Balasabha 2023-24

Balasabha is a platform for children that voices their opinion, ensures their involvement in decision making, nurtures their evolving capacities and reinforces the relevance of children’s participation. The concept of Balasabha was introduced in Kudumbashree based on its understanding of poverty and its different manifestations. It was based on the realisation that enhancement of capabilities of children from poor families will prevent intergenerational transmission of poverty. A knowledge base is often eclipsed due to the conventional roles a person adheres in the society. An imperative attempt to retain the knowledge base through self evaluation, participation and inquiry can be considered as the newest form of empowerment process. . The Sabhas are structured neighborhood network of children. Each Sabha consist of 15 – 30 children in the age group of 5 – 18 years. Small Learning Groups for experimental and systematic learning, opportunities for understanding democratic process, participation in conserving environment, enabling children to unfold the intricacies of collectivization are the basic focal points of Balasabha.