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Wellness centre

Loan amount - 900000

 No of persons - 5


Mission Nervazhi is an initiative by Kasargod Kudumbashree District Mission which aims the welfare of jail inmates. As part of the mission, Snehitha outreach center started at District Jail, Hosdurg. Through the center, Snehitha provides services twice in a month. The program was officially inaugurated by DMC on 28th June 2019. Through Nervazhi Snehitha aims to provide counseling, vocational training, awareness classes, livelihood support for the inmates, etc. District mission plans to extend the support to other jails in the district.





          As part of Snehitha anniversary, a promotional video is released for the IEC of Snehitha.




          Snehitha Gender Help Desk celebrated Women's day by honouring 15 eminent women in the district and also conducted a seminar on the topic "Women and Renaissance".  There is also an interaction with transgenders about their perspective of Women's day.



Five kudumbashree members started  a new IT unit at Nileshwaram town ward, with a capital of rupees four lakh.  Chairman Prof. K P Jayarajan inagurated the function. Vice chairperson  V Gouri ,ADMC P Joseph , CDS chaiperson Renuka T V, CDS members,  other kudumbashree members,Councilors are participated.



          Balasabha school of dance and music is a new venture of kudumbashree Kasaragod district mission which was in augurated on 30th october atChervathur grama panchayath CDS. The aim of project is to promote artistic talent of rural children in the district. There were 200 students took admission for classic music dance. The programme is a joint initiative Kudumbashree district mission, Chervathur grama panchayath and Chervathur CDS. The class scheduled on Every sunday.

For more details contact Mr Saiju E (Programme manager - MKSP)- 8921 36 16 70

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         A new initiative of kudumbashree members at Nileshwar Muncipal area  inagurated by MLA M Rajagopalan on 31/08/2018. Chairman Prof. K P Jayarajan,District mission cordinator T  Surendran, CDS chaiperson Renuka T V,CDS vice chairperson, CDS members, Councilors, other kudumbashree members participated this inauguration.




          Kudumbashree mission Kasaragod started She English (Spoken English Class)  at Nileswar Rajas higher secondary school on 19th May 2018 for Kudumbashree members. The main objectives of the course are:

1. Improve the communication skill

2. Increase  the confidence

3. Improve statndard of living 

          50 NHG members joined in first batch. Retired professor Bhaskaran Nair is handling the classes.

          Duration of the course: 3 months

          Free Classes on every saturday



Contact No: 8547888431

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          Ayurveda stresses the importance of 'Ritu Charya' or the diet and life styles to be followed in particular seasons to be free from the harmful effects of climatic changes. Karkidaka is the ideal month for rejuvination treatments and therapies to purify the whole body and mind.

          Kudumbashree district mission Kasaragod organizing Jeevanam Karkidaka Kanji fest from 17th July to 17th August in 42 CDSs . A district Karkidaka kanji fair Amritam 2018 conducted from 23rd to 30th of July 2018 at civil station compound vidyanagar Kasaragod.  Total sale in district Amritam Karkidaka kanji fair: Rs 79020..Along with karkidaka kanji fair arranged  a Payasamela and exhibition cum sale of Kudumbashree products 'Safalam Cashew, Nutrimix value added products and Madhusree honey .




          Kasragod Kudumbashree District Mission has launched a unique initiative called "Snehitha Calling Bell'. The project aims to ensecure security to the elderly people, with the support of the neighbourhood groups of Kudumbashree. As part of the mission, the volunteers will visit the elderly people, and those who lived alone irrespective of their social or financial status and take care of their needs in regular intervals. If they frequently interact with them, and make efforts to bring them to the mainstream of the society, it will help them overcome their loneliness. As per the survey conducted there are 3769 such persons in Kasaragod. Presently we extend our support to these persons through NHG health volunteer, Snehitha, Community Counselors etc.



       Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission conducts 'Koottukari', the special programme organised for the girls from Scheduled Tribe Community in the district. The girls are given training for self defense, health, hygiene etc. Motivational training, capacity building classes are also provided to them to protect themselves from abuses and illness. The programme also extend legal awareness classes as it is envisioned to make the tribal girls, aware about the legal norms and the legal steps to be taken to fight back as more number of unwed mothers are identified in the tribal areas. Kudumbashree District of Kasaragod came up with such an initiative as the increasing cases of atrocities against women and children, especially in tribal areas needs to be identified, addressed and rectified.





           EZHUTHIDAM CAMP is a district initiative program through which the women literature talents got an opportunity to expose their talent. We organise a district level camp including women talents from all districts of Kerala. After that we organise CDS level camp at all CDS and block level camps. From every camp we select  women talents and form a women group of literature talents containing 60 members in the district.




           Mazha polima is a fallow less village campign conducted as a part of Mksp agri fest . Kasargod District mission Mksp team propogate the  innovative idea of this campign . The fest is conducting in 41 CDS of the district  from 1st July to 30th July .The main objectivs of the Programme is given below 

1 To convert fallow land in to cultivble land .

2 Conservation of paddy land and traditional culture of farming .

3 Promotion of water literacy and food security 

4. Popularise farming to new genarration .

5 Promotion of organic farming practice

6. To ensure convergence with various line department for to ensure fallow less village

7. Promotion of traditional farm related folk songs , games .art forms etc .

       As part of mazhapolima fest CDS organising various innovative programmes such as 

District level photo graphy competion , felicitation for Farmers and Ethnic food fest etc .

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