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Viswalakshmi, hails from a small village in Kollam district in Kerala. Her family consists of four members. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. Her life was never easy until DDU-GKY came to her gloomy and depressing life, as a ray of hope.

Course details:

  • Training Agency:Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd
  • Training center location:Orion Edutech Pvt Ltd, Kollam, Orion Edutech Kollam Center, 2nd & 3rd Floor Shines Tourist Home, Salem Cochin Kanyakumari High Way, NH 47 Near KSRTC Bus Stand Iron Bridge, Kollam-691001,Kerala.
  • Course: Automotive C.C.E ( CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE)
  • 3 Months duration and SSC certified[ 3 months]
  • Course started on 31 May 2016 And ended on 28 Aug 2016

Job Details

  • Company details:“Orion Edutech Pvt.Ltd”, Trivandrum

Location:Floor Housing Board Complex, Balaramapuram, Trivandrum

  • Designation :as English/ Soft Skill trainer
  • Salary :16500/-
  • Current status:Working as English and soft skill trainer in Orion Edutech (near about 1 Year).

Ambition/Expectation:My greatest ambition is to be financially free and career progress. I dream of a successful and independent future for myself. From the training received from Orion Edutech, I achieved her dream and now am moving forward.

Failure is the stepping stone to success Updated On 2017-11-02

I am Saummia Joy from Vadattupara, near Kuttampuzha in Ernakulam district. My family comprises of my husband, two children and mother in law. After marriage I was leading my life as a home maker. My husband was the only earning member of our family. Unfortunately my husband met up with an accident had undergone a spine surgery. Doctor advised him to take rest for a period of time. And I was supposed to find out a job of my own.

I came to know about DDU-GKY Training Programme through Kudumbasree Mission. I registered my name for their skill development training programme and joined the Dental Ceramic Technician Course for six months, at Dentcare Dental Lab Pvt. Ltd. Muvattupuzha. The training that I got from Dentcare lab changed my life and boosted my confidence level. After the successful completion of the course I was placed as atrainer of DDU-GKY Course. Now I am earning more than 10,000/- per month and living happy life with my family.

Course Details

Training Agency : Dentcare Dental Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Training Center Location: Muvattupuzha

Course :Dental Ceramic Technician

6 month duration

Course started on 19.12.2016 – 20.06.2017


Job Details

Company Details : Dentcare Dental Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Location : Muvattupuzha

Designation : DDU- Trainer

Salary : 10,000/-

Current Status : Working( 4 months)

Ambition : My ambition is to become an efficient trainer

Focusing a Successful career through KITES..... Updated On 2017-11-01

I hails from a very remote village named Elanjipanchayat, Alapuram in Ernakulam district. My family comprises of my parents and 2 sisters. My Father works as a carpenter, and my mother is a house wife. To make both ends meet was beyond our limit.

Even though I was good at my studies, I couldn't apply for any technical courses due to its heavy expenses. Fortunately I happen to know about the ANIMATOR course through Kudumbasree DDU GKY.

I decided to join in the above course in Kites. Their welcome was beyond my expectations. I never expected such a type of training. I thought I would never touch the Kites of my dreams. But now I touched it - gone through it and attained my goal - a long cherished dream. It has come out with flying colors.

Besides animation, KITES has taught us IT, Soft skills & English Language. Gince sir and Sharletma'am supported and gave good guidance without imposing any rigid rules. They were nurturing our creative power and I stepped into the realm of animation.

At the end of the completion and internship they place in an animation company - C Design Trichur as a 3D Maya modeler. Happy to say that Now I am getting a very decent salary of Rs.15000/- and could support my family.

Hereafter life has been progressing. My heart full thanks to KITES......


Course details

  • Training center location : PALARIVATTOM, KOCHI
  • Course : ANIMATOR
  • 3 months duration and SSC certified
  • Certification agency (NCVT/SSC) : SSC
  • Course started on:25/2/2016 and ended on 28/5/2016

Present Job

  • Company details : CDESIGN
  • Location : Thrissur
  • Designation: Animator, Modeller
  • Salary : Rs 17000
  • Current status:16 months successfully completed.



To Become a 3D Animator and Create Cartoons

Million thanks to DDU-GKY Updated On 2017-10-31

My passion and interest is in drawing and I got many awards for the same. But joining and studying multimedia softwares from an authorized center was not even in my dreams since it required lot of money. But through Kudumbashree, I heard about MoRD’s skill development program DDUGKY. It was a superb offer for a person like me since the course fee was totally free and even provides TA,DA expenses. I recognized that KITES Softwares is the PIA for the course and I went there for admission procedures. After interview, I got admission for the course. Absolutely it was a new door opening for me.

The facilities and ambiance was really good at KITES. The teachers are very supportive & always motivated the students. It was a good environment to learn the subject in detail. Gradually I became an animator. My sincere thanks to Gince Sir, Sharlet Mam and Binesh sir. They helped me a lot in finding the perfect job and guided me for the interview process.

I belong to a very rural area called pampakkuda. Now I am very happy and I am very much satisfied for becoming a helping hand for my family. I remember golden days of DDUGKY till my end. Thanks to DDUGKY.


Course details

  • Training center location : PALARIVATTOM, KOCHI
  • Course : ANIMATOR
  • 3 MONTHS duration and SSC Certified
  • Certification agency (NCVT/SSC) : SSC
  • Course started on 16/6/16 and ended on 20/9/16

Present Job

  • Company details : Legere Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Location : Ernakulam
  • Designation: Animator(3D Animation)
  • Salary : Rs 14000
  • Current Status. –Working-13 months successfully completed



To Become Good Professional and Help My Family

Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it Updated On 2017-10-30


I am Sunitha Chunkan, from Ernakulam (Kunjiparakudi, Kunjipara,Pooyamkutti P. O). My family consists of seven members’ father, mother, four sisters and me. Coming from a tribal and very poor family that comes under Ashraya Scheme, my father who is a coolie the only earning member for the seven member family. After completing SSLC I cannot able to continue my studies due to poor family condition. As my condition was so pathetic I was adopted to the Snehitha bhavan. Once Mrs. Dani , district mission coordinator visited Snehitha, she informed me about DDUGKY and referred to Shri technologies. I registered my name for their skill development training programme. I joined for the hospitality assistant course. I would say that Shri Technologies has changed my fate, after successful completion of 3 months training I got placed in Mc Donald’s, Lulu mall , Ernakulam, as a crew member with a starting salary of 7,500/-. After completion of one year there I got shifted to Sodexo,Aster medicity , Ernakulam one of the international super specialty hospital in Kerala as a steward with salary of 15,000/-with food and accommodation. Today I am the bread winner of my family and I am able to look after my parents and sisters. Now we lead a happy life.

Course details:

  • Training Agency : Shri technologies, Kochi
  • Training center location:3rd floor , Kuzhiparampil towers, K.K Road, Chembumukku
  • Course: Hospitality assistant
  • 3 Months duration and NCVT certified
  • Course started on 21/12/2015 And ended on 21/03/2016

Job Details

  • Company details: Sodexo, Aster medicity
  • Location: Cheranallur , Eranakulam
  • Designation : steward
  • Salary :15,000
  • Current status:Working (1 and ½ year Job completed)

Ambition/Expectation: My greatest ambition is to build my own house and financially free.

Be Optimistic About Life Updated On 2017-10-29

I am Amritha Babu, Pulivalliyil (H)ThondiyilPO,Thiruvonappuram,Peravoor, KannurDst.Pin: 670674.We are five members in my family.My father is a Driver and mother is a sales woman in a textileShowroom.My elder sister got married and younger sister is studying. I was born in a poor family. We were facing a lot of financial problems in my family so I couldn’t complete the such a situationI came to know about DDUGKY Project. Iattended the course and got job in Eranakulam as an Accountant. Now Iam very happy that Iam also able to contribute something to my family.Iam very thankful to this DDUGKY Project which helped me to be self-sufficient

Course details:

  • Training Agency: SynchroServe Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Training center location: SynchroServe Iritty Centre, Thulasi Malabar Paradise, New Bus stand, Iritty. Kannur
  • Course: Banking and Accounting
  • 3 Months duration and NCVT certified
  • Course started on 29-12-2015 And ended on31-03-2016

Job Details

  • Company details: Puthurans Garments
  • Location: Angamali
  • Designation : Accountant
  • Salary :15,000
  • Current status : Working (18 MONTHS Job completed)


Ambition/Expectation: My Ambition is to work hard for the betterment of me and my family.

Who knows in what way GOD shower his blessings? Updated On 2017-10-28

Background :

MyselfIndulekha U from Kottayam district.My family consists of 4 members , my fatherUnnikrishnan Nair, my motherAnithakumari, my brother and me. My brother is younger to me and was perusing ITI courses but discontinued due to financial burdens. My father is a casuallabourer under MGNRGA scheme with a negligible monthly income of Rs.300 only. My mother works under MGNRGA scheme to maintain our family. Often I badly wished to help my parents in their hardship but, I could not do so. Then God showered his blessings on me in the form of DDU GKY. My brother who enrolled earlier at MSM ITI as a DDU GKY student took me also with him. We both are now earning together and support my parents. They are very relaxed now.

Course Details

  • Training Agency : VimalagiriVidyapeetam
  • Training Centre Location : MSM ITI, Govt.HospitalJunction,Piravom, Ernakulam.
  • Course : Account Assisatnt Using Tally ( 6 month duration& NCVT certified)
  • Course started on 27-12-2016 and ended on 17-04-2017


Job Details

  • Company Details : The Chennai Silks
  • Location : MG Road , Ernakulam
  • Designation : Sales Executive
  • Salary : 10500/-
  • Current status : 6 month job completed, still continuing.


Ambition / Expectation

My greatest ambition is to relieve my parents from all tensions, make them lead a peaceful life under my own protection.


Indubhavanam, Eravimangalam P.O, Muttuchira, Kottayam

Nobody can predict success when the whole life is utter failure Updated On 2017-10-27

Background :

Myself Vishnu U, hailing from Kottayam district of Kerala. My family consists of 4 members,me, my father Unnikrishnan Nair, mother Anithakumari and my elder sister Indulekha. My father is a casual labourer and mother occasionally works under MGNRGA scheme with a very negligible monthly income of Rs.300. My parents struggled a lot to run the family. I could not proceed beyond SSLC due to poverty even though born and brought up in an upper middle class family. Me and my sister brainstormed a lot to find out a way to help our parents. Accidently I came to know about DDU GKY project through our block coordinator and I enrolled immediately at MSM ITI Piravom, in Domestic Electrician trade. When I understand the unlimited potential of the program, I took my sister also to MSM ITI as a student in Account Assistant with Tally.


Course Details

  • Training Agency : VimalagiriVidyapeetam
  • Training Centre Location : MSM ITI, Govt.HospitalJunction,Piravom, Ernakulam.
  • Course : Domestic Electricain ( 6 month duration& NCVT certified )
  • Course started on 22-09-2016 and ended on 13-02-2017


Job Details

  • Company Details : SFO Technologies Pvt. Limited
  • Location : Kakkanad , Ernakulam
  • Designation : Trainee
  • Salary : 8500/-
  • Current status : 5 month job completed , still continuing.


Ambition / Expectation

My greatest ambition is to pursue my career further through the career progression till I get a good job so as to support my parents.


Address :

Indubhavanam, Eravimangalam P.O, Muttuchira, Kottayam Dt.

Without Struggle There Will Be No Success Updated On 2017-10-26

I am Mahija P K, 36 years old, completed my graduation in History from Malabar College, Iritty. I did my pre-Degree course in a tutorial college at Thillankeri. After graduation, I worked as a Collection Executive for a Bank for a few months. Six months later I got an opportunity to execute a survey conducted by SarvashikshaAbhiyan.

I got married in 2003. My husband's name is Pramodh, who is a cooli worker. We had three children, two daughters and one son. Unfortunately we lost one of our daughters due to some health problem, when she was only 3 years old. It was really a shock for me. I don’t know how I could face those worse days. Now I have two children, Abhinay and Arshi, who are studying 6th standard and 4th Standard respectively.

In 2010 I joined in Kudumbashree, besides I started stitching clothes as a part time job. For around 5 Years I worked in MGNREGA as a daily earned worker. In 2016 I came to know about DDU-GKY Programme. I had no scope when I came to SynchroServe,Kuthuparamba for attending the aptitude test and interview. Because my age was 35 then. But I Got admissions. During the training programme I found out myself. That was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed the training programme in all ways without considering my age. After the training programme I got job in E-Mithri as Office staff with salary of Rs.6000.Three months later I got job in VengadPanchayath as Project Assistant with daily wage of Rs 710.Thanks to DDU GKY for giving me this great opportunity.


Course details:

  • Training Agency: SynchroServe Global Solution Pvt.LTD
  • Training center location: MadathadiArcade,NearGovt.Hospital,Kuthuparamba
  • Course: Domestic Data Entry Operator
  • 3 months course and SSC certified
  • Course started on 14/10/2016 And ended on 13/01/2017


Job Details

  • Location:VENGAD, KANNUR
  • Designation : PROJECT ASSISTANT
  • Salary :21300
  • Current status : Working
Self-Belief and Hard Work Will Always Earn Success Updated On 2017-10-25

Myself Vipin KP hailing from Kannur District of Kerala.I am from a middle class family which consist of my mother sister and me. My sister is married. I was born in a poor family. I lost my father when was in ninth standard. After that, my mother, who was often sick had to face many hardship to bring us up. I came to know about DDU-GKYcourse during the time I completed my graduation in commerce ( ).After completing B.Com I joined DDU-GKY, which was a new experience in my life and was really life twisting. Soon after I completed this course I got a job in a reputed company in Bangalore with the help of my institution. However I had to leave the job and returned home as my mother was severely sick and was in need of treatment . I had a huge financial crisis then.When when my institution came to know about my crisis situation they helped me to find a new job at my home town itself. Now I work here with great pleasure and satisfaction.I would say that this project has changed my career and has gifted me a new life.I thank DDU-GKY Project for helping me to get a new life and career.


Course details:

  • Training Agency:SynchroServe Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Training center location:SynchroServeIritty Centre, Thulasi Malabar Paradise, New Bus stand, Iritty. Kannur
  • Course: Banking and Accounting
  • 3 Months duration and NCVT certified
  • Course started on 10-03-2016 And ended on18-06-2016


Job Details

  • Company details: Bajaj Finserv
  • Location:Thalassery
  • Designation : Loan Processor
  • Salary :28,000
  • Current status:Working (8 MONTHS Job completed)


Ambition/Expectation: My Ambition is to be in a reputed position that motivates others.