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District Mission

Kozhikode district is one of the major district in kerala which functioning kudumbashree well satisfied in all sectors of developments. The programme kudumbashree in kozhikode district is lightened the lives of millions and planted confidence for many lives. There are 4 lakhs of families as the members of kozhikode district kudumbashree within 27656 NHGs. For the functioning and maintaining the district mission programs well satisfied, the district mission which have 1565 ADSs and 82 CDSs. Apart of that kozhikode kudumbashree district mission has well functioning she homes placed in different three places She homes at Parayancheri, Rail view at kozhikode railway station, and Feminera at Gujarath street. There has shibkarimela team which has about 18 members in it. And well structured functioning construction group has about 80 working members, 25 nutrimix production units and ladies health clubs functioning in mukkam and kozhikode, and as the major initiative kozhikode kudumbashree district mission has the complete women working mall situated in mavoor which functioning by women even the watching guards are them women It is evident that kozhikode district has introduced some interesting initiatives in Kudumbasree along with the emerging needs of the market. It also developed innovative programs that can help women to earn income through multiple skill development programs. Also, there were projects that aim to include the participation of tribals in the programs. Ooril oru dhinam,one of the initiative began for the tribal people to maintain their daily lives and ooril oru doctor, another program by kudumbashree functioning for the maintaining of tribe’s health. Apart of this program doctors and medical representatives provide medical assistance for tribes and assured them all are healthy and away from illness. Youth clubs, adolescent clubs gave better guidelines for their better future lives for the particular audience. The kozhikode kudumbashree district mission also gave an important attention for the education sector of tribe’s. There have psc crash course provided for tribes to gave them the knowledge on the government job area. Bridge course is an another course provided for educationally backward students in tribes and the course gave them tuition on their difficult subjects. Kudumbashree district mission planted tribes fest annually for encouraging the cultural arts of tribes which the tribe fest provide an attention and space for their artistic expressions. It is the kudumbashree enhanced many sectors of society. Such as kudumbashree increasing participation of socially and economically marginalized, it educated and informed the kudumbashree members, increase in access to credit and financial inclusion and increase in household income and alleviation of poverty and so on. Thus Kudumbasree Programme is a novel and participatory programme for poverty eradication which has addressed the core issues of the poor women meaningfully. Along with financial inclusion, women’s empowerment, social participation, Kudumbasree had made women as key agent of change.