• NRLM Started in 2012–13 with an objective to build strong grassroots institutions of poor resulting in appreciable improvement in livelihoods.
  • Under NRLM, Kudumbashree received Rs. 122.22 crore for Institutional Building & Capacity Building, Financial Inclusion, Livelihood Promotion, Social Inclusion & Development and innovative pilots.
  • Kudumbashree facilitated social mobilisation under NRLM and enhanced no. of NHGs from 27,57,917 in 2011-12 to 2,35,037 (35,60,659 members) in 2016-17.
  • Kudumbashree could gear up Bank Linkages from 61,241 NHGs in 2011-12 to 1,87,924 NHGs in 2016-17 under financial inclusion campaign of NRLM.
  • Financial Inclusion/access to credit made affordable and cost effective to CBO and released Rs. 12.52 crore as Interest Subvention and Rs. 11.53 as funds to communities (RF, CIF & VRF) under NRLM.
  • Kudumbashree could strengthen the Mission with Professional Support (mission staff at state & district level) under NRLM. Community Cadres (MECs, RPs, ST Animators, Gender Counsellors etc) have also been deployed under NRLM.
  • Kudumbashree could promote livelihoods collectives under NRLM for deriving economies of scale, backward & forward linkages, and access to information, credit, technology, markets etc for micro enterprises. 5 Producer Companies, 3 Producer Societies, 2 Consortiums are being supported under NRLM.
  • A Attappady Special Project Covering 7254 families (556 NHGs/118 Oorusamiti/4 GP level federations/1 block level samiti formed) is being implemented under NRLM. Rs.1.69 crore released to ST Community in Attapady so far.
  • A Community Theatre formed under NRLM. A Project on Anti-Human Trafficking being implemented. A Project for Inclusion of Elderly is also being implemented. A Project for Endosulphan affected families also initiated under NRLM.
  • A study on Micro Enterprises conducted by GIFT under NRLM. Two Studies being conducted by a) Dr. K.P Kannan (Kudumbashree Decadal Assessment) and b) Dr. Beena Aggarwal (Impact of Agriculture interventions) under NRLM.
  • Mahila Kisan Sashakthikaran Pariyojana (MKSP), a sub component of the NRLM also being implemented by Kudumbashree that aims at increasing the visibility of women in agriculture, reducing drudgery and providing a livelihood opportunity by adopting sustainable and eco friendly agriculture. There are 49,853 JLGs and 1,99,412 farmers under MKSP. Farming is undertaken in 40,197 ha.
  • Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kausha Yojana (DDU GKY), a sub component of NRLM is also implemented in the State that aims at skilling 30,000 youths in trade related skills and placing in formal sector.
Fund Received & Expenditure
(Rs. In lakh)
Year Budget Allocation/Sanction Fund Released   Expenditure % of Expenditure Remarks
  Central State Total Central State Total      
2012-13 3938 1312 5250 1969 0 1969 1869 92 No state share received during the year
2013-14 2007 669 2676 2620.9 656 3276.9 3043.17 86 Central share of 2012-13 Rs.1617.40 and State share Rs.656 also received during the year
2014-15 819 273 1092 1413 471 1884 2257.7 95 Central share of 2013-14 Rs.1003.5 and State share Rs.471also received during the year
2015-16              849.05 566.03 1415.08 621.44 545.65 1167.09 1337.02 96.7 Central share of 2014-15 Rs.267.67 and State share Rs.207.14 also received during the year
2016-17 (up to January 2017) 688 460 1148 996.26 664.17 1660.43 1345.9 61% Central share of 2015-16 Rs.651.87 and State share Rs.434.58 also received during the year
Total 8301.05 3280.03 11581.08 7620.6 2336.82 9957.42 9957.42    


Kudumbashree NRLM Achievement 2015-16
Kudumbashree NRLM Achievement 2014-15
Kudumbashree NRLM Achievement 2013-14