City Profile

The Chavakkad Panchayath was established in 1918. Later on October 1 1978 the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Panchayath was upgraded to the status of a Muncipality covers an extent of 12.4 km2   shares the boundaries with Kadapuram panchayath, Ourmanayur Panchayath, Guruvayur Muncipality and Punnayur Panchayth. It has 3.5 kms of length of Arabian Sea as its western boundary. Canoly canal divides the muncipality into two. Three major roads pass through the muncipality. Muncipal centre is well connected by means of road network.  A network of small canals and ponds are available but many of them are filled upon dogged with waste or lack of maintenance. Most of water sources have become useless and hazardous due to improper protection. Non availability of potable water is one of the upcoming issues.

The Chavakkad union panchayath,which has established in 1918 became a municipality in 1978. Mr. P.Rajagopalapanicker was the special officer until tha first municipal council come in to being in 1-1-1980.

Demographic Details

Chavakkad City is located within Thrissur district In Kerala. As per 2011 census,    Total  population  of  Chavakkad  is  4 70,898.   Based   on population,  Chavakkad   is ranked 4th in Thrissur district and ranked 29th in Kerala. Chavakkad has total 135,188 people employed.Out of total employed people,102,153 are male and 33,035 are female. employment ratio of 29%. Chavakkad stands at 5th in Thrissur district and ranked 57th in Kerala Chavakkad literacy ratio of 95% with 397,676 total people literated. In terms of literacy, Chavakkad ranks at 4th in Thrissur district and ranked 27th in Kerala.

Housing Profile

Regarding Housing, there are certain pockets in the urban area where people are living in colonies either with small land holdings or in the land with possession. As per the SECC data there are around 645 landless households in the municipal area


Surveys have been undertaken under various schemes of the municipality to find the landless and houseless population. For Eg. EMS survey ,Survey under IHSDP etc

Survey details other than census (including EMS housing).Efforts have been made to address the issue through various programmes like IHSDP project, EMS housing, Janakeeyasootranam project etc ,but still there is demand for housing in the municipal area.