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In India construction industry is the second largest and a fast growing sector and incidentally Kerala having its huge potential in the sector. Though role of women account for half (51%) of the total construction labour force, women are almost exclusively unskilled, casual manual laborers: carrying bricks ,cement, sand, and water, digging earth, mixing cement, breaking stones, and women are rarely found in male-dominated skilled trades: carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical wiring etc. Training on construction activity for Kudumbashree members aims to provide skill training for various trades in the construction industry for enhancing the skill of the women in construction related activities such that a sustainable income is generated and eventually these trained women members will be grouped into All Women Community Construction Contractors based at block level and Urban Local Body level in the state.




Circulars / Orders

Mason Module
Mason Timetable
Annexure 1 - Revised Budget for Masons Training - Ist phase - 30 days
Annexure 2 - Revised Budget for Masons Training - IInd phase- 15 days
Annexure 3 - Material details
Annexure 4 - Material details in English
Annexure 5 - Construction-Tools


Kudumbashree Construction Training Report by Grameena Padana Kendram
Kudumbashree Construction Training Report by Rajagiri Service Society - Ernakulam
Report on 'Kudumbashree Construction' - unit formed at Ernakulam


Contact Details of Kudumbashree Women Construction Group
Construction Groups Formed from First Batch Training - Details
Construction Groups - Album
Construction Groups - Kollam - Album