Kudumbashree NRO
Saras 2017 - Café Kudumbashree - India Food Court
Edappal, Malappuram -Aug 25th to Sept 3rd 2017

Kudumbashree National Resource Organisation (KS-NRO) has joined hands with the District Mission Malappuram to organise the second ‘India Food Court’ event under ‘Saras Regional Fair’ scheduled for 25th August to 3rd September 2017 at Edappal, Malappuram district, Kerala. The total number of food stalls counted to 16 with a total participation of 72 members from different catering/ Micro Enterprises Unit from 8 states outside Kerala and 7 stalls from various districts of Kerala. 
The states Tripura, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Lakshadweep have marked their participation while 4 catering units from Malappuram and three from Kannur, Alappuzha and Kasargod districts have participated in the event.
The focus of India Food Court was on ethnic cuisine, and the event was designed to provide exposure to women entrepreneurs to the opportunities and challenges of the food business. It is part of a strategy to help the NRO partner States’ to develop women’s food brands similar to Kerala’s ‘Café Kudumbashree’ and strengthen women’s entrepreneur groups for exploring new opportunities. 
During the event, the teams had recorded sales ranging from Rs 74,000 to Rs 6.3 lakh; average sales being Rs 2.2 lakh. The response that the participating teams and their ethnic cuisines got from the local people was exceptional. The support extended by the public who came to Saras mela in huge numbers was a clear example of the popularity and interest that the mela has been able to generate.
Except Bihar rest partner state units recorded total sales above Rs.1 lakh during the period with an average profitability of 45%. The 2 units from Karnataka together got a sales of Rs.3.25 lakh. But it was Maharashtra and Rajasthan who have earned better profit from the sales with 56% and 53% profitability.The incremental sales visible for all partner state units except Bihar was also due to the specific support extended to them from the NRO support team including AIFRHM professionals who helped them to come up with specific products to focus upon. 
From the seven Kudumbashree units it was the Thalassery Biriyani unit who have got the maximum sales of Rs.6.31 lakh compared to the average sales of Rs.3.2 lakh in their category. Kerala units had shared 20% of their revenue as commission to Kudumbashree. Inclusive of that Kerala units recorded an average profitability of 19%. 


A consolidated sales and Profit details is provided in the table below:-


Sl No. Name of the stall Total sales during 10 days Total Expenses Profit
(Daily raw material cost,
20% commission,
Utensils rent,
Material cost from own state,
wage, gas, etc.)
1 Tripura 173,900 109,061 64,839
2 Rajasthan 123,050 58,071 64,979
3 Lakshadweep 132,790 70,072 62,718
4 Karnataka A 203,170 109,329 93,841
5 Maharashtra 160,965 71,274 89,691
6 Jharkhand 157,780 79,033 78,747
7 Bihar 74,100 48,252 25,848
8 Karnataka B 122,650 79,911 42,739
9 Chattisgarh 107,640 61,534 46,106
  Total for Partner State stalls 1,256,045 686,537 569,508
10 Juice Counter, Malappuram 259,510 201,942 57,568
11 U V Malappuram 333,670 257,192 76,478
12 Anugraha Alappuzha 310,790 280,309 30,481
13 Thalassery 631,880 465,544 166,336
14 Annapoorna, Malappuram 220,040 199,520 20,520
15 Malappuram Cafe 340,070 276,305 63,765
16 Sree Lakshmi, Kasargod 149,220 129,265 19,955
  Total for Kerala stalls 2,245,180 1,810,077 435,103
  TOTAL FOOD COURT SALES 3,501,225 2,496,614 1,004,611

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