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Mazharuchi paruma-Ethnic food fest at civil station compound
From 9August 2017
To 11August 2017
Civil station compound,Kottayam
Brief Report

Mazhra ruchi peruma- Kudumbashree ethnic food cort inagrateted by Distric Panchayath President Sri. Zacarias Kuthiravelli on  2017 Aug.9- 11 at Civil station compound. 2 cafe kudumbasree units are participated in the fest.  Inculed different varities of trational food like Anjilacurry, Thiruvathirapuruku, Aushatha kanji,etc. Acheived a turn over of Rs108300 from this event.

Cafe kudumbashree foodcort and trade fair at MG university campus kottayam
From 3October 2017
To 7October 2017
MG university campus,Athirampuzha, kottayam
Brief Report

Organised cafe kudumbashree foodcort in conection with Ganjandhi celebration at MG university campus, Athrampuzha. Three cafe kudumbhashree units are participated in this event. Acheived a turn over of Rs72000 from this event. 

IRDP Mela-2017
From 29August 2017
To 1September 2017
Indoor stadium,Kottayam
Brief Report

During  Onam Ramsan season Kudumbashree organised Cafe Kudumbasree Foodcort and trade fair in connection with IRDP Mela at Indoor stadium,Kottayam. Four cafe kudumbashree units were participated in this event.  Acheived a turn over of Rs178000 from this event.