Tribal Programme NRLM-2019-20

Kudumbashree introduced an exclusive and integrated intervention strategy in the tribal sector of Kerala. Last year’s, we given special emphasis to 6 district/category /areas,namelyKasaragod (Koraga-PVTG), Kannur ( Aralam farm resettlement area), Wayanad (Thirunellygramapanchayth-PVTG),Malappuram ( Nilamburconstutency-PVTG), Thrissur ( Kadar-PVTG) &Pathanamthitta ( Malmbandara-Namoads) with the convergence all PRIs and Development department. This year also these area separately supported through Kudumbashree. A special Project Management Unit (PMU) actively working in these area with tribal animators (CRPs and IRPs).Continuous capacity building for the all NHGs leaders and CRPs in the special area is one of the major component for this year. Fund to community like RF, VRF, Startup fund to producer groups and livelihood support through CIF also ensure in current year. FNHW and educational interventions plan in place for these special areas and community through a convergence action. Some of the focused livelihood interventions like organic clusters, NTFP, traditional and local livelihood etc are in consideration to develop the economic and financial capacity of tribal families. Apart from the focus area, a state wide utilization of Tribal CRPs as tribal animators also planned like last 3 years. The CRPs / IRPs among tribal community of Kerala build the best inclusion of tribal communities and their all level empowerment. An amount of Rs 800 Lakhs will be expected as expenditure for the entire activities. The rest of the fund will be met from State PlanFund.