KS-NRO Support for Institution Building

KS-NRO provides technical support to Partner-States for short term special projects based on their needs. These special projects are customized to meet the requirements of the Partner-States based on NRLM. Currently, KS-NRO is in partnership with Sikkim and Goa for the implementation of short-term special projects in pilot locations.

With its partnership with Sikkim and Goa, the objective is of creating a model for supporting both PRI and CBO Networks and well as for developing a community based system for supporting micro enterprises for effective convergence leading to sustainable and better implementation of NRLM. In the long run the partnership is expected to result in the creation of a robust institutional structure of the poor that is closely linked to local governance and development. Towards achieving this, the partnership involves:

  • Institution Building and Developing federations for the existing Self Help Group as part of the strategy
  • Support the community in its micro planning activities
  • Undertaking strategy formulation for better implementation of the programme aimed at community mobilisation, institution building, Convergence and Livelihood generation
  • Developing trained community cadre for addressing poverty by enhancing and capacitating human resource in villages for both PRI based convergence and micro enterprise development.
  • Enabling Panchayati Raj Institution’s convergence with Community Based Organizations for livelihood and service delivery through different centrally Sponsored/State sponsored schemes
  • Providing organizational, and functional capacity building to both PRI & CBO leaders and members
  • Strengthening CBO (SHG and its federations) to engage with PRIs for addressing the special needs of the poor and the marginalised.
  • Developing and executing community based sensitization campaigns
  • Strengthening of production & marketing strategy for improving the livelihood sector
  • Create systems in place for sustainability


Project Footprint

Number of Partner States/UT 3
Number of Districts 5
Number of Blocks 26
Number of Gram Panchayats 209
Number of Mentors 13