Dairy Activities 
Dairying has been considered as one of the activities aimed at alleviating the poverty and unemployment, especially in the rural areas in the rain-fed and drought-prone regions. Dairy products are a major source of cheap and nutritious food to millions of people in India and the only acceptable source of animal protein for a large vegetarian segment of the Indian population, particularly among the landless, small and marginal farmers and women.   
Dairying has been inherent in Indian culture, for centuries. Milk and milk products have always been an integral part of our consumption habits. In post-independence India, co-operative dairying has been one of our major success stories having a profound impact on the socio-economic development of rural areas. Today, India is the largest milk producing nation in the World, with an annual milk production of 97.5 million MTS (Metric tons).


Kudumbashree in Dairy Sector 
Dairying is an important source of income to small and micro farmers. Ksheerasaagaram is an innovative project developed for providing employment to NHG members through Cow rearing, Milk marketing and Value addition. Kudumbashree will provide capital subsidy to the groups to establish cow rearing unit. There will be minimum 2 groups with 5 members / group, each beneficiary will be rearing 2 cows. Total project cost for one beneficiary will be Rs. 1,25,000/- out of this 43,750/- as subsidy and Rs. 81,250/- will be beneficiary contribution and loan. Since 2012-13, 845 units are provided with financial assistance in this scheme.

Previous years Data


Sl. No Year No. of Panchayath Groups Beneficiaries
1 2012-13 21 83 415
2 2013-14 16 116 598
3 2014-15 48 279 1405
4 2015-16 28 159 814
5 2016-17 16 119 598
6 2017-18 15 79 397
7 2018-19 60 410 2050
  Total 144 835 4227