The pandemic disease Covid –19 has crossed all the barriers of world affecting people relentlessly. Other than complete lock down of the countries, not even developed countries have come up with alternate measures to fight the disease. At this juncture, Government of Kerala foresees the socio economic crisis that the people are going to face and once again decided to act upon swiftly. Now the time is crucial that state requires efforts so that that people who are deprived of jobs especially those who are working in unorganized sector may be given temporary financial support. In the view of the foregoing, it is proposed to formulate a NHG Bank Linkage Loan Scheme.  

Concept of the Scheme: 
It is assumed that the Lockdown of the Nation followed by Covid-19 attack will affect at least 60 days work life and thereby income of people.  If unaddressed may put the deprived sections of the society into poverty, starvation and other health issues. Hence to give them immediate relief, and NHG loan linkage programme is announced by Govt. of Kerala. Derails of the loan will be provided after getting the Govt. Order. Through this initiative over 55% of the total families in Kerala will be covered as Kudumbashree NHGs represents 45 lakhs families.


Proposal given to Govt. is here

Government Order is here

SLBC Minutes is here

Letter given to the Registrar of Co-operative Departments is here

Circular from the Registrar of Co-operative Departments is here