Manjalvanam Project - Thrissur Updated On 2017-07-08 04:04:28
This is a project for growing turmeric with the highest ratio of curcumin content.,in convergence with Mattathoor Labour Co op Society.The seed,named Prathibha,collected from the North East states of India,has already been sawn over 3 acres of land.The purpose is to supply the curcumin rich content to Oushadhi and other Ayurvedic Pharma Companies.The yearly demand is 5cr.kgs. Effort is underway to identify suitable land for large scale cultivation in the 100 CDSs of the District.
Two wheeler army - Thrissur Updated On 2017-07-08 04:45:44
Two Wheeler Army is Gender Activity Group.This group works as part of the Gender Guards currently at Aloor CDS.It is a group of women on two wheelers. They give on the spot support and help to women who face attrocities during travels,and other walks of life.Also they extend a hand to the ME units for marketing their products.
AADARAM (ആദരം) -Kasaragod Updated On 2017-07-08 04:05:00
As part of 19th anniversary of KUDUMBASHREE Kasaragod district mission conducted AADARAM'17 , ALUMNI of Former CDS chairpersons , on June 3,2017. Objectives # Formation of alumni association of former CDS chairpersons #To strengthen the Kudumbashree system by using their valuable experience as RP # To create a supporting system and honour them
"MAZHAPPOLIMA" (മഴപ്പൊലിമ) - Kasaragod Updated On 2017-07-08 03:58:16
Mazhappolima, agri recreation campaign is organizing in all cds in the district as part of MKSP. Planting paddy , local games competition in paddy field, Indigenous food fest ,naattippaatu, tug of war etc conduct for farmers and children. Objectives # To ensure food security #Recreation of traditional agriculture #Water conservation # To promote fallow land cultivation #To Attract youth and children in agriculture #Convergence of various department in agriculture #To promote HARITHAKERALAM MISSION campaign
Complete Home shop district - Kozhikode Updated On 2017-07-08 04:43:26
As a first Step towards declaring Kozhikode as complete home Shop district, we are Success fully nearing our target to declare 2 blocks ( kunnummal and Thuneri ) by August 15th. Block level and Panchayath level combined meetings of Lടg memberട and CDS were Completed by June 17. July 17th to 25th we went for ADS Special general body meetings.There was great response from our sisters towards enlistment as home shop owners . Now interviews for Shortlisting candidates are going on'. Training for selected home shop owners are scheduled to begin on 10th and 12th July in respective Blocks. Declaration as complete home shop blocks will be made on July 29th 2017
Survey for Basic Data Collection about ST Colonies - Kozhikode Updated On 2017-07-08 04:41:52
For the purpose of pre-planning in connection with conducting of ooriloru dinam effectively ,district mission undertook a survey in ST colonies of Kozhikode. Basic details about ST families,infrastructure facilities in colonies,government documents required by them (ration card,voters ID card, Aadhaar card etc) was looked upon in the survey
Premarital counseling - Kozhikode Updated On 2017-07-08 04:12:36
In the month of June gender team conducted premarital counseling in 5 blocks in Kozhikode district in which total participation was 622.counselling for remaining blocks are scheduled for the months of July and August 2017
Vigilant groups - Kozhikode Updated On 2017-07-08 04:43:42
As directions from State mission ,vigilant groups were formed in all wards in LSG institutions .Kozhikode district mission has moved another step forward by starting training for vigilant group members in convergence with police department ,KELSA,child line ,women welfare institutions etc.District level inauguration of self defense training for vigilant group members with the help of police department was conducted on July 4th in koyilandy municipality followed by a target of similar trainings in all CDS to be achieved by 31st July
BUDS Balasabha - Kozhikode Updated On 2017-07-08 04:39:39
By July 31st we are to form Balasabhas in all existing BUDS schools in Kozhikode district giving special emphasis to cultural talents of the kids.Already we have formed 5 such Balasabhas in the month of June
ABC initiative - Thiruvananthapuram Updated On 2017-07-08 05:15:15
To find a solution to the stray dog menace, we gave a Skill training to interested Kudumbashree members for dog catching. Now two groups are functioning for trapping the dogs . District mission take initiative to empanel the 4 veterinary doctors for doing internationally accepted animal birth control (ABC) Surgery . At present they are trapped and operated 208 dogs.After the sterilisation, each dog will be put under observation for three days and then released in the same area from where they were picked up. We realised Rs one lakh as a start up fund and they were got one lakh thirty thousand from panchayat side. Both groups are happy to do this work