Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI) - Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

Kerala witnessed behemoth floods during the year 2018. The floods washed away not only assets but also hopes of multitudes. The following year also Kerala had to bear the wrath of floods again even if it was not in the same scale. To combat the devastation caused by the floods on life and property, the Government of Kerala with World Bank funding introduced Rebuild Kerala Development Program. Kudumbashree, a pioneer organization in providing livelihood opportunities to millions especially women, is also a partner in the Rebuild Kerala Initiative, along with other Government Departments. Kudumbashree envisaged to provide disaster relief to 2,00,000 beneficiaries and to create livelihood opportunities to 1,60,000 beneficiaries. Kudumbashree devised two programs to aid her members who were affected by floods – I. providing disaster relief fund for immediate relief and II. livelihood programs to provide a helping hand to those who lost their livelihood. Under livelihood programs, Kudumbashree decided to implement Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme model project called RKI Entrepreneurship Development Programme (RKI EDP) as one of the project. Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP) is one of the flagship livelihood support programme presently implemented by Kudumbashree in 14 blocks across Kerala. The design of the programme helps in developing and sustaining nonfarm livelihoods for the poor. Based on the success of the implementing the SVEP and analyzing the results, it has been decided that SVEP model-based support will be appropriate for the post flood livelihood support in the identified blocks. Under this project, it is planned to roll out the RKI EDP in 14 flood affected blocks, which will lead to establishment of more than 16,800 new enterprises in both farm and nonfarm sectors. More than 300 micro enterprises consultants (MECs) will be identified and trained under the project, which will later own up the project.