Amrutha JLG Updated On 2018-01-14

District : Wayanad

CDS : Kaniyambetta

JLG : Amrutha

Crop : Rice, Banana, EF Yam , Ginger and Vegetables

Members: Sunitha, Shantha, Prassanna and Sreeja

Year of formation : 2010

Area under cultivation : 15.5 acre

They are mainly engaged in cultivation of rice and vegetables. Their group was elected as the best JLG in 18 th ward of Kaniyambetta Grama Panchayath. Every year markets and fairs are conducted in Kudumbashree CDS at the panchayath level during Onam and other festival days. They are participating those fairs and sell their products and earn income by means of that. They also receive monetary help from district mission. By all this activities and through the help from government they are able to earn income for their home. It also helps them to earn a respectable position in their family and society.

Deshasevini JLG Updated On 2018-01-13

District : Pathanamthitta

Block : Pulikkezhu

CDS : Nedumbram

JLG :Deshasevini

Area of cultivation : 3 Ac

Crop : peas, spinach, cucumber, watermelon, bitterguard

Members : Sathi, Vinatha, Maya, Nirmala

Deshasevini is the group farming in Pulikeezhu block in Nedumparam Panchayat. They are the members of Deshasevini NHG and they joined as NHG members in the year 2000.

At first they started cultivation in their own land and then they can earned much more profit than they expected. With this inspiration they were planning to get 2 acres more of land as lease and used it for cultivating vegetables. It helps them to ensure food safety.

The Deshasevini group got inspired by the classes conducted by MKSP. They are using organic pesticides instead of chemical fertilizers. They are cultivating peas, spinach, cucumber, watermelon, bitterguard etc.

They took a loan of 1 Lakhs and they got Rs 10500 as incentive from district mission. In this group cultivation last year, they got Rs.4,50,000 /- from the yields. Each members of this JLG group is very happy now. They never expected that they could earn such a profit from this.

Harithasree JLG Group Updated On 2018-01-12

District : Pathanamthitta

Block : Ranni

CDS : Naranammoozhy

JLG : Harithasree

Area of cultivation : 2.5 Ac

Crop : Vegetables

Members : Susy, Mionik, Bindhu, Mini and Ambili

Harithasree group farming was started on the basis of poisonless vegetables for us and society. They are cultivating in 2.5 acres of land took on lease. They are of four members in the 14th ward of Naranamoozhy Panchayat at Ranni Block.

This group started in the year 2013. Smt Susy James is the president of this group as well as holds the position of CDS member and master farmer trainer.

Traditionally it is a mountaneous region depends upon agriculture for their livelihood . Pathanamthitta District Mission has provided growbags on the basis of growbag project. They are cultivating peas, bitterguard, plantain, tubers etc. They used to attend in training programs conducted by MKSP.

They are using complete organic way of cultivating vegetables. Hence there was a great demand for such organic vegetables in the market, which was easy for them to sell those yields at a very good profit. They earns ten thousand rupees in every month.

Harithasree JLG Group Updated On 2018-01-11

District : Pathanamthitta

Block : Pulikkezhu

CDS : Nedumbram

JLG : Harithasree

Area of cultivation : 14.5 Ac

Crop : Rice, Banana

Members : 4

Harithasree is the JLG Group in the 1st ward of Nedumpram Panchayat. There are four members in the group. They started paddy cultivation in 1.5 acres of land owned by one of the member.

Now they are doing paddy cultivation in 14 acres of land as lease and cultivating plantain in 50 cents of land. The major threat they are facing is the water in farming land during rainy season since it is an upper Kuttanad area.

Eventhough they had to face a lot of problems in cultivation season , their strong desire and hard work helps to get a good result in yielding good crops.

Now they are giving rice to Supplyco. Last time they sold paddy for 21.50 Rs. per Kilogram. In this group cultivation last year, they got Rs.4,51,500 /- from the yields and got a profit of Rs 2,01,500/- for four members.

And this year they decided to produce value added products . They took a loan of 2Lakhs from union bank and got Rs 36000 as incentive.

Pooja JLG Updated On 2018-01-10

District : Kollam

Block : Vettikavala

Panchayat : Vettikavala

Crop Cultivating : Tuber crops, Vegetables, Banana.

JLG formed : Pooja JLG

Number of members : 4

Area of cultivation : 4 acre

Aswathi L is one of the member in pooja JLG, belongs to vettikavala gram panchayat Kollam district. She was borne in a family having agricultural back ground. Her father was a farmer, he use to teach her the practice of cultivation. She married a man who always engage in agricultural activities in own and lease land so she forced to work in field inorder to help him. She found a great success in thefield that made her more interest in helping her husband. From the experience in the field she started to cultivate Banana, Tuber crops and vegetable in their own land of 2 acres. She understood agriculture is a good livelihood, She also realized she could grow her own nutritional vegetables that they could incorporate into their diet. She joined in Kudumbashree and enters into a JLG as one of the four members and did farming in 4 acres of land. The group were able to made their family self-sufficient, The group could contribute food security in house hold through good farming practices. Farming practices help Aswathi and family to save day to day expenses in purchasing vegetables.

Support from Kudumbashree : Got training for different cultivational practices. Got support from Kudumbashree in form of Interest subsidy and Incentives and found a better way to sell their agricultural products.

Award : Best JLG award from Kudumbashree in 2017

Reshmi JLG Updated On 2018-01-09

District :Thrissur

Panchayath : Parapookkara

JLG : Reshmi

Year of Formation : 29/7/2010

Area Under Cultivation : 7 Acre

Members : 4

Contact Number : 9946736253

Description about the group : Mulangu a small village located at Parapookkara Gramapanchayath. Majority of the peoples lives with farming. Anne ,Omana ,Sisly, Mary started cultivation before the concept of JLG comes as sangakrishi . As they started cultivation they do not know how to cultivate and lost their money . But they take more area and cultivate with the knowledge get from previous year. Now they take care of animals and make organic manure for farming. Cow,goat,chickens are rare in large numbers. Banana the major crop and vegetables like cowpea, chilly are grown seasonally.

Income :

  • Total expense - 831350
  • Total sales -1297200
  • Profit - 465850
Triveni JLG Updated On 2018-01-08

District : Thrissur

Panchayath : Karalam


Year of Formation: 6/10/2017

Area Under Cultivation : 7.5 Acre

Members : 4

Contact Number : 9207290543

Description about the group : A group named Triveni leads the agricultural activities in Karalam ,the land of farmers . Chindha, Sheeja, Bindhu, Jeeja the four farmers in this group who worked hard on soil to lead a good life . As they are coming from an old farmers family they are interested in farming .Rice and vegetables are cultivated in 7.5 acre of land. Due to the hard working mentality of the people they earn more money and good life . As they work hard other expenses like wage for labour is vey low.

Income : They told me that their total expense for cultivating 6 acre of rice is 1.5lakhs and their earning is 3lakhs .They got double their capital due to their hard working. They got incentive and other subsidy from Kudumbashree and krishibhavan.

Navaneetham JLG Updated On 2018-01-07

District : Thrissur

Panchayath : Parapookkara

JLG : Navaneetham

Year of Formation : 2010

Area Under Cultivation : 7 Acre Banana And 2.5 Acre Vegetables

Members : 4

Contact Number : 9995994170

Description about the group : Parapookkara is an ideal panchayath for farming.  Most of the people live with farming. Navaneetham   jlg formed on 2010 and all the members are lived with farming. All the time they are in the field  and work hard  for  good  life .Due  to hard working  they get more money ,good life status, respect and honour  from others  .Banana is the main crop cultivated  by them and they make the by products   seasonally. Jeeva foods made by them are very popular and   got high rate also since it was a Kudumbashree product. One of them does catering work also.  This group got many awards from panchayath and krishibhavan.


  • Total  expense -1650000
  • Total  sales -2100000
  • Profit -450000
Hima JLG Updated On 2018-01-06

Name of the Farmer : Leelamma

District : Kollam

Block : Chavara

Panchayat : Chavara

Crop Cultivating : Tuber crops, Vegetables , Banana, cool season vegetables and other fruit crops.

JLG formed : Hima JLG

Number of members : 4 (Leelamma, Alice, Vijayakumari, Renjini)

Area of cultivation : 1acre 20 cents

Successful Farming

Agriculture can be consider as a successful livelihood option. These thought created a new path in lelamma’s life. Lelamma is a retried Headmistress borne in a family having well agricultural background , so from child hood itself a spark of interest in farming fell in her mind. Due to lack of time she kept her wish aside and she couldn’t give much importance in agriculture during her work period in school. Lelamma never wish to waste her precious time. After retirement, in utilization of time she put up her field of interest in agriculture and found a great success. In between this she heard about the kudumbasree NHG and she joined in a group named “ Saptasree”. From their she could get idea about some schemes introduced by kudumbasree related to agriculture, so she formed a JLG with four women members named “ Hima” JLG. They got training from Kudumbasree in coordination with Krishibhavan about different agricultural strategies from sowing to harvesting and marketing . The group attended every classes conducted by agricultural department and from their they got idea about different season required for different crops as well as different pest and disease control methods for each crops. Lelamma use to take class for NHG members to make them to know the importance of organic farming. She use to sell her product in Neighbourhood, relatives and nearby markets after completing her family needs. Recently she owned 1acre 20cents of land and she utilize the whole land for cultivating Coconut, Banana, Yam, Colocasia, Tapiocca, and Vegetables. In addition to the land she also doing Terrace farming for crops like fashion fruits and cool season vegetable like carrot, Beetroot, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Capsicum. She could maintain a very beautiful and happy life from the profit earned by her in agriculture.

Award : Best organic vegetable farmer award from Chavara Grampanchayat in 2016-2017.

Jai Kisan JLG Updated On 2018-01-05

District: Thrissur

CDS: Puthur

JLG: Jai Kisan

Year of Formation: 2012

Area under Cultivation: 6 Acre

Crop(S): Bitter guard, Snake Guard, Green Pea, Pumpkin Ash guard, Bottle guard and Banana

Members : Lissie Cherian, Sathi Pushpakaran, Girija Krishnankutty, Shantha C C

The Jai Kisan group which was registered under Puthur CDS of Thrissur district is working since 2012. As a pilot project they started by leasing 50 cents of land. With the right attitude and approach they managed to make a pleasant profit. This made them to think bigger. Now they are cultivating around eight acres of land. With the help of Kudumbashree, they managed to get loans and incentives. They got different trainings too from Krishibhavan as well as from Kudumbashree. They are cultivating all types of Vegetables and banana. They cultivated almost one and half tones of vegetable during last season besides banana.

In their 6 acres of land, they are cultivating different types ofvegetables and banana. This season was quiet good for the group.They got a profit of 63000 per head from the cultivation after all their expenses. The incentives given from the Kudumbashree is additional. They are also selected as best JLG group and best master farmer under Polivu festival.