Saaraamsh: we @ Kudumbashree

Kudumbashree, undoubted one of the largest women empowerment and poverty eradication in the world has been a work in progress for the last twenty years. The numerous success and failures that Kudumbashree have achieved over the years reflects the myriad approaches Kudumbashree has undertaken to tackle poverty the policy level mediation through the state mission office has been one of the crucial factors that has enabled the creation of the ecosystem supporting the community structures.

Through "Saaraamsh", we are recognizing the efforts of the team in their respective domain and pitch against the others, to identify the best practices and evolve new strategies for further scaling the project.

Events in Saaraamsh

  • Thematic paper submission
  • Thematic presentation - State mission
  • Thematic presentation - District mission
  • Stall installation

Saaraamsh, the thematic presentation was undertaken on 17.03.2018, at B Hub, Mar Ivanious Campus, 14 state themes and 14 districts participated in the event. The event was grand success with great participation from each of the teams and districts

Winners of the competitions are as follows

State thematic presentation:

  • First prize: Marketing Team
  • Second prize: NRO

District presentation

  • First prize: Kasaragod
  • Second prize: Alappuzha
  • Third prize: Kozhikode
  • Special jury award: Wayanad, Thrissur

Best Presenters (alphabetic order)

  • Ajith Chacko
  • Bhavana
  • Bibind Vasu
  • Priya Paul




Thematic Papers

Kochi Metro
MF and MIS
Social Development