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A newsletter ,'Harithavani' , is going to be inaugurated today (17/1/2018) at 10:00 am (in the presence of various dignitaries) at Kudumbasree state mission officeTrivandum .The revolutionary changes in the field of agriculture, innovative schemes,prosperous experience of outstanding farmers constitute the content of Harithavani ,helping the upliftment and empowerment of women farmers by converting barren land to lush farms.

GSLP -"SAKHI" Cancer Awareness program

Gender Self learning program - District initiative

With the help of  Kottayam Medical College MBBS students , kudumbasree district mission Kottayam started cancer awareness campaign in all CDS named as SAKHI.


The news letter was released on 23rd August in SPRM, There will be monthly release

Click here for Newsletter PRAYAN

E Magazine Kurumbezhuthu

E Magazine Kurumbezhuthu will be released monthly by the Balasabha team, first edition Release was done on SPRM on 23rd August

Click here for E Magazine

Onathinoru Pookkalam

https://scontent-sin6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/19657476_671171789748075_4098251042940361208_n.jpg?oh=70be2b47bfe1a0f05daa48f386aab46e&oe=59CAA8C2A Marigold garden will be raised by the JLG Group led by Smt Ammini of CDS Puthupally. The area comes to nearly 25 cents. Hybrid variety is planted. Harvesting by Onam ( September first week).https://scontent-sin6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/19702553_671171546414766_7419609099649200317_n.jpg?oh=060a1bfdb4433923a79f55f96bcc92b8&oe=59CF8D49

Cut Vegetable unit


Easy cooky cut vegetable unit is doing online supply of cut vegetables, They manages supply at Kottayam town, This unit comes under Puthuppally CDS

Driving course for Railway parking unit of Kottayam Railway station

http://www.kudumbashree.org/storage/photos/large/mvxen-z2rmq.jpg* out of 15 members of the unit started driving course ( 2 wheeler & 4 wheeler ) . Premium parking will be implemented .After getting lecense these members can do Wallet parking.

Railway Parking unit at Ettumanoor Railway station

This unit started functioning from 6/6/2017

Railway parking unit at Piravom Road Railway station

This unit started functioning from 29/5/2017. The staff strength is 5.


The Implementation of ABC Program commenced at Vaikom Municipality on 11th May. NANMA Me unit is doing the activity. The team includes two males & 3 females.

Sterilization and aftercare supervised by Veterinery Surgeon Sri Santhosh. The facilities are provided by Vaikom Municipality. 




Kudumbashree Parking Management Unit at Medical College Kottayam

Kudumbashree has been on a successful path in the state by venturing into various businesses and scripting unique success. Now, this collective of women have entered into the business of keeping the parking lots of Medical Colleges in the state. The 24 Kudumbashree women from Arpookkara Grama Panchayath CDS in Kottayam District formed a parking management unit and handling parking management of Kottayam Medical College from 7th March 2017 onwards.


"Manaswini" - Transgender NHG formation

http://www.kudumbashree.org/storage/photos/large/e4s1e-mul2p.jpgFor the first time the transgender community in the district, has come out into the mainstream by forming a Kudumbashree neighbourhood group (NHG) of their own. Manaswini, a Special NHG formed by 12 members of the transgender community, in Kottayam North CDS under the aegis of the Kudumbasree District Mission Kottayam on 16th February 2017. The meeting elected Vaiga as president and Laya as general secretary. Monikutty, Joemol and Prasanth have been elected volunteers. Manaswini is the third NHG formed exclusively by the transgender community in the State, the first two being at Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram.