HUDCO Award for Best Practices to improve the living environment





Kerala State E-Governance Award

Kerala Education Department Best Film Award


Onam Celebration Best Float Award

International Women’s Day KSCSTE Award


The EMPI-Indian Express Indian Innovation Award

The EMPI-Indian Express Indian Innovation Award


Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Public Administration

India Innovation - Award for Social Innovations




NABARD Best Performance Award for SHG- Bank Linkage Kerala

Dubai International Award Finalist


UN Habitat - 2002 Practices Global 100 List

IITF participation certificate


CAPAM - International Innovations - Gold Medal

CAPAM - International Innovations - Gold Medal


UNCHS -100 Best Innovations





Xavier Institute of Social Service Ranchi, Department of Rural Development

Trivandrum Management Association Award


Trivandrum Corporation Award

Eksat Award