CDS members from Kozhikode set an example by doing duty at COVID-19 care centers for 12 days and then going on quarantine Updated On 2020-05-20

Kudumbashree members from Kozhikode are extending services including cleaning at COVID care centres set up for foreign returnees as part of COVID 19 pandemic all across the globe. Its in the COVID care centre which is functioning at MBA hostel in NIT campus, Chathamangalom, the members of Chathamangalom CDS are doing their duty.

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CDS chairpersons and members of Kudumbashree in Kannur amass Rs 3.35 lakh for Covid relief Updated On 2020-05-19

A collective of CDS chairpersons, block co-ordinators, ST animators, Snehitha workers and dailywagers of Kudumbashree in Kannur have drummed up whatever little they can to make a huge amount of Rs 3.35 lakhs for Covid relief. The collected amount was donated to Chief Minister's Disaster Relief Fund.A cheque worth the amount was handed over to Industries Minister E P Jayarajan and Ports Minister Kadannappally Ramachandran who came for the Corona assessment meeting in the district collectorate.

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In conversation with the scientist; Balasabha members in Wayanad explored 'the space' Updated On 2020-05-18

Balasabha members asked questions eagerly, the scientist answered it based on his experience and knowledge. This entirely different discussion have happened as part of a programme which is organised by Wayanad district mission for the balasabha members in the district in connection with the lockdown activities.

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Ayalkkoottam meeting takes the cyber route Updated On 2020-05-18

Kudumbashree District Mission in Ernakulam turned out to be different by conducting Ayalkkootam meetings online. The online gathering project, titled 'Cyber Jalakam', has revived the meetings that have come to a standstill following nation-wide lockdown. In the first such meeting convened on May 17, over one lakh members from 26,504 Ayalkootam units were present. The District Mission was able to recreate the joy of coming together that was put on hold following lockdown restrictions. The online gathering has showcased the unity and strength of Kudumbashree have in the face of adversity. The plan is to go ahead with this online initiative until Covid uncertainties are brought under control.

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COVID-19 state level countering activities by Kudumbashree - 7 Updated On 2020-05-16

Kudumbashree is doing several activities in support of state and central governments to fight against the spread of Corona virus. NHG members, employees as well as all the people related to this mission are part of these activities.

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Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission's 'Mask is Mass' Task Updated On 2020-05-16

Kudumbashree Thrissur District Misison has launched a different competition for the Kudumbashree entrepreneurs, NHG members, an the public, as the lock down notified to contain the spread of the covid-19 pandemic is ongoing. Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission has launched a task of making masks, which had became part of our lives in a beautiful and unique way. The competition is being organised from 13-17 May 2020. Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission has directed to make unique masks during this time and send the photos of the same.

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'Chechis' of Kudumbashree build new home for Ananthakrishnan Updated On 2020-05-15

During hard times, Ananthakrishnan was in for a new beginning in his life. A makeshift shanty, that he called his home, in Mangalam ward of Alappuzha, is a thing of past. Instead, he can take shelter inside a brick and mortar home gifted by Kudumbashree. City Construction, the women builders wing of Kudumbashree, was instrumental in getting a home ready for the homeless. Ananthakrishnan and family was living in this space for so many years with none turning up for their help. The home built during Covid days had complied to all necessary protocols for construction activities. The team was led by unit members Ajitha, Sindhu, Nainet and Sunitha.

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Logo and Caption Designing Contest for the 'Grand Care Programme': Winners announced Updated On 2020-05-15

Entries had been invited from the public for designing the official logo and caption regarding the programme started by Kudumbashree associating with the Health Department for ensuring the care of the elderly during the covid-19 pandemic. The logo designed communicating the intended message of the programme that, for ensuring attention and care, the elderly should remain indoors got selected. Entries were received from 30 persons. Out of these, the logo was selected by a panel which included Shri. S. Harikishore IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree and Dr. Sreeram Venkitaraman IAS, Joint Secretary, Health Department as members. The logo designed by Sketch Media was selected as the official logo of the programme. Prize money of Rs 5000 would be given for this selected logo. The selected logo and caption would be used in the upcoming activities as well.

Kudumbashree's ‘Grand Care’ Programme for the care of the elderly Updated On 2020-05-15

Kudumbashree is about to launch ‘Grand Care’ Programme for the care of the elderly as the elderly people are likely to suffer more if they get infected by the virus, as they have relatively less immunity and may have comorbidities. The logo of the ‘Grand Care’ Programme was launched by Shri. A.C Moideen, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala on 14 May 2020. It is decided to start implementing the programme by 15 May 2020 after a detailed planning.

As the countering activities against corona virus is entering into the next level, Kudumbashree aim at making the people aware that the elderly people need to remain more cautious. Grand Care Programme is conceived as a IEC (Information, Education and Communication) Campaign to spread the message to maximum public. Kudumbashree aim at conducting a massive IEC campaign, with the directions from the Health Department, associating with the Social Justice Department, Women and Child Welfare Department, Local Self Government Departments and District Administrations. The same would be organised by making use of the organisational system of Kudumbashree. The campaign is framed in such a way that the same would be continued for long term, by taking the message regularly to the public. 

Kudumbashree is trying to spread the message through the NHGs to all families in Kerala, that the elderly should observe the covid-19 protocol and avoid physical contact with others. Also the message that the elderly people who returned from the foreign countries/other states should remain in home quarantine is also is communicated. In addition, it is planned to organize special campaign for the tribal people and people from the coastal areas through animators and coastal volunteers. Also a massive IEC campaign is planned by starting a centralised call centre for contacting the vulnerable elderly people. The programme also plans to spread the message through selected resource persons that the elderly people returned from foreign countries and other states should stay alert. Kudumbashree has also been making special interventions for the welfare of the elderly in the destitute families. In addition,  special activities are being implemented for the elderly in home quarantine, through the 786 resource persons in the state.

Dr.Sreeram Venkitaraman IAS, Joint Secretary, Health Department, who coordinates the project on behalf of the Health Department, Shri. N.S.A Umesh IAS, Executive Director, KSIDC and Shri. Kiran Sugathan, representing Kudumbashree were also present at the function.

Contribution of BUDS Teachers and staff to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund Updated On 2020-05-15

The teachers and staff of the BUDS Institutions in Kerala set a new model by contributing to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. The teachers and staff of the BUDS Institutions in Kerala contributed the money as per their capability and a total of Rs 4,17,900 was collected altogether. Smt. Sheeja Beegum, Smt.Ambika, Smt. Santhi, Smt. Suji, Smt.Vineetha and Smt. Soumya, BUDS School teachers, handed over the amount to Shri. A.C Moideen, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala on 13 May 2020.

Also, various activities are being implemented by the teachers and the district teams for the children of the BUDS institutions during the crisis situation of covid-19. A total of 270 BUDS institutions are functioning in Kerala. Even during the time of the crisis of floods, the teachers and staff of the BUDS Institutions had made a contribution to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) on their own.

It is matter a pride that teachers and staff who have dedicated their life to take care of specially abled children came forward with their own contribution when the state is going through such a crisis situation.

BUDS institutions including BUDS Schools and BUDS rehabilitation centres are the institutions initiated by Kudumbashree for the specially abled children and are and run by the Local Self Government Institutions.