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Snehitha Gender Help Desk


Snehitha Gender Help Desk is to provide complete care for women and children. Snehitha  as the name says it have a friendly atmosphere. The aim of the programme is to provide help and support to  women and children who were in distress for a short duration of time and facilitating the women in distress to access the service of other institutional agencies to address the issues.


Haritha Karma Sena

HarithaKarma Sena is a team consists of Green Volunteers; selected from Kudumbashree members.  In Each Ward of a Gramapanachayath there will be two green volunteers for Haritha Karma Sena . The main duty assigned to this volunteers is plastic waste management.Kudumbashree, Suchithwa Mission, Haritha Kerala Mission and KILA are the responsible authorities of the initiative.


Safe Shree Railway vehicle parking

Under the supervision of Kollam Kudumbashree District Mission, Kudumbashree undertook the vehicle parking facility at Kollam Junction, Karunagappally, and Paravoor railway stations in 2017 June.

A unit of eight  members at Kollam Junction, another unit of four members at Karunagappally, and three member unit at Paravur controlling it's functioning. The parking facility is open for the public around the clock.The parking facility at Kollam Junction gets an income above 20000 rupees per day and the employees here gets salary upto 7500 per month.

Air Conditioned waiting hall at Kollam Junction Railway Station

Kollam Corporation CDS in connection with Kollam District Mission made an initiative to undertook the charge of air conditioned waiting hall for passengers at Kollam Junction Railway Station in the month of April 2017. Now the A/C waiting hall is functioning with two reception staffs and two cleaning staffs. The employees of this initiative are Kudumbashree members. The working time for the employees is divided into two shifts of twelve hours each. 

The employees gets a salary ranges from 6000 to 8000 per month. The total income of the hall is ranges from 3500 to 4000. The waiting hall is equipped with a  library, WiFi connectivity and mobile phone charging facility.

Kollam Parippally Medical College Canteen

Parippally Medical College is the first Government owned Medical College in Kollam district. Kudumbasree took over the charge of Parippally Medical College Canteen on 5th Day of March 2017. This canteen is running by nine members from Kudumbashree; who had undergone the canteen training under the supervision of Kalluvathukkal CDS. 

This canteen gets an income of average 21000 per day and the members get minimum 500 rupees per head on each day as a profit.The canteen gets support from MEC for proper functioning. The hospital administration is satisfied with the functioning of the canteen.