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23February 2018
Snehitha Convergence meeting
  • District Panchayat mini hall, Palakkad

Conducted Snehitha  convergence meeting. Presided by District welfare standing committee chairpeson Bindu Suresh. Heads of several departments are participated in the meeting. It was a review  as well as planning meeting for enhance the performance of Snehitha service centre . Kudumbashree District Mission Coordinator P.Saithalavi  presented the report and introduced the services which are given though Snehitha service  centre  to the HODs presented in meeting. Vandazhi Panchayat president Sumavali Mohandas, Kuriakose-CWCPalakkad, R.Jayaraj-Circle Inspector, K.L Radhakrishnan-DYSP , S.Prameela kumari- District Women Welfare Officer, KasimAlain- President HRDCS, K. Anandan- Distict Child Protection Officer, Anoop.T.K- Deputy DMO, Rajitha.P.R- Child line, M.C.Vasudevan- Secretary, Child Welfare Committee,K.Anitha- Nirbhaya,Palakkad and Officers representing ICDS,PSSP, Mercy family counseling centre, and Kudumbashree Block coordinators are actively participated in this Snehitha Convergence meeting. DPM(Incharge) Asmiya .M delivered welcome Speech. Snehitha Office Assistant Shida gave the vote of thanks

24February 2018
Implementation of P.K. Kalan scheme for scattered ST Communities in Palakkad district
  • Collector's Chamber

Conducted a project planning meeting for implementing the P.K. Kalan scheme for the empowerment of scattered ST Communities. Palakkad is the second district where the Scheme will be implementing .  Scheme is being implemented jointly with the co-operation of the Kudumbashree and Tribal department. 

24February 2018
Yuva weave Orientation
  • Shikshak Sadhan, Palakkad

Conducted Yuva weave Orientation class by DIC deputy registrar. ADMC Dinesh participated in this programme.

36 members attended from Peruvumbu and Vadakkanchery grama Panchayats.

22February 2018
Kerala Chicken beneficiary meet
  • District Panchayat hall, Palakkad

Conducted Kerala chicken beneficiary meet at Palakkad District Panchayat hall. District Mission Coordinator P.Saithalavi, ADMC Arifa Beegum are addressed the meeting. 58 beneficiaries are participated. 

22February 2018
Two days residential Camp for CDS Chairperson
  • START training centre, Dhoni

Conducted two days residential training camp for new faces in CDS Chairperson's team of Palakakkad. District Mission Co-ordinator P.Saithalavi addressed the CDS Chairpersons. Programme included training classes about several areas. 50 CDS chairpersons participated in the training. Camp is conducted at START training centre,Dhoni

20February 2018
Weekly vegetable fair in Melarkkod panchayat
  • Chittilanchery Vanitha vipanana kendram

Started a weekly local vegetable fair as a part of Chittilanchery Vanitha vipanana kendram. Inuagurated by Melarkkod panchayat president M.Mayan. Presided by ward member Santhakumari. First sale is Inuagurated by Panchayat vice president Premalatha. CDS chairperson Geetha, Standing committee chairpersons, and members are participated in Inugural function.

19February 2018
Two days Residential Training for Block Co-ordinators
  • START Training centre, Dhoni

Conducted two days residential training programme for newly joined Block Co-ordinators. Started with familiarisation and Ice-breaking session. 15 BCs are participated in this training. Training programme includes the classes about several areas like Organization, Micro finance & MIS, Micro enterprises & marketing, Social development, Balasabha, Gender, Ashraya & Buds, ST development, MKSP, Animal husbandry Schemes and Skilling & DDUGKY, etc...

17February 2018
Sahayathra Sangamam- Neetham 2018 & Street Play 'Mayakkannadi'
  • Palakkad District

Conducted ' Sahayathra Sangamam ' , CDS level Gender Campaign Neetham 2018  in all panchayats.  Street Play 'Mayakkannadi' was performed in streets of  Koottanad, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad Town etc.

Seminar, Discussion and Cultural  Programs, etc  were conducted in Sahayathra Sangamam in all Panchayats

14February 2018
Training for Haritha Karma Sena
  • IRTC Mundur

Conducted two days intensive training programme for Resource Persons for Haritha Karma Sena

13February 2018
Convergence livelihood development Programme in association with sc/st corporation
  • Nadupathy colony @ Puthussery.

Conducted Convergence livelihood development Programme in association with sc/st corporation-- 

Model Ooru--Nadupathy colony @ Puthussery.   Dr. M.A.Nazar MD attended.

11February 2018
Kudumbashree Chicken Scheme Inuaguration
  • District Panchayat hall, Palakkad

Kudumbashree Chicken Scheme has been started in Palakkad District. Palakkad MP M.B.Rajesh Inuagurated the Scheme in District level by giving the fund of one Lakh to Mathoor Panchayt CDS Chairperson.  Community Investment Fund (CIF)  for Kudumbashree and Cow rearing , Community Enterprises Fund (CEF)   are distributed to different groups. Inuagral programme is conducted at palakkad district panchayat hall on 11th February 2018. Palakkad municipality chairperson Prameela Sashidharan presided the programme. Kerala state Vanitha Vikasana Corporation chairperson K.S.Saleekha was the Chief Goust in the Inuagral programme. Kudumbashree Governing Body member Risha Premkumar participated in programme. Conducted Convocation for the students who are completed the training under DDYGKY scheme.  Street play for Gender Campaign Neetham 2018 titled 'Mayakkannadi' has been performed . District Mission Coordinator P.Saithalavi delivered welcome speech and ADMC S.P.Arifa Beegum gave the vote of thanks. 

10February 2018
Seminar session on value addition products
  • Gazzala Inn

Seminar session on value addition products from tuber crops  by CTCRI sreekaryam. Conducted for Nutrimix units

9February 2018
Exposure Visit for Haritha Karma Sena
  • Plastic Shredding unit, Akathethara

Akathethara plastic shredding unit visited by Koduvayur, Pudhunagaram, Thenkurussi Karitha Karma Sena batch. Conducted a closing ceremony as a part of training programme  after the exposure visit

9February 2018
Constituency level CDS meeting.
  • Mini Civilstation hall, Chittur

Chittur constituency level CDS meeting.Inuagurated  by  K.Krishnankutti, MLA

Distict  Mission Coordinator  P.Saithalavi , ADMCs  Premjith, Dinesh and Harifa Beegum.S.P  are participated in this meeting.

CDS meeting reviewed the progress of Kudumbashree  Mission in all  Panchayts in Chittur constituency and discussed about futher forwad steps to achieve the best result

9February 2018
Santhwanam volunteer and Product display stalls
  • CNS Auditorium,Ottapalam

Organized Santhwanam Volunteer and Product display  Stall in Samskarikolsavam at CNS  Auditorium at Ottappalam.

Samskarikolsavam is conducted by State Library Council and Inuagurated by Hon.Speaker P.Sreeramakrishnan.