Convergence Programmes 2018-2019 - Organisation Team
Sl No Name of the Departement  Schemes name and Description Fund allotted (in Lakh) Page Number
(13th Five Year Plan)
1 Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) Capability Development Programes including trainings     1,550.00 81
2 Kerala Social Security Mission Vayomithram (Scheme for Elderly)    2,400.00 460
3 Kerala Social Security Mission Programme for mainstreaming Persons with Disabilities into Society         50.00 465
4 Kerala Social Security Mission Scheme for Transgender - mainstreaming into the society       400.00 467
  TOTAL      4,400.00  



Convergence Programmes 2018-2019 - Micro Finance Team
Sl No Name of the Departement  Schemes name and Description Fund allotted (in Lakh) Page Number
(13th Five Year Plan)

Assistance to Vanitha Co-operatives and Vanithafed
The scheme includes assistance to women co-operatives and Asssistance to Kerala State co-operative women federation for implementing specific projects generating employment opportunities

300.00 101
  TOTAL   300.00  



Sl. No Name of the Department/ Agency  Area of convergence  Amount, if any Year/ Month
1 Southern Railway Parking(43 stations)and Waiting hall Management service providers (5 Stations) under Trivandrum Division( till 2020)   2013 Onwards
2 Food Corporation of India Nutrimix- Wheat upliftment @ Rs2/kg 2006
3 SC Department SC Café formation and training for SC SHGs 2.69 Cr 2015 onwards
4 Social Justice Department Nutrimix supply for Anganwadi  @ Rs 70/ Kg  2006
5 Lotteries Department Stitching of 50000 Coats through apparel units 1.5Cr 2017
6 Kerala State Institute of Design(KSID) Design, layout  and logo  development for café, Bazaar and products   2017
7 Industries Department Support for Establishing Yuva Weave Project ( Training for 300 people in Handloom ) 1.39 Cr 2018
8 Hantex Stitching of  Coats  through apparel units 50 lakhs 2017
9 Kerala Medical Service Corporation Ltd (KMSCL) Supply of  65 lakhs Sanitary Napkin 1.64 Cr 2017
10 Haritha Mission  Haritha Karma Sena  Co-Ordination    2017
11 Suchithwa Mission Haritha Karma Sena –Training Assistance and Training fund, greenprotocol event management Expecting 1.5 crore 2017
2. Data  Entry of Toilets data 50 lakhs  work for IT UNITS 2016
12 Clean Kerala Company Haritha Karma Sena-Purchase of Bio degradable waste through RRF, plastic shredding machine operators.   2017
13 International Labour Organization(ILO) Business Management Training for MECs for developing Master trainers    2017
14 KTDC Supply of Chips   2017
15 Coir Department Co ordination of Coir defibering project 500 units @Rs 25 lakhs /defibering mill expected 2017
16 Indian Oil Corporation(IOC) Toilet Management Service Providers in 30 IOC petrol pumps , Cylinder distribution agency  @ 9000/ head salary for FMS 2017
17 Kerala Institute of local administration(KILA) Haritha Karma Sena Training  fund 3.6 Cr 2018
18 Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence(KASE) Financial Support for Skill Training in 8 selected sectors 1.5 Cr 2018
19 Motor Vehicle Dept  Setting of 72 E-seva counters. Job for 210 women.   2016
20 National Institute of fashion Technology (NIFT) Premium level training for apparel units (60 persons completed training.)   2017 onwards
21 Rubber board Formation of Rubber Tapper’s labour army     2017
22 Central Plantation crop Research Institute (CPCRI) Nutrimix formula, value addition training   2006 onwards
23 Central Tuber crop Research Institute (CTCRI) Tapioca-value addition   2016 onwards
24 Sainik Secretariat E seva (14 centres in all districts for processing applications of soldiers)   2018  onwards , discussions going on
25 Central Food Research Institute Nutrimix testing (New formula development for flavour change, nutrimix testing, breakfast cereal formula preparation and training for Thennala Producer Company)   2017 onwards
26 Kerala State Planning board Canteen   2016
27 Kerala Science and Technology Museum  Canteen    2014
27 NABARD Canteen   2017
28 MLA Hostel Canteen   2014
29 ESI hospital, Paripalli Canteen   2017
30 Secretariat  Canteen   2017
31 Civil Supplies  Ration card data entry, Kerala mess 4.5 crore work 2016
32 Kerala Feeds Canteen   2017
33 CUSAT Training for Producer Company   2017
34 LIFE MISSSION LIFE Data Entry 1 crore work 2017
35 NORKA Data Entry of Norka Applications through IT units  50 lakhs+continous work 2017
36 Mining and Geology Department Data Entry   2017
37 Karunya Benovolent fund Supply of data entry operators (15 IT unit members got daily wage job for 5 years)   2017
38 Water Health International Pvt Limited Supply of HR for operating Water Vending machines in 31locations of Railway stations Got job for 10 members with8000 salary and medical insurance 2017
39 Education Department Supply of HR for data entry of noon meal Daily wage rate. Employment for IT Unit members 2016 onwards
40 PWD Guest  House Management, Proposal submitted for pot hole filling machine operators and cleaning the shoulders of the road Negotiations going on (Job opportunity) 2017
41 United Nations World Food Programme  Nutrimix fortification    2016



Sl.No Name of the Department / Agency Area of convergence (Brief description) Amount (if Any) Year / Month
1   Social Justice Department State resource centre for women 16 lakhs 2017
2   LSGI’s Vulnerability Mapping project sanctioning, Gender resource centre& Block level counseling centre infrastructure and programme implementation support    from 2017 onwards
3 1 Child Welfare committee Snehitha Gender Help Desk- Support for dealing issues registered in Snehitha. Like long term shelter, legal support,  Medical support for the survivors etc   From 2013 onwards
  2 Social Justice Department      
  3 Institutions under Social justice department (Bhoomika Mahila mandirams, Nirbhaya Shelter home etc)      
  4 Home Department      
  5 Health Department       
  6 Education Department      
  7 Local Self Government Institutions      
  8 Law Department      
  9 District Child Protection Unit      
  10 Women Protection Office      
  11 Child Rights Commission      
  12 KELSA      
  13 other non governmental institutions etc      
4   Suchitwa Mission Support for Rangasree Community theatre team  for presenting 180 theme based play in all over Kerala.  40 lakhs 2017- January
5   Kerala Sahithya Academy Academy support to organize a state level Literature camp for the selected women writers who are from Neighborhood group of Kudumbashree   2017- August
6   Kerala Lalitrha Kala Academy Academy support to organize a state level Art camp for the selected women artists who are from Neighborhood group of Kudumbashree   2017- August
7   Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Academy support to organize a state level Drama camp for our community theatre group members  (Rangasree)   2017-August
8   Kochi Muziris Biennale Varayude Penma – Two art Workshops for the women artists from Kudumbashree network (5&10 days each). Exhibition of their work will be done soon   2017 January& December
9   Kerala Chalachithra Academy All Kerala Film festival at block level for Kudumbashree members as part of Kudumbashree Gender Campaign Neetham   2018- February-March



ATTAPPADY -Special Project- 2017-18
Sl No Name of the department / Agencies  Area of convergence  Amount if any ( Rs. In Crore) Year/Month Remarks
1 Social Justice Department Community Kitchen -Project Fund 6.63 Apr-17 Fund not received 
2 Tribal development Department Community Kitchen -Project Fund 4.43 Apr-17 Fund not received -file under process
3 Forest Department NTFP-Collection Special GO for transportation of products   Oct-17  
4 Oushadhi/ Kottakal Arya vaidyashala/AUYSH MOU for marketing of medicinal plants collected by tribes - a NTFP activiites   Apr-17  
5 Supplyco 1) Community Kitchen - Purchase of all millets and rice-on credit      
2) Marketing of traditional agri products like- Raggi/ Chama / Cholam-MOU for MSPs      
Other than Attappady area
Sl No Name of the department / Agencies Area of convergence  Amount if any(Rs. In Crore) Year/Month Remarks
1 ST-Department 1) Fund for sustainable development intervention 3.5 Apr-17  
2) Fund for Gender based women friendly learning centers-at edamalakkudi 0.1 Apr-17  
3) Fund for community Kitchen in Wayanad 3 panchayath 5.67 Jan-18  
4) Integrated comperhensive special interventions to 51 panchayath with the support of health, education, mahila samakhya, ICDS etc   Aug-17 Proposal submitted/ Work on track 
2 Police department Impact study of Janamaithri police in tribal area. In Palakad and Malappuram District with community RPs     Policy on track
3 Excise Department Tribal hamlet awarness classes, Ooril oru dinam      
4 Health department Medical awarness and medical camps, Ooril oru divasam      
5 RCC & MCC Cancer detection camps      
6 Brilliant PSC coaching PSC coaching programme      
7 Convergence of different department -Civil supplies , PWD, Revenue, Health, Education, LSGD, Social Justice, Janamithri police, Exice, Forest, Scheduled Tribe, Electricity Board, Water Authority, Jalanidhi Ooril oru divasam      



Convergence with MGNREGA (Rural Development department)



Possible convergence as per 13th FYP for projects in 2018-19
Sl  No Department Scheme name and description Fund allotted (in crores) Page No(13th 5 yr plan)
1 Animal Husbandry and KEPCO  Kerala Chicken -Joint Venture by KEPCO and Kudumbashree for improving the production and Marketing of broiler birds in kerala 2.17 40
2 Directorate of Industries and Commerse Kerala Chicken Capacity Building Programme- Can be utilized for establishment of Parent stock farming, Poultry Abattoirs , Waste rendering units. 8 143 (2)
3 National Centre for HACCP Certification(NCHC) Can facilitate HACCP certification to units 0.3 144 (5)
4 Industries and Commerce Department Can create jobs for women 4.4 147



Possible convergence as per 13th FYP for projects in 2018-19
Sl  No Department Scheme name and description Fund allotted (in crores) Page No(13th 5 yr plan)
1 Agriculture Dept Establishment of regional nurseries    
2 Promotion of fallow land cultivation and group based paddy promotion. Rice fallows brought under cultivation in a phased manner with MNREGS and Kudumbashree 12 5
3 Vegetable development programme-Homestead and terrace vegetable cultivation in urban areas 0.75 7
4 Establishment of nurseries 2 8
5 Vegetable producer companies 5 8
6 Mini poly house for vegetable cultivation 1 9
7 Assistance for new poly houses, capacity building and technical support 0.9 12
8 Banana -Area expansion, including supply of planting material 6 12
9 Insurance coverage for banana 1 13
10 Medicinal plants cultivation 1 13
11 Post harvest marketing and value addition-support for collectives/ kudumbashree units   67-69
12 Establishment of Agri business incubators and CFCs  
13 Support for innovative projects-FPOs and Collectives  
14 Fisheries Dept Aquaculture in fresh water ponds-In land fish farming 40 48
15 MNREGA Rural employment generation – women component 209  
16 State medicinal plants board Cultivation of medicinal plants 0.65 359
    Total 279.3  



Convergence-PMAY (U)
Sl.No Name of  scheme Area of convergence Time limit
1 National Urban Livelihood Mission Enrolment of PMAY beneficiaries under EST&P component of NULM March, 2020
2 Kudumbashree Construction Construction of PMAY houses through Kudumbashree Construction groups. March,2019
3 Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme Provision of mandays for the construction of PMAY houses. March, 2019



Sl No Department/ Agency Scheme name and description Fund allotted (if any) Year/ Month
1 PMAY SHG formation- All PMAY beneficiaries who are not inside the Kudumbashree network can be enrolled in Kudumbashree NHGs Nil 2018-19
Employment through Skill Training & Placement (EST&P)- Interested unemployed beneficiaries of PMAY may be provided training and placement under EST & P component   2018-19
Self Employment Programme (SEP) - Interested beneficiaries identified under PMAY may be provided EDP & skill training to start Self Employment (Individual or Group). Interest subsidy (subsidy on interest over and above 7%) may be provided to them.   2018-19
Self Employment Programme – Special enterprises   2018-19
1. Construction teams- 39 new construction units in selected ULBs in association with construction of houses under PMAY scheme    
2. Hollow bricks- 16 hollow bricks units in selected ULBs for the construction of houses under PMAY scheme    
2 Urban Local Bodies Funds allocated by ULBs for Kudumbashree / Women Component Plan 10685.20 lakhs 2018-19



Areas of convergence in Destitute Free Kerala
Sl. No. Name of the Department Schemes- Name and description Fund Allotted (Rs. In Lakh) Page No (13th Five year Plan) 
1 Animal Husbandry Backyard poultry development project 425 38
2 Agriculture Department Post harvest mgmt & value addition 2531 67,68,69
3 Rural Development MGNREGP/ Haritha Keralam Mission 20986 72
4 Rural Development IKM 2000 80,81
5 Rural Development KILA 3185 81
6 Rural Development Biometric scheme-Social Security Pension 400 85
7 Rural Development Incentivising District plans 3000 85
8 Health Department Pain, palliative & elderly health care centres 150 334
9 Health Department Society for the medical assistance to poor 550 336
10 Social Justice Department Social Security Initiatives for Marginalized groups 1400 455
11 Social Justice Department Shelter Home for the Destitute (Entekoodu) 70 461
12 Social Justice Department We care voluntary corps 10 468
13 Social Justice Department State Nutritional and diet related intervention programme 125 487
Areas of convergence in BUDS
Sl. No. Name of the Department Schemes- Name and description Fund Allotted (Rs. In Lakh) Page No (13th Five year Plan)
1 Education Department Financial assistance to institutions providing care for intellectually disabled children 1400 259
2 Education Department (Technical Education) Centre For Excellence in Disability Studies 100 305
3 Social Justice Department State Commissionerate for Disabilities 180 455
4 Social Justice Department Social Security Initiatives for Marginalized groups 1400 455
5 Social Justice Department A model programme for support and rehabilitation of Adults with Disability 100 462
6 Social Justice Department Training, Workshop, Research & New Initiatives 250 464
7 Social Justice Department Issuing Disability Certificate-cum-Identity Card to the Disabled Persons 300 464
8 Social Justice Department Programmes for mainstreaming persons with disabilities in to society 50 465
9 Social Justice Department Nirmaya Health Insurance Scheme 150 465
10 Social Justice Department Comprehensive insurance Scheme for Persons with Disabilities (Swavalamban) 200 467
11 Social Justice Department Assistance to Mentally / Physically Challenged Persons at Home (Ashwasakiran) 4200 478
Areas of convergence in Balasabha
Sl. No. Name of the Department Schemes- Name and description Fund Allotted (Rs. In Lakh) Page No (13th Five year Plan)
1 Animal Husbandry Backyard poultry development project 425 38
2 Education Department State Institute of Children’s Literature 170 293
3 Sports & Youth Affairs Department Swim N Survive Program 50 324
4 Sports & Youth Affairs Department Kayika Kalveppu 85 324
5 Social Justice Department Kerala State Commission for protection of child rights (Holding Samvadams with children) 150 480