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                      Thiruvalla municipality town is 27.51 sqkm area surrounded on the north by Payipad, west Peringara, Nedumparam, South Kuttoor, East Kaviyoor panchayath of Thiruvalla taluk in Pathanamthitta village. Under the rule of the kingdom of Kollam. In olden days this place was known as Sreevallapuram. In course of time it has turned into Thiruvallabhapuram and finally to Thriuvalla. This place also contributed to social and economic fields. This place was an agricultural area under the ownership of former landlord of Pathillam Pottimaar.

                  Before half century, the relationship of landlord and tillers existed here. Agricultural labourers were paid wages in the form of grains.The agricultural produce bought by the traders was transported through waterways to Alleppy, Kochi, etc. The harvest festival was celebrated in the Malayalam month of chingam with much funfair.

           In olden days Muthoor, Mannamkarachira Arenkavu were the main road. When MC road came into being, all the main town of the state connected and town on towers developed by the side of the MC road.

            There exist many mosques church and temples in Thiruvalla as a mark of commercial harmony. The Sreevallabha temple is the most famous temple in the area.Thiruvalla is the important cultural centre of central Travancore. There existed equality many the people. European missionaries, Sree Narayana Guru, Ayyankali, Yoga Shema Sabha, Nair Service Society, etc worked among the underprivileged sector for their improvement. Thiruvalla also honoured Mahathma Gandhi when he visited the district. Vinoba bhave was also honoured when travelled the state.

        Town improvement committee formed in 1910 was first institutional form of Thriuvalla town. In 1920 Thiruvalla municipality was formed first president was Sri A R Subrahmanya Iyer, and vice president Sri Rao Sahib Sakharia. There were 12 people representatives also total area was 14.14sqkm and population was 27000. In 1943 number of wards were raised to 18. Total number of members was raised to 19 along with 2 nominated members. In 1987 august Kuttapuzha panchayath was also added to and the total area came to 27.51sqkm. In 2000, the number of elected representatives was raised to 37. Recently it raised to 39. Thiruvalla has the first place in education. The first English school in Travancore was established in Thiruvalla. Thiruvalla has a large Non-Resident Indian Community. It is also called "Land of NRIs". Pathanamthitta is the only district with one railway station in Kerala- “ Thiruvalla railway station”.


Total Population - 52883

Male - 24817

Female - 28066

SC - 4488 (Male-2150, Female-2338)

Total Wards - 39

Women reservation - 20 wards

SC reservation -3 wards

SC women reservation - 2 wards

Anganavadi - 54

Total Schools - 29