22February 2019
Nagarasree Utsav Rally and public meet
  • Municipal Town hall

  1. Municipality has conducted Nagasree Utsavam on 22.02.2019 at municipal town hall. The Utsav was inaugurated by Hon’ Chairman Lalichan Kunnipparambil. He said that Kudumbashree and National Urban Livelihood Mission have a vital role in addressing the urban poverty. The livelihood initiatives and employment generating programmes are helpful to urban poor to overcome their poverty. Municipality will jointly take initiatives to start innovative enterprises in different areas with Kudumbashree. The most number of Self Employment program loan and NHG linkage loan were sanctioned by Indian Bank and Syndicate bank respectively was honoured by Municipal Vice Chairperson Smt. Ambika Vijayan and also distributed the revolving fund to NHG and 25th ward ADS. Welfare Standing committee Chairperson Smt.Dani Thomas distributed the certificates of Kudumbashree School and Enterprises registered under Kudumbashree and given award to  ADS which formed the most of number NHGs. All are welcomed by Kudumbashree Member Secretary Smt.Rethi. Municipal Secretary Sri. S Sreekanth gave the keynote address.  The Secretary gave more idea about the NULM programmes and different convergence programme. Program was facilitated by Education and Arts Standing committee Chairman Adv.P.A.Nazeer, Public works standing committee chairman Sri.T.P.Anilkumar and councillors Smt.Anila Rajesh, Smt.Kunjumol Sabu. Vote of Thanks was given NULM Manager Sri Ajith S. The program started with rally of Kudumbashree CDS and more than thousand NHG members participated in the rally. As part of the Nagarasree Utsavam, Municipality organized different programmes such as bank account opening mela, loan mela and free gas connection to BPL families. Total 42 persons opened their account same day itself.Officials from different banks came to the programme and they introduced insurance schemes and account opening formalities.

14February 2019
Carry bag Unit Orientation Programme.
  • Municipal council hall

Kudumbashree CDS has conducted an orientation programme to NHG members those who interested for starting Carry bag unit. Hon.Municipal Chairman Sri.Lalichan Kunnipparampil inaugurated the orientation  programme and PA to Secretary brief the plan fund subsidy assistance for the carry bag unit. NULM Manager Sri.Ajith S took the session about the Kudumbashree enterprises and schemes. ME block co-ordinator Smt.Anupriya discussed about the training programmes. 35 members informed their willingness for  attending the training of  carry bag production.

8February 2019
Nagarasree Utsav-Sanghadaka Samithi meeting
  • Municipal council hall

Sanghadaka Samithi of Nagarasree utsavam has conducted jointly by Municipality and Kudumbashree. Hon.Municipal Chairman Sri.Lalichan Kunnipparampil,Secretary S.Sreekanth, Municipal Vice Chairperson Smt.Ambika Vijayan, Welfare Standing Committee Chairperson Smt. Dany Thomas, CDS Chairperson Smt.Bincy Antony and CDS member Secretary Smt. Rathi, CDS and ADS members were  attended the meeting. NULM Manager S.Ajith gave the details about the Nagarasree Utsavam and associated programmes. The meeting decided the date and events as part of Nagarasree Utsavam. 

26February 2019
Skill Gap analysis-Focus group discussion
  • Municipal council hall

As part of creating more employment opporunities for the urban poor, municipality conducted focus group discussion with major institutions working with in the Municipality. The meeting mainly focused in the identification of local placement opportunities.Hon.Municpal Chairman Sri.Lalichan Kunnipparampil and Municipal Secretary Sri.S Sreekanth lead the discussion.Five intitutions from hospital,automobiles sectors are participated in the meeting and identified 20 vacancies for the coming year.

8November 2018
Distribution of RF
  • Council Hall, Changanassery Municipality

RF distribution programme inaugrated by Hon'ble Municipal Chairman Sri. Lalichan Antony

10December 2018
Humen Rights Day Programme
  • Municipal Town Hall, Changanassery

Humen Rights Day programme conducted on 10/12/2018 at Muicipal Town Hall, Changanassery. , Hon'ble Municipal Chairman Sri. Lalichan Antony, District Mission Coordinator, CDS chairperson, NULM CO, were participated.

26November 2018
Kudumbashree school RP training
  • Muncipal Mini Auditorium, changanassery

Kudumbashree school RP training programme held at muncipal Mini Auditorium on 26/11/2017. 65 RP's participated in this meeting.

8November 2018
Distribution of RKLS loan
  • Council hall, Changanassery muncipalty

RKLS loan distribution inaugrated by Hon'ble Muncipal chairman Sri. Lalichan Antony

1December 2018

Kudumbashree school phase II inaugrated by Hon'ble Muncipal Chairman Sri. Lalichan Antony. CDS chairperson Smt. Bincy Antony, NULM CO Smt. Manju, ADS chairperson, Governing body member were also participated in this meeting.

5September 2018
Super chlorination Campaiagn
  • All wards


Kudumbashree started the Super chlorination Campaign on Septemebr 5th and continued to September 10th in all wards of Municipality with the support of Health department and Asha workers of ULB. NULM team and CDS office beareres co-ordinated the campaign. Councillors also participated in the chlorination activities. All the SHGs are activley participated in the campaign from the beginning to the end.

12June 2018
SEP General Orientation Training
  • Municipal Town Hall

Conducted General orientation training to SHG members those who are interested to start ME. MECs from District Mission lead the sessions and NULM Manager took the session about NULM SEP component.65 SHG memebrs were attended the training. 

27July 2018
RO Members training .
  • Municipal Library Hall.

Conducted oned day training to  newly selected Resource Organisation members regrading their duties nad responibilties in the implementation of NULM programmes..CDS Chairperson,Kudumbashree Block co-ordinator and NULM officials were took the sessions.

4August 2018
Mass Super Chlorination Campaign orientation meeting

Conducted the Super chlorination orientation programme to CDS and ADS members at Municipal council hall.Hon.Chairman inaugurated the programme and Municipal Secretary give the importance of the involvement of Kudumbashree in flodd relief activities. JHI took the session about the super chlorination and wardlevel data collection. NULM team get the charge overall co-ordination of Super chlorination.Municipal vice Chairperson Smt.Ambika Vijayan also attended the programme.

18September 2018
  • Muncipal Auditorium, Changanassery

Municipal level Inauguration of NAVA KERALA LOTTERY at MUNICIPAL TOWN HALL, Inaugrated by  Municipal Chairman Sri. Lalichan Antony. Muncipal Secretary, District Mission Coordinator, CDS chairperson, Accountant, Member secretary and  NULM Teams were participated.District Mission Co-ordintor Sri. Sureshkumar P.N tokk a detailed session about Resurgent Kerala Loan Scheme and Navakerala Lottery.


24July 2018
SPECIAL CDS Governing Body Meeting
  • Muncipal Auditorium, Changanassery

NULM team arranged special CDS Governing body meeting at Muncipal Auditorium, changanassery.Muncipal Chairman, Vice Chairperson, NULM CMM,MTP and CO, Member Secretary, CDS Chairperson and Accountant were the participants.  CMM give clear information about the projects under NULM and need of teamwork to achive the goals.