Agi project consultants

Successfully venturing into business, value addition, adoption of technology and demand based interventions in the recent past, the next leap targets multifarious activities that sustainably upscale the entire existing livelihood agrarian economy. Needless to say, agricultural activities are dynamic owing to the intricacies of nature and hence the ongoing schemes and many schemes envisaged for the coming year require proper project proposals from districts that will be verified at various levels before issuance of technical and financial sanction from the headquarters for implementation. Also there are mandatory requirement of submission of proposals to other verticals in the system as well. This coupled with the enhanced options of convergence with stakeholders as part of expansion plans made us realise that strong capacity building programmes are highly necessary in the field of Agricultural project proposal’s preparation, suiting to various needs. This would support the farmers and undoubtedly aid in conceptualising goals that are specific to area, time, crops etc. The aim of the project is to create a layer of professionals who have high knowledge and expertise in the field of agriculture for preparing project proposal with high standards suiting to all types of needs