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City Profile


Ponnani Municipality situated in Malappuram district of Ponnani taluk in Kerala State. Ponnani is historically famous coastal area in India. It has got innumerable trade relations with foreigners especially with the Arabs. The name “PONNANI” comes from Arab Gols (Ponne in Malayalam) these coins were used in this place while trading with Arabs.

The special grade Ponnani Panchayath was upgraded to third grade Municipality during 15th November 1977. It was divided to 24 wards in 1977, 28 wards in 1984 and 32 wards in 1995. Ezhavathuruthi special grade Grama Panchayath with an area of 14sq Kilometers was joined to Ponnani Municipality having an area of 23.32 Kilometers in September 2000.Presently it has 51 wards.

Demographic Details


  1. population density of the town was worked out at about 3646 persons inside the town area of 23.32 as per the 2011 senses. It was noted that the gross density has been increasing from a 2384 persons per in 1971 to 3646 persons per in 2011 as per respective Census figures%. Ponnani has an average literacy rate of 90.00%.[95] Male literacy is 93.36%, and female literacy is 87.07%. At Ponnani, 13.17% of the population is under 7 years of age.

As of 2011 India census, Ponnani had a population of 93971. Males constitute 48% of the population and females 52%.But as per SECC , 47 % constitute males and 53% constitute females.

  • Female : 48781
  • Male : 45190
  • No. of Households : 15455
  • Density of population : 4030
  • SC Population : 5202
  • ST Population : 196
  • Male Female Ratio : 1079
  • Literacy Rate : 69.59%
  • No. of BPL families : 8055
  • No. of Slums : 0
Housing Profile



Housing as per Census data 2011

As per 2011 census, the total number of households in Ponnani Municipality 15428 and total population for the city is 90491. As per Census reports 2011, 93.7% of the total household have “Own House”; 5.1% live in “Rented House” and 1.2% comes under the category “Any Other”.


Housing schemes implemented in ULB under different schemes


Summary of the housing schemes/programmes implemented by Ponnani Municipality are mentioned below.

  1. SC Projects

Schedule Caste is one among the most vulnerable groups in the society, because of many socio-economic and political reasons. Acknowledging this, Ponnani Municipality had constructed houses during the period 2014 to 2016 .


New houses were constructed VAMBAY project and expended almost Rs 41660000 /-

  1. IHSDP

New houses were constructed and houses renovated under IHSDP project and ULB spent an amount of Rs. 289.169lakhs/-


  1. PMAY

1376 houses were approved in PMAY in 5 project phases. Implementation of the programme started in 2017 and agreement execution started after march2017. Presently almost 70 houses are nearing its completion