Tribal Special Project 2021-22

Tribal interventions of Kudumbashree covered a 96.8 % inclusion of members to its NHG’s folder. The tribal animators (community resource persons) in the field are rigorously working for the empowerment of tribal families through Kudumbashree. The main strategy used was continuous capacity building programme at the hamlet level. Every programme reaches hamlets through the community volunteers named as animators. In order to ascertain efficiency of these activities, a concerted action amidst the departments working at the hamlet level is extremely required. Hence, the financial support and special capacity building for the animators/promoters/ ASHA workers and Literacy Prerak will be ensured in the financial year 2021 – 2022 Self-reliant Tribal NHGs -The main objective of tribal intervention schemes undertaken by Kudumbashree is to set a stable platform for implementing development activities among 20 tribes. This year Kudumbashree ensure 1,000 Self-reliant Tribal NHGs (NHGs working without the support of an animator) through concentrated programmes and providing Revolving fund to NHGs. It includes 100% grading and maximum linkage of NHGs through special campaigns. Traditional ME unit-Promotion of traditional as well as modern livelihoods and enterprises are also envisaged for this year. It is designed to conduct tribal Art/Craft/Ethnic food fest both at district and state level to motivate new entrepreneurs. Supporting through the essential skill training and modern craft based training to the existing units for the sustainability and promoting new traditional enterprises. The budget for performance improvement, second dose assistance and a fund for new units reserved for traditional units. Animal Husbandry based livelihood - Support for income generation through Animal husbandry for 50 tribal vulnerable families will be promote the current year. It may include the goat rearing and small poultry units both individual and group. A financial assistance to the units may provide to set up the units. Bridge course-Another major area for intervention is the education sector. In order to support those who are weak in studies and shows inconsistency towards schooling will be addressed through educational assistance scheme named as Bridge Course. In the year 2020–21, Kudumbashree plan to develop 40 Bridge Course in selected tribal hamlets by keeping priority to flood affected ones. Continuing and sustained education process along with training on good health practices also will be ensured through this center. Competitive Exam (PSC type) coaching- A model programme for ensuring government job to tribal youths and preparation for writing competitive exam kudumbashree support is essential. Gurukulam- PSC Course also will continuing coming year. The support of a stipend to the youth who are continuously attending the targeted course also budgeted this year. Capacity building to the trial community resource persons- Attitude building for mission staff to working with tribal communities may continue in the district with the organization support fund. This year a comprehensive field connected motivational training will be conduct through the selected agencies or selected trainers. This will be host by kudmbashree head office directly or national resource organization. District Initiative – Every tribes and there hamlets is different. So district mission can develop a separate plan and implement in connection with district initiative programmes. Last year’s initiative may continue where ever it needed. The animators support will be continued this year also for maximizing the reach of benefits to all hamlets. Other activities in tribal areas will continues like tribal adalaths/NHG get-together, distribution of various corpus fund, awareness campaigns, training and capacity building of promoters, animators, community resource persons, ooru mooppans and other members. The internal convergence is a major strategy used for the best implementation of tribal interventions. Kudumbashree’s all sectors may develop the plan in the grass root level and will implement on a priority basis