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Kudumbashree Chicken Scheme is Rising in Palakkad

11th February 2018


              Kudumbashree Chicken Scheme has  been started  in Palakkad  District. The district level implementation  is inuagurated by Palakkad MP M.B.Rajesh by distributing the fund , one Lakh rupees to the self-help units which are already started on  11th February 2018. Palakkad District was the  second in state where the mission will be setting up the hatcheries. The Scheme is being implemented jointly with the co-operation of the Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation and Animal Husbandry Department. In the next financial year ,total 50 units will be commissioned.

              The  all-women Kudumbashree birgade will be foraying into poultry rearing  titled 'Kudumbashree Chicken' and 13 units has been commissioned in ten  Panchayts  of District  in first phase. Each unit will have 1000 birds. The 13 units will thus have a  total of 13,000 birds. There will be an additional 27 self-help groups by the end of the finacial year.The  sheds have been completed. The three-day-old  chicks will be sourced from three agencies by the Kudumbashree  units.  The  first option was to source it from  the Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation   which has a tie-up with  Venkateswara Hatcheries.The  second option was to purchase chicks from  empanelled agensies. Finally ,the units have also  the freedom to purchase chicks from local hatcheries at competitave rates.District  Kudumbashree Mission will monitor the purchase  and rearing of chicks. The consumer and and the Kudumbashree units should  benefit by way of price and  returns.

               District  Kudumbashree Mission planned to form a collective of such individual units and source the feeds and medicines on a wholesale  basis. Such purchases will help the Kudumbashree units get inputs at a discounted price. From the next  financial year , Kudumbashree has proposed to constitute four-member joint liability self-help groups .  Each member will be allotted 250 birds and the group collectively will  rear 1000 birds. After 45 days bird will sold to select private retail meat outlets  who have agreed to purchase them. 

               The Kudumbashree already conducted a market study and has come to the conclusion the  women self-helps could reap reasonable returns from the venture. In the first phase 13 units will be set up in Kumaramputhur, Ayilur, Lakkidi Perur, Ananganadi, Mathur, Kuthanur, Kavassery,Kongad, Cherppulassy and Vandazhi panchayats. The Kudumbashree Mission will provide finacial  assistance  of  1 lakh rupees for each of the 13 units. The units will  be given  to those  women  groups  who have 60 cents of their own.


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Santhwanam volunteer Market Expansion Programme


           Santhwanam volunteer programme has been implemented for a long period of time, but the success rate seems to be very less in palakkad district. Currently four or five Santhwanam volunteers are actualy doing their work. to change this scenario and to implement atleast two Santhwanam volunteers per panchayat, Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission have created a market expansion programme exclusively for Santhwanam volunteers.

           This inclide 

                         1. Launching done at District level.

                         2.  Launching done at individual panchayt

                         3. Recording the routine work by SWOT Analysis method.

                         4. Follow up in every 15 days by analysing the data and create market for Santhwanam volunteers.

                         5. Provide a stall for Santhwanam volunteer at every event possible in Palakkad District

                          6. Link Santhwanam volunteers with schools and colleges to create mass      income

            This activities is based on the principles of Economies of scales and 'SWOT' analysis method. as part of this method the first 7 Santhwanam volunteer out of 26 who got thier medical kit was inuagurated by Hon.District collector Shri. P.Suresh Babu IAS in the presence of District Mission Co-ordinator P.Saithalavi and ADMC Dinesh. Faculties from HAP Mr.Gopan, Mr.Arun were also participated.

            Following this event seperate launching programme for each Santhwanam volunteer was conducted in thier native panchayats/muncipalities by checking the Blood Pressure and Sugar level of the VIPs present.

             In thenkurussi panchayt Hon. MLA Inuagurated Santhwanam volunteer shobha by checking the blood pressure of a common man .In the same event Santhwanam volunteer Preetha done her inuagural diagnosis by checking tha blood pressure of District Panchayat President K.Santhakumari. Volunteers got a permanent spot at Thenkurussi Panchayt which they can use on every week.

              At Cherppulassery muncipality Santhwanam volunteer inuagurated by muncipality. In the same way volunteer at Thenkara got inuagurated by panchayt president. The remaining inuaguration is going on. The main features of these inuaguration and other than creating publicity is to create an awareness regarding the payment structure of Santhwanam volunteers. this is also helping them to assure the support of respective Panchayt.

               By these activities the average revenue og Santhwanam volunteers newly launched is increased to 14765 from average salary of old Santhwanam volunteers 7645 which constitute aimost 100% increase.By these activities more and more candidates are coming forward to get training as Santhwanam volunteer which will fulfill the dream og Santhwanam volunteer in every Punchayat in Palakkad District soon

ME Groups-- Market generation and Santhwanam volunteer-- Market expansion

09th February 2018

        To create market for ME (Micro Enterprise) units functioning in palakkad. Kusumbashree Palakkad District Mission is conducting various activities like Nano marketing, Permanent market, Product stalls at different events etc. this will help these units to improve their sales and get better publicity. This will enhance their confident level.

        Today (09-02-2018), as a part of Samskarikolsavam conducted by State Library Council in Ottappalam Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission started an excibition of best products Hand crafts Nettippattom, Hand made Jewels, Handloom, Napkin etc for three days (February 5,6,7). Honorable  Speaker P.Sreeramakrishnan visited tha stall and conveyed his wishes foe Kudumbashree Enterprenuers.

         This fest also have Santhwanam volunteer stall as a part of the Market expansion programme exclusively conducting by Palakkad District Mission. After the successof Santhwanam stall at Malabar Craft Mela which made 33000 revenue for Santhwanam volunteers. Here in ottappalam also a Santhwanam volunteer stall has been opened by these activities. the publicity and revenue of Santhwanam volunteer is increasing day by day.

Street Play is Ready to Perform for DDUGKY Campaign and Gender Campaign

06th February 2018

Kudumbashree Palakkad Disrict Mission organized a Street Play for  DDUGKY Campaign and Gender Campaign. Rangashree, theatre group of Kudumbashree Palakkad Disrict Mission perform street play. The  team performed  play in CDS Sangamam on February 5th . There are two plays. One named 'Nalla Nalekku' for DDUGKY Campaign. which announces the details of job oriented training   programmes conducted  by Central Goverment & State goverment through Kudumbashree. The Vision of DDU-GKY is to "Transform rural poor youth into an economically independent and globally relevant workforce". It aims to target youth, under the age group of 15–35 years. Kudumbashree executing this project through CDSs. The other Drama named "Mayakkannadi"  is also ready to be peform in several streets of palakkad district to enrich Gender Campaign 'NEETHAM 2018' 

Street Play is Directed by well known Drama activist Ravi Thaikkadu . Latha mohan,Kanchana, Karthyayani,Sumithra,Geetha,Vijayalaksmi,Ammini,Viji narayanan,Valsala,Seelatha are the actors. They had a special training conducted by Kerala sangeetha  Nadaka Academi.



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'Child Talkies' children film festival for Balasabha children on 19/11/2017

"CHILD TALKIES" a children film festival organized for balasabha children in palakkad district on 19/11/2017 at Palakkad district library. Mr. N. Radhakrishnan, Secretary of Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Accadomy innaugurated the film festival. arround 100 interest children participated from all CDS in Palakkad district.


W-Theatre- SARVAM 2017 Programme

Formation of an exclusive kudumbashree women theatre group "rangashree"

District level women theatre training camp on 20/11/2017

The '' arengue''  programm of kudumbashree expose the abundant treasure of talents in the field of theatre etc....This talent is to tapped in the form of women theatre group named as ''RANGAPEEDAM"'

E-Learn SARVAM-2017 programme

It is a programm provide minimum digital literacy to the CDS/ADS members of the district to access the kudumbashree wed "'shree sakthi'",portal,MIS,internet etc....

Comprehensive minimum digital literacy program to the CDS members under muncipalities

         District level inuagration completed

Parambikkulam - ST Special Campaign

Parambikkulam is a protected area in Chittur block of Palakkad District.Kudumbashree Palakkad initiated a special campaingn in 2017  October 6 th & 7 th  to mobilise the tribal population of this area and to include them in the community network of Kudumbashree.As accessibility is less due to the special status of this forest area ,through special campaign 16 new NHGs ,6 new Balasabhas and 3 adolescent clubs were formed

Mega SEP Mobilization Campaign at Nehru Auditorium, Chittur

NULM Chittur-Tattamanagalam  has organized a mega mobilization campaign at Nehru Auditorium on 06.10.2017. More than 800 potential beneficiaries has participatd in the campaign. Municipality Chairman has inagurated the function and several digitaries has shared their experience. NULM has distributed SEP application forms and collected filled application from the participants on the same day. 

NULM Palakkad- Mega Students Mobilization Campaign under EST&P

A mega Students mobilization campaign was organized by NULM, Palakkad on 22.08.2017 at Municipal Town Hall,Palakkad. Around 1000 candidates are participated in this mega event. Ten companies have presented their courses and more than 600 candidates are registered in different courses on the same day. 

ST _Kanakezhuthu Campaign - for basic accounting skills

A district initiative for ST NHGs named KANAKEZHUTHU held on August 19 th & 20 th at IRTC ,Mundur.This was a two day residential programme for ST NHG members .54 members were trained during the programe.

UYIRP- ST Complete Literacy Programme Inauguration

The district initiative of Kudumbashree Mission -Palakkad aiming complete literacy for scheduled tribal population was launched on 15.08.2017 at Kozhinjambara panchayath.



A  Team of Kudumbashree members were formed for implementing the well recharge Mission initiated by Kudumbashree in Palakkad   in Association with Local self govermnents . A Team of 26 Kudumbashree members were selected from Kadambazhipuram Gramapanchayath  as the Master Trainers  who will implement the first phase in adambazhipuram Grama Panchayth.  1000 wells are selected for the first phase.  These Team was trained at IRTC Mundur .


These 26 Master trainers will Train the Sujalam Mission Members in other Gramapanchayths. Every Year, just before the Planning dund allocation  process, Special efforts will be undertaken by Kudumbashree  Mission  with All the Local self Govt. institutions and NREGA  to ensure that necessary fund allocation is done for Rainater harvesting.


District level Skill competition:

      As part of World youth skill day district level skill competition on various skill domains will be conducted to popularise the world youth skill day and to make the public aware about the importance of skilling, skill canvas will be erected at various towns in the district. The public can use the skill canvas to exhibit their talent and skills.

  Walkathon: To popularise the concept of skilling, a walkathon will be conducted as partof World youth skill day 2017. More than 500 people are expected to participate in the event, Pluck cards, banners,baloons and Sinkari melam will be used to catch the attention of general public to skilling.


“Model OOru Development Programme”

District Mission Palakkad envisaged sustainable development for tribal sector through “Model OOru Development Programme”

  • Aims at Total inclusion of  tibal families
  • Provide shelter and drinking water facilities to all
  • Provide basic and continues education to children
  • Ensure stable income through ME , DDUGKY  or other means
  • Total health coverage to all families

Implementation Process

  1. Conduct detailed survey through ST animators in Tribal colonies
  2. Tabulating and generating primary report
  3. Discussion with LSGIs and field departments
  4. Preparation of Comprehensive final report
  5. Monitoring and project stage evaluation

Reference : http://www.ecostat.kerala.gov.in/docs/pdf/reports/ps/pspkd2011.pdf