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10 Initiatives of Pathanamthitta


1. Income for all.

Marketing of products is the main challenge phased by the Kudumbashree even though a number of good quality products had been produced by Kudumbashree. A solution in this regard is being explored by District Mission and an innovative idea of starting different types of Kiosk in major town in the District for the marketing of genuine healthy products

2. My Tree and Me (Njanum Ente Maravum)

Kudumbashree District Mission Pathanamthitta, observed the World Environment day 2017 as a remarkable one with the involvement of all the NHG members in the District to plant at least one sapling by each NHG member. Accordingly, the District Mission, with the support of Pathanamthitta District Administration, collected 102951 saplings from Social Forestry Department and 33185 saplings from other sources like nurseries for providing sufficient number of saplings to all members of the NHGs in the District. Total 1, 36,136 saplings collected and distributed to the NHG members and they planted the same in the period from 5th to 12th of June 2017. All 58 CDS from 53 Panchayats and 4 Municipalities in the district actively participated in the programme.

The highlight of the programme is to maintain the saplings planted for a period of 3 years by the NHG members. The trees will be known by the NHG members name or nick name those who planted and protected.

3. Agency for Management and Monitoring in Agriculture Sector (AMMAS)

The project envisaged to establish through people participation and to build a team to manage the needs of farmers and publishing agricultural sector in the District.The management agency will cover five major areas as detailed below.


Various trainings will be given by the AMMAS in the agricultural sector to capacitate the farmers by giving technical knowhow, inputs, marketing strategies and eco-friendly cultivation.

Marketing of agri based Products

The Agri based Micro enterprises products will be marketed through this outlet. 2-4 AMMAS Members will be in charge of each outlet. A scope for networking the agricultural sector with the tourism destinations to market the agricultural products from the District. This will provide more income to the farmers and the management team.

Experience tourism is a new trend in the tourism sector. The new studies states that the tourists are preferred to experience the nature and spend one day in a fruitful manner. Kudumbashree having lot of JLGs in the District. The team will prepare a travel package with feasible amount. It is planning to network the JLG’s with the tourism destination. Through that the tourists can spend their time in our agricultural land and they can taste safe food. .

Branded products will get high demand in market. Proper branding, value addition, technological up gradation in marketing strategies will be facilitated by the agency. The team will market all the agriculture products in the name of AMMAS.

4. Adolescent Friendly Kiosk

The project is to provide healthy food to adolescent girls and boys in the society.The main theme of the project is to familiarise good food habits and to avoid life style diseases. Adolescent friendly kiosk will be installed in Higher Secondary Schools and KendriyaVidyalayas in the district. The routine stationary items are also available in the kiosk.

5. 2 Acre Paddy and 50 Cent Vegetables

It is a programme like Polivu.Instead of 3 cents of cultivation of vegetables by NHG, here one ADS will cultivate 2 acres of paddy and 50 cent vegetable during the cultivation year.

6. Gramodayam

It is a programme for women and children.The total development of the sector aimed in the programme through Education,Health,Awareness,Job and Rights.

7. Pratheeksha, Assistive Devices for Physically Handicapped

It is a programme for differently abled and all the assistance will be provided to the group through convergence with the other Departments, NGO’s and public based in the needs of the group.

8. My Grandpa and Grandma

It is a programme for elders.Grandpa and Grandma will meet in a particular place in the panchayath with their grandchildren every fortnightly.They will spent atleast 3 hours in the venue.Traditional cultural programmes ,traditional games will play there with the participants of all the members.Best Grandparents ,Grandchild will be selected in the venue.

9. Ente Avayavam Enik Sheshavum

It is an organ donation programme.25000 NHG members will execute their willingness to donate their organs after their death on November first of this year 2017.

10. Theme Based Awareness Program

Awareness programme to the public especially to NHG members on current subjects which will adversely affect the progress and development of the community.Discussions ,Campaigns and other IEC activities will be organised as the part of the programme to reach the theme to the root level of the society.Theprogramme will be organised on convergence.





A eight women group from Thiruvalla West CDS involved in this work

First day collected total of Rs. 10980/- as parking fee



AGENCY FOR MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING IN AGRICULTURE SECTOR ( AMMAS) - A  group has formed from among JEVA team and the four members jointly doing weekly market at BSNL quarters ,Pathanamthitta from 06/06/2017 onwads succesfully. All the other 28 members plan to conduct such type of marketing concentrating Residents Association in their Block.

Rescue mother & 2 girl Child

Protect 23 year old mother & 2 girl child from Domestic violence to Mahilamandiram.

One case from Ezhamkulam

A youth aged 29 years has isolalated and locked the room in a house by himself for the last 4 months was found and hospitalized. 

Swasthyam -Eco friendly Kiosk

Swasthyam Eco friendly Kiosk opened at Erathu Grama panchayat for providing ethnic food.

Adolesent friendly Store & Refreshment stalls in Kendriya Vidyala and Higher secondary Schools
  1. Adolesent friendly Store & Refreshment stalls in Kendriya Vidyala and Higher secondary Schools.  Will be strarted in 5 Higher secondary Schools and  2 Kendriya Vidyalas initially as an innovation venture. Project of rupees Rs. 4 Lakhs  is under process by including innovation  fund of Rs.2 lakhs
Cafe Kudumbashree Take away Counter
  1. Work related to 5 Cafe kudumbashree take away counters are  in progress . started  at Kalanjoor on 20.6.217 (photographs attached), Pandalam, Vechoochira, Naranammoozhi, and Nedumbram work is in progres.
Way side Cafe Coffee shop

Started 7 way side Cafe Coffee Shop in Sabarimala  route .



                                                           “ INSIGHT 2017 ”