Sl. No Goals/ Activity (June to December 2017) Brief Description of activity (physical goal) Achievement as on July 5 Budget/ Allocation (In Rs. Crores) Financial Achievement as on July 5 (in Rs. Crores) Financial Achievement as on Aug 5 (in Rs. Crores) Final Outcome
1 Promotion of SHGs, VOs and CLFs : Kudumbashree School - A training programme for NHG members A training programme to create awareness among the Kudumbashree NHG members about their social responsibilities and improve their standard of living through knowledge. Under the programme
over 43 lakh Kudumbashree NHG members would be given training on various subjects. The classes will be conducted for a period of 6 weeks where each NHG member should spend 2 hours weekly. There will be a master trainer at the CDS level and 6 trainers at ADS level who will facilitate
classes at ward level. The following are the plan of action for implementation of Kudumbashree
School project; a) Identification of (1.2 Lakh) CDS & ADS level Trainers
b) Training for CDS level Master Trainers (1073 x 03 days x`700) -`22.68 Lakh
c) Training for ADS level Trainers (1.19 Lakh x 02 days x`200) -`238 Lakh
d) Honararium for CDS level master Trainers (1073 x `3,000) -`32 Lakh
e) Handbook Development & Printing (3.9 lakh x`50) -`195 Lakh
f) Training group Monitoring (1073 CDS*1500 =16.09
  5   0  
2 Saturation of Coastal Panchayats : Strengthening of Coastal NHGs - Revolving Fund to Coastal NHGs As part of capacitation of Coastal NHGs, Kudumbashree will provide Revolving Fund (RF) to Coastal NHGs, Kudumbashree will provide Revolving Fund (RF) to Coastal
NHGs at the rate of `15,000 as corpus to meet the members’ credit needs directly and as catalystic capital for
leveraging repeat bank finance.
  3.5   0  
3 Capacity building of Mission staff Major training programmes planned for the financial year 2017-2018 are Training for elected members of LSGs, Kudumbashree Staff (DMC/ADMC/Programme Managers/Asst. Programme Mangers),
Community Training Groups, New CDS Chairpersons and New consultants
  1   0.14  
4 Elderly Inclusion Project under NRLP (100% GoI support)     2   0.0497  
  sub total     11.5   0.1897  
1 Tribal special interventions in four districts : Revival and reorganisation of existing NHGs & formation of new NHGs/Federations, Community Funds, Capacity Building     6.5   0  
2 Handholding support/CRP for tribal areas : Community RP Support ( Animators and co ordinators Support)   1.5   0.2665  
3 Comprehensive tribal and particularly vulnerable tribal group development project (Attapady) under NRLP (100% GoI support)     6   0.94  


Gender Sensitization and Capacity Building : Gender Sensitisation Training, Community Counselling, Vigilant Group formation& Activity

Gender Sensitisation training for Officials CDS Chairpersons. Aiming the transformation of participants for the gender just society through the different typeof community interventions Two days training for the first level and continous training if needed. State level officials training will be done in thiruvananthapuram and district level officials training will be conducted in regional level. CDS chairpersons training will be at district level.  


Community Counselors are supposed to be give psycho social support to the communities in differnt ares/Issues Placed one counselor for 3 CDS Training for the newly identified Capacitation of existing community counselling educators Case study analysis and book preparation Counselling support to the Elderly people Counselling support to the survivors through gender Corner and Migration centre        
Ward level Activity Group Formation- For assuring the safety and security to Women and Children in the locality and make it a women and child friendly area        
4 Vulnerability Mapping Vulnerability Mapping – Map the locality to identify the prevailing vulnerabilities which are leading the community in to vulnerable situations. select selecting 140 LSGIs for this process. Total 308 Master trainers will lead the process (A). Introductory Campaign for Vulnerability Mapping (B). Trainings will complete by August 15.2017 (C). Data Collection (Secondary, Primary, FGd and Institutional Analysis) will be completed on October 30.2017 (D). Special software development. (E). Data Consolidation and Report formation will be completed on November 30.2017 (F).Convergence meeting, Report Presentation and Project formulation   1.36 (Carry forward funds from 2016-17)   0.0523  
5 State Level Campaign Campaign for Community system strengthening to prevent violence against women and the formation of safe locality. Community level sensitisation programme about the services avail in the state to address the social issues. All NHGs will be the part of Campign through different activities.   2.25 (Carry forward funds from 2016-17)   0  
6 District Specific programmes and Innovatives Strengthening of community system - Theme based discussions, Skits and NHG area specific activities. According to the creativity and innovations of the Districts   1.4 (Carry forward funds from 2016-17)   0.0206  
  sub total     15.5   0.0846  
  sub total     5 (Carry forward funds from 2016-17)   1.2911  
1 Adoption, piloting and scaling-up of transaction-based MIS and use of MIS data & Training of staff and community resource persons in MIS reporting Considering the field level constraints in implementing manual bookkeeping and given the advantages of using digital technology, DAY-NRLM has introduced Transaction-Based SHG Digital Accounting System (TBSDAS). This online system envisages to enhance quality of bookkeeping as well as performance of NHGs through Digitizing financial transaction of all 2.37 lakhs Rural NHGs .It will be rolled out in 3 phases. First phase from June – August 2017 covering 168 CDS and 37000 NHGs. 2nd & 3rd Phase from Aug –Oct 2017 & Oct –Dec 2017 covering 388 CDS and one lakh NHGs in each phase .Major components includes training, Procurement of Laptops, and collection and digitization of Data.   8.65   0.0294  
2 Provision of interest subvention Under NRLM( Central Scheme) for category II districts,( districts except Malappuram, Wayanad,Palakkad & Idukki which are considered as category 1 districts & these districts are eligible to get bank linkage at an interest rate of 4% ) all Kudumbashree NHGs in rural area are eligible for interest subvention to avail the loan facility at an interest rate of 7%. Here Banks will charge the SHGs as per their respective lending norms and the difference between the lending rates and 7% subjected to a maximum limit of 5.5% will be subvented in the loan accounts of the NHGs by Kudumbashree State Mission. This will be paid periodiaclly as per the reports shared by NRLM through its Bank Linkage Portal   7   0  
3 Revolving Fund (RF) Revolving Fund is given to NHGs as corpus to meet the members’ credit needs directly and as catalytic capital for leveraging repeat bank finance. RF is given to SHGs that have been practicing ‘Panchasutra’ (Regular meetings; Regular savings; regular inter-loaning; Timely repayment; and Up-to-date books of accounts).From 2014 - 15 to 2016 -17, 3914 NHGs received Revolving Fund. This year’s target is to give RF to 10,000 NHGs.   15   0.0015  
4 Vulnerability Reduction Fund (VRF) Provides funds through ADS to NHGs to address vulnerabilities like food security, health security etc., and to meet the needs of the vulnerable persons in the NHGs. Maximum amount paid to a NHG is Rs.15,000.This years target is to give VRF to 2,500 NHGs   3.75   0  
5 Financial literacy and opening of individual bank accounts, Sensitization and training of bankers In order to provide a platform for NHGs to be aware of and benefit from formal banking services Financial Literacy campaigns(FLCs) are conducted every year. This year it is intended to bring a comprehesive module for FLCs that will help the NHG members to understand the significance of Financial Management and importance to engage in livelihood activities . FLC for Balsabha children in Malappuram district also will be conducted. State level and district level bankers meet to build good rapport with bankers in order to make NHGs, avail hassle free bank loans   0.48   0.0251  
  sub total     34.88   0.056  
1 Capacity building of NHG members/entrepreneurs towards sustainable livelihoods : Conduct Skill Training for new entrepreneurs who completed GOT and EDP trainings   2.6   0.00068  
2 Capacitation of MECs     0.25   0  
  sub total     2.85   0.00068  
1 Community Enterprise Fund Community Enterprises Fund (CEF) will be given to 400 selected CDSs as CIF/RF in order to provide low interest loans (4%) to Micro Enterprises/entrepreneurs for business enhancement. Micro Enterprises will submit applications to CDSs through NHG/ADS. At CDS level, there will be a Project Sanctioning Committee to approve the projects. On approval, loan will be credited to Enterprises’ account. PSC will decide the tenure of repayment and enterprise will repay to CDS on a monthly basis. The interest income will be divided between NHG, ADS and CDS @ 10%, 15% and 75%. 50% of the interest income of CDS will be pooled to CEF and 50% will be CDS’ own funds.   20.5   0  
2 Product Line Development / Design Clinics / Online Marketing Up-scaling of selected Kudumbashree products through a series of intensive design clinics with the view of up-scaling in value (quality, design & packing) and linking them to bigger markets/online markets. An Online Marketing Platform will also be developed.   1.4   0  
3 SARAS Fair / Other Fairs Conduct of SARAS Fair in Malappuram in September, 2017.   0.25   0.19  
  sub total     22.15   0.19  
Block Mission Management Cost
1 Block Mission Management Cost Salary/TA of 152 Block Coordinators, 14 District Accountants and 98 District Programme Managers   9.23   0.97  
State Mission Management Cost
1 State Mission Management Cost     2.15   0.32  
GRAND TOTAL 98.26   3.01748