In the wake of the continuing threat of COVID 19, the Government of Kerala has launched an online education programme for school children. The initiative links teachers and the school children through a series of online sessions accessed from homes, community centres, or libraries, observing the norms proposed for hygiene and physical distancing. This is supplemented through teaching sessions based on the same curriculum telecast through a dedicated channel as well as through social media platforms by KITE, a government agency.

Of the 43 lakh school children in the State, around 2.65 lakh lack adequate facilities to access the online educational programme. A majority of these children are likely to be from the homes of Kudumbashree members. In this context, Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) has proposed a scheme where it can collaborate with Kudumbashree to implement a Microcredit Scheme- KSFE Vidyashree Scheme to support member families to avail Laptops to ensure online education to their children. The investment will be useful as children can continue to use the online educational platform beyond the tenure of COVID 19 pandemic, once the schools start working too.


Salient Features of the Scheme:

  1. The total scheme amount is Rs. 15000/- which will have to be repaid in 30 months by paying Rs. 500/- per month. A member who joins the scheme will get Rs. 14,250/- after deducting the commission . However there is incentives for NHGs and NHG members for prompt repayment.
  2. Interested members with healthy credit repayment history from any neighbourhood groups that have completed 6months may join the group through their NHGs.
  3. The members who join the Vidyashree scheme to procure laptop will be given Laptop by releasing cost of laptop ( within Rs.14250/-) to the empanelled agencies by KSFE from the third month of onset of the scheme . Others who join the scheme as a means of savings will be able to withdraw their money from 13th month of the onset of the scheme.
  4. IT Department will negotiate and empanel the agencies to provide Laptop at a concessional rate .
  5. The interest portion this Micro Credit Program will be jointly borne by Government of Kerala and KSFE .


The details are enclosed here with


  1. Government Order Click here

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  6. Government Order -'KSFE - Vidyasree' Micro Finance Scheme for purchase of Laptops for Students’ – Approval of Rates & Empanelment of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for supply of laptops Click here