Kudumbashree intends to provide the selected Community Development Societies (CLFs) with resources, capacity building and facilitation to operate public transport services (4 wheeler Jeeps / 3 wheeler passenger vehicles only) in backward rural areas where transport services of the State Government are not being operated and where community is largely depending on parallel services of private players. This will provide safe, affordable and community monitored rural transport services to connect the remote villages with key services and amenities including access to markets, education and health for the overall economic development of the area. Since only the non-serviced areas of State Transport Department are selected, a detailed traffic and feasibility survey is not required. In the selected Panchayaths, the transport facilities will be provided from and to the centres of the Panchayaths where services and amenities like Panchayath Office, Market, Schools etc are accumulated. In order to select the routes, a participatory survey will be conducted by the ADSs (V.Os) and the most preferred routes will be finalized by the CDSs. It is felt that 4 wheeler Jeeps or 3 wheeler passenger vehicles with steering will be feasible as most of the routes that will be selected will be narrow roads and especially mud roads or steep roads. Further, it is felt that Bus service involves a lot of legal and other formalities including license from Transport Department and operational and maintenance issues, and hence, it is not found to be a feasible and viable alternative neither as a feasible transport system nor as a viable livelihood option.