Destitute Free Kerala – Reaching The Unreachable Since independence, both the Central and State governments have been focusing on poverty eradication through the trickling down effect of the general growth process and direct income generation programs. All income generation programs were either asset generation programs or employment generation programs. Though these helped in uplifting many from the clutches of poverty, they failed at reaching out to the poorest of the poor. Thus the economic growth of the country, many a times, did not help the destitute to escape the penury to which they have been thrown into. In 2003, the Government of Kerala introduced a new project through the State Poverty Eradication Mission (Kudumbashree), catering to these unreachable poorest of poor, called Asraya. In 2017 Asraya the Asraya project which had seen many phases was restructured into a more comprehensive one time program called Destitute Free Kerala(Agathirahitha Keralam).