Mukkam Municipality PMAY Status Report

Beneficiary Led Construction


Total Houses Sanctioned: 376

Total Beneficiaries Attached: 375

Total Houses Geotagged: 372

Total Agreement Executed: 360

Building Permit Issued: 350

First Instalment Released: 348

Second Instalment Released: 331

Third Instalment Released: 280

Total Houses Completed: 104



Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme

72 CLSS loans has already been sanctioned to the Beneficiaries. The Total loan amount Sanctioned under the CLSS is Rupees Four Crore and Thirty Lakh.


Affordable Housing Programme

49 families selected for assistance under PMAY AHP head. The DPR preparation and land acquisition is going on to start the implementation of AHP.







Status Report PMAY MUKKAM (November 2021)

Total Houses Sanctioned: 653

Completed : 538

Up to Roof: 593

Lintel: 603

Started: 610