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23June 2021
Interest Subsidy Distribution
  • CDS office uchakada

CMHLS interest subsidy distribution

29June 2021
Elderly Nhg kalkk Corpus Fund Distribution
  • Adimalathura Fisheries office

Elderly nhg Kalkk Corpus Fund Distribution

7July 2021
Convergents Projects
  • CDS office uchakada

Krishi office um Kudumbshree yum samyukthamayi JLG unit kalkk Vith Vitharanam

15April 2021
new Vehicle Purchase forHKS
  • municipality

For expanding the activities of HKS in the city Municipality purchased a new vehicle for waste collection using plan fund with an amount of 9 lakhs.HkS collects plastic waste from all shops and houses.The inaguration is done by Municipal Chairperson handed over the key to Secretary with the presence of HKS.

5April 2021
CAFE CANTEEN for Election
  • Attingal Boys School and Attingal College

 Cafe canteen had set by Kudumbashree catering unit on 05/04/21 and 06/04/21 at collection and disribution centre for Election at Attingal ULB.First day canteen unit served about 500 lunch for polling officers.Tea and snack unit,juice counter also served tea and jiuce for officers.Second day canteen unit distributed food from 7 pm to 1 am.About 102640 amount are received through sale

12March 2021
International womens day celebration -awareness class inauguration
  • Municpality conference hall- Attingal ULB

International womens day celebration is inaguarated by Municipal Chairperson adv S.Kumari.Kudumbashree conducted an awareness class about the significance and importance of womens day for kudumbashree members in our CDS.The awareness class conducted by smt.Saleena beevi,mentor and Director,Nila foundation director.She educated how women can empowered through self life exeperience,case studies.community counselors,NHG Members and ward counselors participated in the programm.

5March 2021
Nano Market at Supplyco,Attingal
  • Supplyco

Kudumbashree Nano market is inaguarated on today at supplyco  market ,Attingal.This market act as point of sale of kudumbashree products.The shelf equipped with the products of different CDS including rural and urban in Chirayinkeezhu block.MEC and NULM Commuity organiser are the monitoring staff for the daily  status of the nanomarket.

27February 2021

It is noted there is some PMsvanidhi loans are pending in many banks,National urban livelihood mission gave direction to us conduct a camp in banks onthe. forthcoming 3 saturdays .Bank of india and ULB NULM Team decided to take necessary step for sanctioning the loan.We informed the street vendors reach the  who have not avail the loan eventhough the forth saturday is holiday for banks. 2 streetvendor  came to the bank and Manager processed the bank loan today itself.

25February 2021
Kudumbashree Nanomarket
  • Municipality

A  Kudumbashree nanomarket is started at Municipality on today.This nano market have different  products like food items,vegetables,lotions etc produced by the Kudumbashree women.A Kudumbashree women sales the products at the office time.Through this market   Kudumbashree women have easily sale their products and office staff and public get quality products .

25February 2021
EDP Skill Training
  • conference Hall

EDP skill training programm started on 25/02/21 at conference hall.35 women participated in the programm.

17February 2021

Kudumbashree MEC conducted skill training for stitching.12 members paricipated in the block level programm.Kudumbashree Chairperson,community organizer participated in the programm.

17February 2021
ADS Meeting

Conducted an ADS Meeting at Pachakkulam.Community organiser explained self employemnt programm ,ESTP mobilisation etc.

17February 2021
Haritha Karmasena green ME Unit formation
  • Govt Town U.P.S Attingal

An event management unit formed by HKS to implimenting green protocol in the city.ULB hand over steel plate and glass to this unit by ingurating the function at ward sabha for physically challenged people. Event management unit distributed food in this ward sabha. ULB decided to give order to this group for all  programms conducted by UlB and all functions conducted by govt offices  in the ulb premises.Through this Ulb can impliment green ptotocol in the city and also HKS unit will get an additional income.

15February 2021
vegetable plants distribution to 100 NHG
  • Municipality

Kudumbashree distributed vegetable plants to 100 neighbourhood group joined with Krishi Bhavan using ulb plan fund.Municipal chairperson Smt.Adv S Kumari inagurated the programm.CDS Chairperson .CDS Members ,NHG members participated in the programm.

29January 2021
vigilant group
  • Municipality

Kudumbashree vigilant group activities posters distributed by Municipal Chairperson Smt.Adv Kumari at the Municipality.Vigilant Group will spread their activities on the ward.This group service extended to all wards so we can reduce the actrocities against women.