Success Story of a Widow Updated On 2017-11-15

Name : LathaRaveendran

District :Thrissur

Block : Puzhakal

JLG: Nanma


Started cultivation:2000

Total cultivation area:5Acre,2polyhouse

Smt.LathaRaveendran’s is a story of courage and determination and is a great example for the socio economic changes that Kudumbashree has imparted on the women of Kerala.

Latha became a widow in 1992.She had a son and was left with no options to survive.She decided to take agriculture as livelihood and started farming in small area. Initially it was all problems and loss for some years. When Kudumbashree startedfunctiong in Thrissur district she became an active member .

In 2002 a training was organised by the District Mission and Agricultural Research Centre,Mannuthi for using machines in Agriculture . She joined in the first batch and after 24 days of training she purchased 3 machines for planting with the help of the Parappur Cooperative Society and started working arduously.

Since the repairing works were not included in the 1st batch of training Latha was at a loss when the machines broke down at times.But she was not affected ..Studying the machine manual and consulting with local mechanics she learned fast and became an expert to repair works also.Today she says she can repair any part of the machines. She has worked with her machines in the fields of not only Thrissur but in other districts also -almost 2500 acres of land per year.

Now she is recognised as the leader of women farmers in the District.In 2010 she lead the planting of 300 acres of land acquired by the Agriculture University within 5 days.Using the yearly profits she bought cutting and harvesting machine and an grass cutti g machine.

Dr.M.S.Swaminathan recognised her as the prime example of women empowerment in Kerala.In 2013 she was awarded Best Farmer in TholurPanchayat,Best Farmer of Kudumbashree in the District.In 2015 her group received Award for the best JLG in Kerala.

In her harm Latha is cultivating 1000 banana,coupie,Carrot,cabbageetc.using modern technology like polyhouse and drip irrigation etc.She has also got training of Mahendra in tractor driving and ploughing.In her polihouse she is doing organic Agriculture .

Latha today is the secretary of JEVA Thrissur ,and lately awarded the best JEVA in the District by the Hon‘ble Minister Dr.K.T.Jaleel.

Success of women unity Updated On 2017-11-14

A wasteland that was not used for any purpose for years was utilized for farming and cultivation by four ladies, Mrs AjithaReji, Jiju Shasheendran, Bindhu Thomas and Somi Thomas from Vadasserikkara Grama Panchayath, Pathanamthitta District. They were the members of Joint Liability Group. They made a group by a name Samridhiand has registered in FFC. Their farming and cultivation using the wasteland was a great success.

They came to know about cultivation through the JLG and even without sufficient knowledge on agriculture and cultivation, they planned to rent out 3 acre of wasteland and did farming there. Now they are growing banana plant , tapioca, yam, purple yam, colocasia etc. on that wasteland.

All of them invalued in different works like watering, aerating, manuring, disinfecting and all in the cultivating area. These ladies find time for farming of crops after completing their household works.

In cultivation they faced a lot of problem from the wild animals wandering in those areas. For finding a solution for this they applied a loan ; and they built a tin sheet barrier around the boundaries of the farm.

Eventhough they had to face a lot of problems in there first cultivation season, as they all stood with strong desire and with hardwork; they were able to get a good result in yielding good crops.

The group leader Mrs AjithaReji is from a low class family. They didn’t have enough earnings. Her husband was running a small shop; they had a daughter. The income that they get from the shop was not enough for running their day to day expenses along with their daughters education. In such a condition Mrs. Ajitha decided to be a part of this Joint Liability Group and took a decision of cultivating in the waste land, so that she could find some earnings from it. With this inspiration now they are planning to get 4.5 acres more of land and use it for cultivating vegetables.

The yields obtained from this has been used as row materials for making other consumable products that has been sold in their own unity club shops. Hence they are earning from the profit that is obtained in this manner.

They practised complete organic way of cultivating crops and vegetables. They had decided that the yield that they obtain from there farm should be 100% free from any type of insecticides or pesticides. Hence there was a great demand for such organic vegetables and crops in the market; which was easy for them to sell those yields at a very good profit. Ginger was one of the cultivation, “it doesn’t require in special type of fertilizers “ said Mrs Jiju, one of the members from the group. Ginger after planting they just have to put some cowdung and other organic waste materials. Last time they sold ginger for 180 Rs. per Kilogram. In this group cultivation last time, they earned Rs. 100000/- from the yields. More over that they got incentive and interest subsidy from the Mission.

Each members of this “ Samrdhi” JLG group is very happy now. They never expected that they could earn such a profit from this and could make a self earning program like this. With appropriate cultivate methods and hard work from this for ladies of Vadasserikara Panchayath are worth of such a movement in organic farming and use of waste land.

Victory of Haritha JLG Updated On 2017-11-13

Name of the JLG: Haritha

Total number of members: 5

Name of the members: Gracy, Bindhu, Sheena, Lakshmi, Theyi (2 ST members)

Block: Mananthavady

Panchayat: Thondaranad

Total area of cultivation: 12.5 acres

Major crops: Rice, Banana, Elephant foot Yam, Colocasia, Ginger, Tapioca and Vegetables.

JLG has brought a new turn on the life of each members for the last 15 years. They started cultivation on 2.5 acres of land, hired from a private land owner at a rate of 20,000 rs per year which was a very difficult task. Even in their difficulties they gradually expanded their farm. Now, they cultivate on an area of 12.5 acres with major crops like Rice, Banana, Elephant foot yam, Colocasia, Ginger, Tapioca and Vegetables. Among vegetables, bitter guard is cultivated more.

They practice organic farming with mixed cropping system. Each group members have homestead farming in their house, which help them to attain sustainable vegetable production. They also have mushroom cultivation unit named Haritha mushroom unit and a value addition unit. Integrated farming system (IFS) plays a key role in their success which helps them to attain continuous income.

Supports from Kudumbashree

They receive supports like area incentives, production incentives, subsidies, CIF and trainings which help them to improve their farming activities. They sell their products in Kudumbashree weekly market,VFPCK,and open markets.


  • Received Kudumbashree best JLG award in 2016.
  • Best Karshaka group award from Krishi bhavan Thondaranad thereby received two lakh rupees for buying machineries.
Organic farming – a success story Updated On 2017-11-12

Name of JLG : Kathir

Total No. of Members : 6

Name of members : Lalitha K, Santhakumari V.M, Vilasini A.K, Sarojini A,K, Sarada, Prasanna

Affiliation number : G111007/09/03

District : Kozhikode

Block : Koduvally

Panchayath : Thamarassery

Total area of cultivation: 4 acres

The members of Kathir JLG have made the best out of available resources. Their belief in organic farming was the foundation of their rise from humble house wife to highly regarded farmer. This group was formed in 2010 and from the beginning they practice organic farming. One among them is JEVA member and three are master farmers and all of them are very active in MKSP activities. They are doing cultivation in two seasons every year and these organic produces are highly demanded in the market. In 4 acres of land, they used to cultivate vegetables like bhendi, brinjal, cowpea, snake gourd, ash gourd, chilli, amaranth etc, tapioca, amorphophallus and elephant foot yam. In the last season, they invested an amount of rupees 17000/- as cost of cultivation per acre and the return was rupees 37000/- per acre. This group is running a poultry farm and two dairy units also.

Support from Kudumbashree:

Kudumbashree District mission has sanctioned and disbursed area incentive and interest subsidy eligible to them which helps them to improve the farming activities.

Awards received:

  • Thamarassery Krishibhavan- Best JLG award -Twice in 2014, 2016
  • Thamarassery Grama Panchayath -Best JLG Award 2011
Glorious victory of Thanima JLG Updated On 2017-11-11

Name of JLG : Thanima

Total No. of Members : 5

Name of members : Reena Thomas, Sheeja Glady, Selin George, Molly Thomas, Merry Thomas

Block : Perambra

Panchayath : Chakkittappara

Total area of cultivation: 6 acres (JLG)

Life has dramatically changed for the members of Thanima JLG in a span of seven years from 2010. They are the resident of the Chakkittapara Panchayath, which covers the north east hilly tracts of the Kozhikode district. This group is practicing organic farming in an area of 6 acres in which they mainly cover nendran banana in 3.5 acres and tapioca in 2.5 acres. They are practicing mixed farming in both these fields with various vegetables like cowpea, bhindi, brinjal, chilli, tomato, tubers like amorphophallus, yam and spices like ginger and turmeric. They maintain a well established homestead farming in their house which make sure food and nutritional security. In addition to this, they are cultivating cocoa individually in an area of 10 acres and started a processing unit with cocoa drier.

The secret of their spectacular success is through the adoption of integrated farming system approach which includes poultry, goat farming, apiculture, composting, dairy farming etc. The production of value added products planned keeping in view of the market demand. They produce chips, squash, jam, honey etc

Support from Kudumbashree:

This group started farming with availing a loan amount of rupees 40,000/- from NHG in 2010 and now they are earning an annual income of rupees 6 lakhs. They are availing area incentive and interest subsidy from Kudumbashree District mission which helps them to improve the farming activities as per the demand. They sell their products in Kudumbashree weekly markets.

Awards received:

  • Kudumbashree Best JLG award in 2017
  • Chakkittappara Grama Panchayath Best JLG Award 2015
Best Farmer Updated On 2017-11-10

Name: Manju Mathew

District :Idukki

Block: Nedumkandam

JLG: Priyanka

Total Members: 4

Started cultivation in: 2000

Total cultivation area of Priyanka JLG: 3 acre

Farming and allied farming details

Mrs. Manju Mathew, who has been an organic farmer for close to 17 years, has 1 acres of yard long bean farm, 85 cents of banana, 50 cents of chilli & brinjal, 50 cents of tapioca 15 cents of gingerfarms, among others. More than that she has 10 cents rain shelter farming, bio fertilizer production unit, virgin coconut oil production unit, agriculture nursery unit named Harithashree.

Support from Kudumbashree

Received Rs.35,000/- revolving fund for the agriculture nursery to start in, Rs.1,00,000/- for farming as a JLG member and presently working as a president of JEVA team, Idukki, on behalf of which getting&providing trainings and taking classes for farmers. Shesellher agriculture products through Kudumbashree weekly markets.

Kudumbashree helped herto enhance the opportunities for her empowerment by improve the skills and capabilities to support farm based activities. Now she has sustainable earning from agriculture nursery.

Honours and awards received

  • Kerala Govt. state level young farmer award for women in 2015 for her comprehensive farming practices.
  • Kudumbashree best master farmer award
  • District ATMA award
  • Kudumbashree best JLG award
Best Farmer Updated On 2017-11-09

Name: Rekha Laiju

District : Alappuzha

Block: Kanjikuzhi

JLG: Hariyali

Total Members: 5

Started cultivation in : 2000

Total cultivation area of Hariyali : 1ac

As a JLG member of Kudumbasree, Rekha Laiju began to cultivate since 2000. She is an upcoming successful women entrepreneur, a good motivator and also an innovator. Her family consist of 5 well supportive members. She was inspired in farming since her childhood by her parents.

Kanjikuzhi in Alappuzha district is best known for its vegetable farming. Since Rekha Laiju is basically from a farming background she already have a passion in agriculture. She is cultivating in 50 cents in which she farms ginger ( 10 cent), vegetables (25 cents) and banana (15 cents).


"Conditions are ripe for triumph. We will win. And we will wield great power here".

Through great determination , family support and efficient use of profit from selling vegetables they constructed a vegatable compost for their own garden.

They also formed a ME vegetable cluster unit for processing vegetables and producted pickles and jams.

Hariyali also maintains a good linkage with krishi bhavan and they also sell their products via Krishi Bhavan.

Moreover they sell their products in Kudumbasree weekly markets.

Achievements from Kudumbashree

Through her passion she is earning a stable income in which she is proud of her goal.

Her self satisfaction and self esteem has increased.

A women from village became more self confident in every field that she wants.

Story of BIndu Updated On 2017-11-08

Name: BIndu. M. Binu

Chaithanya JLG , Ward 7, Malayalapuzha CDS

I have been part of NHG network, through my NHG Kripa since 2002, in the earlier time, I used to be a passive participant of the NHG group and most of the activity were involved around thrift activity. Even though I belong to a farming family, I had never undertaken agriculture activity on my own. Most of the time, I used to assist my father in tapioca farming and other family farming. However during year 2012, when I heard about JLG and lease land farming, I was interested in undertaking farming on my own group. I discussed this idea in my NHG groups and with no hesitation four other supported my idea and together we registered our self as Chaithanaya JLG. In the initial year finding the appropriate land for cultivation was as issues. Most of the land that were available were kept fallow for large period and hence the land development was seen as big challenges. However we resisted this challenges and were determined to convert a fallow land and start vegetable cultivation. In the first year, the profit were not much as most of the cost were provided for land development. Also the lack of appropriate skill and knowledge often lead inefficient crop management. However over the years we gained fruitful experience and the able training support of Kudumbashree ensured that we are able to undertake the farming activity in most optimum manner

During the last season we as group was able to cultivate in more than 6 acres of land leased from different owners. Unlike the earlier years now we undertake multiple cropping with banana and vegetable being the major crops. As per the recommendation of the master farmers, we had planned out banana cultivation as per the demands of the Onam season. According during the Onam season of 2017, we were able to sell more than 14000 Kg of banana which helped us to get a net return of more than 7 lakh rupees, after repaying for the bank loan and other expense, each of us could carry more than Rs 80,000 as Onam return. Apart from the banana cultivation the regular yields from the vegetable cropping undertaken by our group provides for a steady income throughout the two cropping seasons

Drawing inspiration from our activity, presently there are more than 72 JLG in our CDS.