Kudumbashree women from Alappuzha completes construction of LIFE Mission house in record time Updated On 2018-07-11

Kudumbashree women completed construction of a LIFE Mission house in record time. It is within 40 days that 27 Kudumbashree women from Alappuzha completed the construction of LIFE Mission house at Pallipad, near Alappuzha.A beneficiary from Pallipad CDS was identified earlier and a group of 32 women were given training with the help of Eksath training centre. It was for Shri. Rameshan Kalachira from Pallipad and his family which consists of his wife Smt. Sheejamma and their daughter Sreekutty that the house was built. The project was named as 'Sreekuttykkoru Swapna Veedu' by Kudumbashree women.

This is the first construction work took up by the Kudumbashree Women. Kudumbashree Mission clubbed the construction for Life Mission and the construction training for the women together to reduce the cost of construction. Four masons gave leadership for the construction training. Along with the construction training, motivational training was also extended to them. Apart from that, training was also given in brick making and ferroslabs making. It is planned to build the Life Mission houses in each block in the same model. The same construction model would be replicated in another panchayaths as well. Kudumbashree women thus rewrote the history by completing their task within record time.

Kudumbashree to launch Jaivika Plant Nurseries Updated On 2018-07-11

For attaining self sufficiency on demand of the propagation material for Kudumbashree as well as for the supply of best quality seedlings and saplings to all at reasonable and uniform rates throughout Kerala, Kudumbashree Mission would soon launch Jaivika plant Nurseries across the state. Till then, Kudumbashree had been depending on Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) for meeting the seedling requirements. Presently, Kudumbashree have 159 existing plant nurseries in hand. In addition to this, 140 new plant nursery units would be established, in a manner of 10 units per district in the common brand name 'Jaivika'.

Considering the aspects such as sizable plot, road access, and availability of the basic resources, the nursery sites would be identified in the respective districts.140 units would be identified and given high end training in different propagation and maintenance techniques. The training would be imparted to the selected groups or individuals through various government departments or skilled personnel from other established units. These nurseries would have all kinds of planting materials including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants and common trees developed through the latest propagation methods.

Revolving funds would be extended to each unit for the same. Scale up and branding of existing Kudumbashree nurseries are also contemplated along with. Online monitoring of stocks and sales will be done at later stage to ensure the sustainability of these nurseries.

Job Placement for 25 Kudumbashree members in Keltron Updated On 2018-07-09

Twenty five Kudumbashree Members will be offered job in Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KELTRON), which has been the catalysis for the development of electronics industry in Kerala. The placement is offered for the post of 24 computer operators and one cleaning staff. The selected would be placed at Keltron's Automated Enforcement Control Room at Kakkanad, Kochi. The interview for the posts would take place soon and the placements would be complete by 1 August 2018.

Keltron had communicated the requirement for the posts during June 2018 and Kudumbashree informed the willingness to arrange the required man power. SSLC (Pass), typewriting and minimum 6 months experience in data entry network are the preferred qualifications for the data entry operator. Kudumbashree had submitted a list of 39 incumbents who are having required qualification and are willing to work as per permissible emoluments to Keltron for the further selection process. Keltron would select the candidates through a personal interview which would take place soon. The operators are offered job in two shifts from 6 AM to 2 PM and 2 PM to 10 PM. Rs 13,979 and Rs 12,318 are offered to the computer operators and cleaning staff respectively. It also has put in place mandatory compliance like Employee's State Insurance (ESI) and Provident Fund (PF) provisions.

It is connection with the deployment of man power of Keltron's one of their major projects that they communicated their interest in associating with Kudumbashree for engaging suitable man power for the successful completion of the project. The MoU regarding the same would be signed soon. Kudumbashree has trained manpower in IT for data entry works who are sought after for similar works in NORKA, Insuarance sector, Registration Department, Motor Vehicle Department.

Kudumbashree Facility Management Center bags Kerala Management Association Excellence Award 2018 Updated On 2018-07-07

Kudumbashree Facility Management Center bagged the Excellence Award 2018 constituted by Kerala Management Association (KMA).The Award was presented to Kudumbashree Facility Management Center for Innovative HR initiatives. Shri. Dilraj, Project Manager, Facility Management Center received the Award at a function held at Le Meridian Convention Centre on 6 July 2018.

Kudumbashree has made its first major foray in facility management market by establishing its own Facility Management Center targeting at providing facility management services to major public and private sector companies such as Kochi Metro Rail Limited,Vyttila Mobility Hub, Panampilly Nagar Walkway Maintenance etc.

Facility Management Center has put in place a performance appraisal system in which the employee performance is measured and analysed based on the clients feedback and requirements. It also has mentoring and personal coaching program for employees to improve performance. A proper 'Rewards and Recognition' program was also implemented to keep the best performers motivated and committed to the work. To keep the staff updated with the new trends in the facility management markets, the service of the internal training team is also used to continuously train the staff. The staff are also trained on soft skills and business etiquette to exhibit behavioral discipline on the floor. It also has put in place all the legal and mandatory compliance like Minimum wages Act, Employee's State Insuarance (ESI) and Provident Fund (PF) provisions etc and also has a valid GST registration.

Kudumbashree Facility Management Center has today become an epicenter for providing employment for women by providing thousands of women employed with its clients. The KMA Excellence Awards are given away to corporate institutions every year for their excellence in performance in the respective areas. KMA was established in November 1957 by a group of dedicated and enterprising managers working in and around Cochin.

'Payasam on Wheels' from Kozhikode ready prior to Onam Updated On 2018-07-07

Kudumbashree Kozhikode District Mission's 'Payasam on Wheels'-Payasamela van is all set to welcome Onam adding more colours to the festive season of Kerala. The Kudumbashree Payasamela started near Mananchira Library has already started attracting masses. The mobile Payasamela was launched on 29 June 2018. Mulayari payasam (Bamboo Rice Payasam), Palada Payasam, Cherupayar Payasam and Parippu Payasam etc are the Payasams being served through the Payasamela mobile van. Smt. Sibitha Smt. Jaya, Smt. Usha, Smt. Radhika, Smt. Suhara and Smt. Ayisha of Navajyothi Kudumbashree unit are the women who are behind this Mobile payasam Van.

Mulayari Payasam is their special item. As it is a unique payasam, several people are coming in search of the payasamela mobile van for tasting their payasams. The mulayari bought from the 'Uravu' tribal society is being used for preparing payasam. The team had also been participating in several trade fairs as well. They had also been running a restaurant 'Ruchipura' serving delicious food and also selling parcels meals at city and near KSRTC and private bus stands. The Kudumbashree Kozhikode District Mission and and Kozhikode Corporation is extending full support to the team.

'Ente Hotel' from Malappuram sets an extraordinary model Updated On 2018-07-05

'Ente Hotel', launched by Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission in convergence with Malappuram Municipality sets an extra ordinary model. The highlight of ' Ente Hotel' is that the energy conservation is ensured through steamers, the kitchen appliance which is used to prepare various foods with steam heat by means of holding the food in a closed vessel reducing steam escape. Using this appliance, 30 kg rice can be cooked within 30 to 40 minutes. Steamers preheat relatively quickly because of steam's high heat transfer. The units are usually well insulated to reduce heat loss to the kitchen and to require less energy to maintain temperature during slow times. Shri. P. Ubaidulla, MLA inaugurated the hotel on 5 July 2018.

The bond between Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission and Malappuram Municipality is continuing for the last 20 years. The hotel is run by 5 members of Kudumbashree network under the DAY- NULM scheme. The Urban Local Body has provided 400 sqft space in Malappuram Bus stand and has also provided a revolving fund of Rs. 5 lakhs. The Kudumbashree group have also availed loan for Rs.4.25 lakhs from Union Bank of India. Malappuram Municiplaity and Kudumbashree District Mission of Malappuram is strengthening the bond between them once again through ‘Ente Hotel’. The Urban Local Body is also in the process of starting the She Lodge, an exclusive safe stay for women which will again be managed by the Malappuram CDS.

Kudumbashree reaches out to Rohingya refugees in Delhi transcending borders Updated On 2018-07-04

Kudumbashree reaches out to Rohingya refugees in Delhi transcending borders. Kudumbashree, the Poverty Eradication Programme of Kerala since its inception has been working a meaningful way touching the lives of millions. It has brought in a huge change in the lives of women in Kerala since its origin two decades back. Later Kudumbashree was recognized as a National Resource Organisation (NRO) by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India, under the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) to provide support to other States in their poverty eradication efforts.

Now, a group from Kudumbashree members from Kozhikode reached out the Rohingya refugee camps in Delhi extending support. It was under the leadership of Shri. Ramsi Ismail, Corporation Kudumbashree Member Secretary, a group of 13 member team visited the refugee camp.The team included CDS Chairpersons and members from Eksath Training Centre. The team visited 54 families at Kalindi Kunj, 38 families in Faridabad, 42 families in Majoodigav and 17 families in Mirzapur. Skill training programmes for the Rohingyan refugees will be commenced soon. Kudumbashree Eksat Training Centre will provide the staff to impart skill training in tailoring, soap manufacturing, candle, cloth bag and paper bag making. According to Shri. Ramsi Ismail, the marketing of the products would be done through the Mahila Mall, which would be launched soon by Kozhikode Corporation Kudumbashree, in association with the Kozhikode District Kudumbashree Mission. They also donated dresses and other essential commodities.

The Kudumbashree team also submitted a submission to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare regarding the activities to be implemented in the Rohingyan refugee camps such as setting the basic facilities like drinking water, proper sanitation, medical camps and ensuring education facilities for the children among them. The team donated more than 500 dresses and 30 sacks of food grains to the refugees. The five day visit was conducted from 28 June 2018 - 2 July 2018.

Kudumbashree receives work order from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration for handmade soap Updated On 2018-07-03

Kudumbashree received work order from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussorie, India’s premier institution dedicated to train Officers of the country’s higher civil services. The order is received for supplying 2300 handmade toilet soaps. Kudumbashree had sent toilet soap samples of different fragrances to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussorie. It is after that they placed the order for 2300 handmade toilet soaps. The orders are placed Turmeric, Pappaya, Rose and Sandal fragrances.

As per the order Kudumbashree will supply toilet soap bars of 40 gm weight. The Eladi Soap Unit from Elambakappally, Perumbavoor, Ernakulam would supply the soaps. Eladi Soap Unit had participated in several trade fairs inside and outside Kerala and their product had received wide acceptance among the customers. The soap is also available at, Kudumbashree's online portal. Kudumbashree would deliver the order to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussorie by August 2018.

Kudumbashree join hands with Department of Co-operation for Muttathe Mulla Scheme in Palakkad Updated On 2018-06-30

Muttathe Mulla scheme which involves the disbursement of loans at low rates of interests to rural households was launched as a pilot project in Palakkad. Shri. Kadakampally Surendran, Minister for Co-operation, Tourism and Devaswoms, Government of Kerala launched the scheme at a programme held at Palakkad on 26 June 2018.The programme is implemented by Department of Co-operation, Government of Kerala with the support of Kudumbashree, aiming at liberating the women from the local blade mafia and also private micro finance companies as the latter's interest rates vary between 24 and 30 percent.

Muttathe Mulla seeks to disburse loans at lower rates of interest and the women have to repay it on a weekly basis. Under the scheme, each woman will be disbursed a loan between Rs 1,000 and Rs 25,000.The interest rate will be 12 percent, that is Rs 1 for a loan of Rs 100 for one month. Loans which can be repaid in 10 weeks were also available. The loans will also be given to close old loans taken from blade companies which can be settled on a one-time basis. The scheme is being implemented in each ward through the three units of the Kudumbashree which would be selected based on its efficiency in its working and its credibility. The members of Kudumbashree will go to the houses of its members who need loans and disburse it to them. They would also collect the loan repayment visiting the households in weekly basis. Each Kudumbashree unit will get a cash credit of Rs 10 lakh at an interest of 9 percent would be disbursed as loan. Of the 12 percent interest to be levied, 9 percent will go to the primary cooperative societies, and 3 percent to the Kudumbashree women. Therefore the Muttathe Mulla Programme of Department of co-operation would help the Kudumbashree women raise themselves while raising their fellow citizens, putting an end to the exploitation of the local blade mafia and private micro finance companies.

Kudumbashree launches its sixth Reverse Osmosis Plant in the State Updated On 2018-06-29

Kudumbashree Mission in convergence with the Kollam Corporation has launched Reverse Osmosis plant (RO Plant) in Kollam Corporation. The RO Plant was inaugurated by Smt. J. Mercykutty Amma, Minister for Fisheries, Harbour Engineering and Cashew Industry, Government of Kerala on 28 June 2018. Located at the premises of Kollam Corporation, the plant is run by ' Mithra' a group of 5 selected women from Kudumbashree groups in Kollam. Minister said that the Venad Purified Water would be a solution for the drinking water scarcity in Kollam District.

Kudumbashree had launched the idea of launching a Reverse Osmosis Plant to produce bottled drinking water, as part of the National Urban Livelihoods Mission Project being implemented in Kerala. The bottled drinking water is named as ‘Venad Purified Water’. The public need to give only a nominal charge of just Rs 25 for 20 litres of Venad Purified Water. The total investment of the project is Rs 25.5 lakhs which is met from LSG fund, bank loan and Kudumbashree financial assistance. The other RO plants are located at Kozhikode Old Corporation office, Malappuram Corporation, Kasaragod Municipality, and Kochi.