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Sl. No Topic Author Received Date
1 DISHA - Organising a self evaluation campaign for Neighbourhood Groups Bijesh 12-10-2017
2 Special NHGs for the needy - Action plan and way forward Anish 12-10-2017
3 Snehayveedu - The real examples of compassion and care Bijesh  
4 Kudumbashree School - One of the largest massive learning programs Bijesh  
5 Samanwayam - Pathway to achieve convergence of local governments Anish  
6 Orientating the right way - Special training program for officers in Attappadi Devi 20-12-2017
7 Display of colours and skills - Organising anniversary of kudumbashree Devi  
8 An in house training wing - Progress of Kudumbashree CTC Devi  
  Micro Finance    
9 A bank with Rs. 3000 crore deposit - Success of Bank linkage and interest subsidy schemes of Kudumbashree Jiji 12-10-2017
10 Addressing financial literacy of children - Learnings from the special campaign Vidya 12-10-2017
11 Fishing their way - Success stories from the pilot project for coastal NHGs Vidya  
12 Campaign for health insurance - Achieving highest percentage of enrolment in the country in RSBY campaign Jiji 12-10-2017
13 Maturing as the safe arm of government - Kudumbashree s success in government surveys Jiji 12-10-2017
14 E Shakthi - A revamp of accounting system of NHGs Jiji  
15 Providing assistance during difficult times - Saga of Kudumbashree insurance scheme Jiji  
16 20 years of financial literacy - Achievement and Learnings Nithya  
17 A support for livelihoods - Impact study of Community Investment Funds Nithya 12-10-2017
18 Transaction Based Management Information System - Challenges of implementation and way forward Anjana 12-10-2017
19 KAAS - Emerging as a the perfect auditors at grass root level Nithya 12-10-2017
20 Selling 4000 tonnes of farm fresh vegetables - Success story of Kudumbashree Onam Market Dr Rahul 19-12-2017
21 Ethnic Food Festival - Providing livelihood and Preserving heritage Dr Rahul  
22 Growing Kummatti Pullu - Special grass cultivation in Thrissur Dr Rahul 13-10-2017
23 Reaping Success - Story of rain shelter project in Ernakulam Dr Rahul  
24 Partnerships for Progress - Convergence project with Brahmagiri society of Wayanad Dr Rahul  
25 Green Bytes - Value chain with an eye on the market Dr Rahul  
26 Gods own way - Success of Kadali collectives Dr Rahul 19-12-2017
27 JEEVA - The farmers army for evaluation of Joint Liability Groups Dr Rahul 19-12-2017
28 Nattuchantha - Revival of traditional weekly markets Dr Rahul 13-10-2017
29 A company for the farmer, and by the farmer - Success story of Thennala and Alamcode Producer Companies Dr Rahul  
  Animal Husbandry    
30 Starting with ABC - Case study of Animal Birth Control Project in Trivandrum Dr Rahul 11-12-2017
31 Goat Village - A unique enterprise model in Kannur Dr Rahul 14-12-2017
32 Ksheerasagaram - Towards self sufficiency in milk production Dr Rahul 13-12-2017
33 Case study of Male buffalo fattening project in Ernakulam Dr Rahul  
34 Kerala chicken - Initiative towards production of broiler chicken through Kudumbashree units Dr Rahul 11-12-2017
35 Common Interest Groups - An novel approach for collectives in Animal Husbandry Dr Rahul 11-12-2017
  Micro Enterprises and Collectives    
36 Rain Army and Sujalam - Initiatives to achieve water security Rajeev 06-12-2017
37 Strong partnership with Indian Railways - Progress story of projects in seven districts Akhila 11-12-2017
38 A labour bank for tapping rubber - Success story of novel enterprise Akhila 14-12-2017
39 Tailoring to perfection - Enterprise model in apparel sector Shameena 11-10-2017
40 Nutrimix - A success saga Renu 11-10-2017
41 Building a brand - Story of Cafe Kudumbashree Akhila 11-12-2017
42 Taste of success - Success of ‘Famous Bakery’, Idukki Rajeev 04-12-2017
43 Print of perseverance - Story of ‘Swathi’ offset press, Kasargod Renu 26-10-2017
44 Jeevanam - An inclusive livelihood campaign for a wider reach Rajeev 04-12-2017
45 Gearing up to build heights - Story of kudumbashree construction groups Nishanth 12-10-2017
46 Saphalam - A cooperative approach of collectives of enterprises Shameena 11-10-2017
47 Direct delivery - Success story of home shops of kudumbashree Riyas 04-11-2017
48 Challenges in branding and marketing of products of Micro enterprises Riyas 27-10-2017
49 A Rs. 31 crore market share during Onam - Success of Kudumbashree Onam markets Riyas 06-10-2017
50 Learning by doing - Success of participation by cafe units with special reference to fairs by media houses Riyas 01-11-2017
51 Management Information System of Kudumbashree - Learnings from Collection and Analysis of data Jayaram 21-10-2017
52 Essay on the contribution of Kudumbashree CDS accountants in data entry and presentation Jayaram 21-10-2017
  Social Development    
53 Livelihood activity in BUDS Rehabilitation Centre - A case study of Mararikkulam Jomon 30-11-2017
54 A successful model of skill development - Case study of Venganoor BUDS school Jomon 29-11-2017
55 Insights from Asraya project for the Scheduled Tribes Jomon 01-12-2017
56 Planning for a Destitute Free Kerala - An article on development of policy and guidelines Nisha 29-11-2017
  Tribal Development    
57 A day in a tribal colony - Experience of conducting mass conduct programs in districts Prabhakaran 20-10-2017
58 Success of Special Auditing and Grading Assessment (SAGA) in tribal areas Prabhakaran  
59 Coaching to conquer heights - ‘Gurukulam’ and other PSC coaching programs organised by kudumbashree Prabhakaran 20-10-2017
60 Strategy for mobilising, skill development and follow up of ST students in DDUGKY project Prabhakaran  
61 Special Agriculture Practices in Tribal areas - A case study of Tribal Joint Liability Groups Prabhakaran 20-10-2017
62 Community Counselling - Field Level Activity and Case study analysis Soya 11-10-2017
63 Vulnerability mapping - Processes and Way forward Soya 11-10-2017
64 Building centres of excellence - Concept of Gender Resource Centers Soya 12-10-2017
65 A journey of self exploration - Success story of ‘Namukku Keralam Kaanam’ travel by CDS chairpersons Soya  
66 Art of women empowerment - Analysis of Kudumbashree s Art camp in association with Kochi Muziris Biennale Soya 12-10-2017
67 Towards courage and freedom: Realising the 3 day camp ‘Avishkara’    
68 Drama in real life - Emergence of Rangashree as a bold and creative group Soya 11-10-2017
69 Children’s own Kudumbashree - A summary of varieties of activity done by Balasabhas Soya  
70 Mapping history and culture - A case study of ‘Nadariyan’ campaign of Kudumbashree Soya 12-10-2017
71 Balasabhas - Data analysis and present status Soya  
72 Impact study of CDS as a Resource Organisation Sudheer 11-12-2017
73 Finding shelterless individuals in urban areas - Survey findings and way forward Jaison 29-11-2017
74 Skilled to conquer heights - Case studies of successful EST&P candidates Rajesh  
75 Best of the best - Case studies of successful Micro Enterprise Units in urban areas Priya Paul 11-12-2017
76 Service Providers in hospitals - Story of successful supervisory unit in RCC Rajesh  
77 Data analysis of street vendors - Inferences and way forward Jaison  
78 Innovations leads to success - Success story of santhwanam in urban areas Priya paul 07-12-2017
79 Analysis of thrift and credit of urban CDSs and the way forward Priya Paul 13-12-2017
80 Challenges of urban poverty alleviation - Insights and inferences from activity of Kudumbashree Sudheer  
81 Karimadom colony - A case study of urban shelter Jaison 27-11-2017
82 Kudumbashree in Urban Housing - History of achievements Roshni 30-11-2017
83 Impact assessment of housing projects implemented through Kudumabshee Roshni 30-11-2017
84 Business model for Beneficiary Led House Construction in PMAY Hareesh 12-10-2017
85 Housing protocol for Affordable housing - Good construction practices in PMAY Kiran  
86 Innovative practices in Housing sector - Convergence projects of Kudumbashree Pradeep  
87 Three Success stories of Pradhan Mantri Was Yojana (Urban) Bhavana 13-10-2017
  Metro Facility Management Center    
88 Dilraj will give title of two documents — Its under preparation Dilraj  
89 Dilraj will give title of two documents — Its under preparation Dilraj  
90 Developing of a strong Community Volunteer system for mobilisation - A case study from Kerala Bipin 13-10-2017
91 Mobilisation on the basis of Socio Economic Cast Census - Insights from Kerala’s experience Praveen 30-11-2017
92 Setting up of a training centre - Miles stones and bottlenecks Bipin 13-10-2017
93 Job Mela’s - From Micro to Mini to Mega - Achievements and Learnings Bipin 13-10-2017
94 Challenges in inclusion - A case study of DDUGKY mobilisation Bipin 13-10-2017
95 From unskilled to a professional - Life cycle of a students in the DDUGKY way - A case study Directed to take from success story book 13-10-2017
96 The journey so far - Data analysis of placement and training through DDUGKY Leo  
97 Experience of PRI - CBO convergence in rural india - A case study Vinitha 27-10-2017
98 Developing new enterprises - The NRO way Vinitha 13-12-2017
99 Selection of mentors - A Process documentation Vinitha 01-12-2017
100 Start Up Village Enterprise Project - The Kerala Model Vinitha 09-12-2017
101 Progressing in partnerships - NROs journey so far and the way forward Vinitha  
102 Zero to Five digit monthly income in three months - Success story of Enterprises Vinitha 07-12-2017
103 Mentoring rural women - Challenges and Achievements of Kudumbashree NROs mentors Vinitha 08-12-2017
104 Way forward - An article on Goals and Priorities of Kudumbashree NRO Vinitha  
105 Kudumbashree and NRLM - Approaches and Way forward -  
106 Community Livelihood Fund - A case study of success Ajith Chacko  
  Attappadi Special Project    
120 Dr Seema has prepared detailed documentation of 15 topics. Get details  and documents from her. Give titles, similar to the above Seema