Organization Strengthening Programs
Organizational strengthening programs enhance the quality and functioning of the Kudumbashree network. Capacity building of the three tier system is the main focus of organization strengthening. leadership and management skills of the women had developed through the Capacity Building program
CDS ACTION PLAN - Organisation
Kudumbashree CDS has to prepare and implement a 'CDS Action Plan'. This is a demand plan, consolidating the status of interventions in the areas of microfinance entrepreneurship, Agriculture, social development activities etc. and indicating quantum of need in each of these areas. The CDS Action plan is to be integrated with the development plans of the local self governments. Process
Kudumbashree Election - Organisation
The three tier Kudumbashree general election processes, conducted once in three years,the next Kudumbashree election should be completed by the month of December and January .The new governing bodies would take over charges from 2018 December 26.
Enviornment Day program
As part of environment Day program kudumbashree Community Development societies (CDSs) had undertake various environment protection activities in local self government bodies all over Kerala. Plant Saplings is the major program conducted by the CDSs