02March 2017
Ooru adalath - Ooril oru divasam/Ooril oru dinam


It is a new imitative taken by Kudumbashree in tribal area after conducting the Micro Level Planning (MLP) at colony level. The district administration fully participated in the program. The district collector or sub collector will chair the functions.  The program arranged to intervene and solve the individual as well as community problems.  It is an Adalath by participating major line department for the tribal development activities. The district mission will prepare the colony wise basic issues separately for line department before conducting the Ooril oru Divasam. The District collector arranges pre and post meeting to track the interventions of various departments in the colony. The tribal settlement families will gather on a particular date at hamlet itself. District collector and team will visit the place, some houses and areas and take and implement major decision to solve the issues.  There will be a monthly follow up meeting also planned to review the progress. Kudumbashree district mission own the program as social mobilization under NRLM

02March 2017
PSC one time Registration and PSC coaching for tribal Candidates


To attracting the tribal youth into Government Job and set those to competitive exam Kudumbashree initiated the PSC one time free registration. Kudumbashree identified the youth who are not yet PSC registration and conducted camp on panchayath basis. There will be an orientation cum one time registration process with the participation of Kudumbashree IT units. After registration if required and demand of the candidates they will selected for the coaching classes. The coaching classes also are conducted by sponsorship programme.

02March 2017
Tribal Cultural fest and tribal art form group


Every tribe has their own culture and art forms. Kudumbashree make an opportunity to the tribal NHGs to promote the culture with in the colony. The intervention of Kudumbashree in tribal area always with support to the cultural activities of tribes. There is an opportunity to perform the art form of the tribe arranged by Kudumbashree through this tribal cultural fest. District mission conducted a district level cultural fest. CDS also arrange the local level programmes as a social mobilization of tribes. The output is that there should be form more professional cultural art group from the tribal community. The tribal art form groups get opportunity to present their performance in all over India. Paniya dance, Koraga dance, Mangalam kali, Irula dance, Mannakooth, Muthuvan dance, Vattakali, Kummattikali, adiya dance etc are professionally performed by Kudumbashree groups.

02March 2017
Tribal Animators and Co ordinators - as Community Resource Persons in Kudumbashree


Tribal youth, they have completed 10th and willing to works for the tribal development, Kudumbashree gave them an opportunity to work as CRPs. They are called Animators. They will get three days induction training from Kudumbashree. The animators will work for the tribal NHGs, Balasabha, Adolescents clubs, ME development, various data collection, Pragramme coordination, Awareness classes, Convergence program with line departments, book keeping of NHGs etc. The animators selected for colony and they reported their work to CDSs, District missions. They have the right to receive honorarium to their work from the District Mission. A total of 225 animators working in Kerala they positioned as per the tribal families and colonies density. Tribal coordinators are appointed in the district head for look after all Kudumbashree programme for tribal. A total of 14 Tribal co ordinators are presently worked in Kerala.

02March 2017
Tribal Adolescents Clubs


It is one of the next level forms of Balasabha. Kudumbashree tribal programme initiated for form adolescents clubs in the colony. The adolescents clubs include the teenage students. The main objectives of the club are to develop self by learning and up gradation. The tribal students facing the problems of higher education and good career. Adolescents clubs are formed for the monthly gathering of tribal teenagers in which they share the values and good customs. The life skill based training will be arranging for the adolescents clubs. Now a day the legal formalities of affiliation not started. Later the clubs will become a youth resource center with a fully fledged library and an information centers for the all level developments.

02March 2017
Attappady -Agriculture


For as long as people, especially the ecosystem people, have engaged in agriculture, farming has been possible and viable in the long run only as a collective process Varieties of local seeds of ragi, foxtail millet, little millet and varieties of vegetables were provided as inputs to women farmers under MKSP. Kembalam, agricultural festival was held in the hamlets as part of the land preparation. There was major mobilization of the community in the festival. Agricultural production was undertaken in all hamlets and variety of millets and vegetables which has been produced is being sold in Thrissurcollectorate on Mondays on a weekly basis. The Sholayur panchayatsamithi has undertaken the business of collection, processing, packing, transportation and marketing of agricultural produce

02March 2017
Farmers Field School-Attappady


Farmers Field School is a novel concept of initiating agricultural group training activity where a long-term process of restoration and rejuvenation of agro-ecosystems and indigenous and sustainable agricultural foundations are taking place. All the ecologically and economically suitable organic/eco-friendly/natural/indigenous farming techniques from soil and water conservation and rejuvenation to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that rely on ecologically suitable principles, and from breeding and improving indigenous cultivar seed varieties, land races and commercial varieties to saving crop wild relatives will be experimented, demonstrated, and suitable methods developed in these field schools. The expertise and local knowledge of the whole community will be brought together in these demonstration plots.

02March 2017
Malleeswara Products-Attappady


All produce are being marketed in the name of ‘Malleeswara Products’. Groundnuts have been shelled and the produce is being packed, sealed and sold in the name of Malliswara products. Ragi is similarly powdered and being sold. Ragi, bajra, little millet or chaama and vegetables are sold at double the price in Thrissur town as they are organically produced. Honey is being procured mainly from the Kurumba area and sold at a higher price.

02March 2017
Non Timber Forest Production (NTFP) Collections - Attappady


Yet another breakthrough has been achieved in the marketing of Non Timber Forest Produce by breaking the nexus of exploitative middlemen traders. The produce is sold by Care Keralam to various Ayurveda Pharmaceuticals and NTFP collection especially that of medicinal plants has begun and the nexus of traders has been broken and now the Panchayath Samithi has begun collection and the produce is being sold to Care Kerala, a Government of India enterprise for sale to several pharmaceuticals. The payment is transferred electronically to the Panchayath Samithi and Oorusamithi. There are efforts to form micro-enterprises of value added tribal medicines and oils and various other products like coffee and pepper. The Pudhur panchayatsamithi has undertaken the collection, transportation and marketing of medicinal plants

02March 2017
Goat Village-Attappady


The endeavor is to break the nexus of traders in Attappady black, the reputed genre of goat and capacitate the institutions in directly engage in marketing. Agali panchayat samithi has undertaken the goat village and engages in the marketing of black goats. They have also taken up rearing of black goats as it is an excellent variety.

02March 2017
Canteen - Attappady


KILA canteen in Attapady being run by Chalayoor ooru samithi                                                                                                                        

02March 2017
Animal Husbandry-Attappady


As part of the livelihood development, along with assistance for food farming, funds were provided for purchasing goats and cows and construction of sheds with locally available material. 174 goats and 38 cows were purchased and three sheds have been constructed. Women consider these domestic animals as part of their family and find solace and joy in their company and in taking care of them. Attempts are being made to conserve the indigenous goat variety and local cows of Attappady. The endeavor is to break the nexus of traders in Attappady Black, the reputed genre of goat and capacitate the institutions to directly engage in marketing.

02March 2017
Attappady -Traditional Healers


Traditional vaidyans (healers) are also mobilized and are being brought under a Production Company under the MKSP. Their knowledge of reproductive health protection, herbal medicines, oils, toxicological treatments including snake bite, nutritious wild edibles, rich and endangered biodiversity of the area are all being documented and supported for long term conservation.

02March 2017
“Munnettam” - Special coaching for 10th Standard Students, Attappady


Special coaching was initiated for the 10th standard students of Pudur, Agali and Sholayur schools to assist them in facing the exams. The classes were provided on Saturday and Sunday by CIGI, an educational institution which works with educational attainment for the most deprived children. Residential classes were held in study holidays and Christmas vacation for 10th standard students. Of the 145 students who appeared for exams, 135 passed.

02March 2017
Attappady -Labor bank-140


Labor Bank has been developed as part of the youth resource centre .Labour Banks are being organized for skilled and non-skilled youngsters. Trainings in masonry, electric repair, plumbing etc are given and efforts are being made to procure employment for these youngsters in all work taken up by the government and other agencies. A profile has been created of young men and women regarding their work and employment, skills and wages they receive. The entire data would be digitalized and the bank would be managed by the block Samithi.

02March 2017
Kurumba Youth Resource Centre-Attappady


One surprising offshoot of this process is the formation of a special youth resource centre for Kurumba youngsters in the remote forest hamlets. This group has decided to focus on livelihood issues and development

02March 2017
Community Kitchen to Nutritional Education Centers-Attappady


Nutritional Education Centers are being initiated in select hamlets to spread awareness regarding the basic essentials of food, nutritious food and health. The idea is to restore their indigenous collective knowledge and the rich diet of seasonally grown and most suitable diet and food habits they had till very recently. A cadre of health and nutrition workers is being trained to help the community make correct choices regarding crops they grow and the wild edible leaves and tubers they collect, the food they cook in their traditional ways, health care and land care. This is being done in the hamlets with the full participation of elder women. Nutrition re-education classes and specifically designed cooking lessons are also being planned. The women are guided by the principle of Food Security – Safe Food without lethal chemicals – Nutritional Security – Health Care – Self Care – Earth Care

02March 2017
Poshakaharamela (Nutritional Food Festival) –Attappady


As part of spreading awareness and instilling pride in their rich agriculture and unique and diverse food items, a festival was organized where 40 hamlet level women’s groups (Oorusamithies) cooked a variety of traditional cuisine and displayed their items. They explained the nutritional and medicinal content and qualities and cultural and customary importance of the diverse food items they exhibited. A wide variety of food items made from millets (ragi or finger millet, chaama or little millet, aricholam or sorghum), grains from bamboo seeds, many kinds of legumes and pulses like avara (lablab bean), thomara (pigenon pea), vanpayar (red cow pea gram), tubers, a large variety of wild edible leaves, leaves of kantharimulaku (bird’s eye chillies), manathakkali (Sunberry), chundakkai (Turkey Berry) wild tomatoes (cherry tomato), cooked in a variety of ways. Curries, Chutneys, ada, vada, puttu, kali, kozhukkatta etc

02March 2017
Attappady-Community Cadres – the Backbone of the Process


There are around 120 Animators. Through the capacity building process, the Animators have been strengthened to access their rights and entitlements and strengthen the institutions to raise their voices and assert their agency and access their rights. They support the capacity building programme in the field. All the community cadres belong to the respective tribal communities and speak theAdivasi dialect. All the thematic trainings are held for the Animators first and they in turn conduct trainings in their respective areas and function as catalysts and social change agents. Most of the Animators and Oorusamithi leaders have become articulate, fluent and clear in their conceptual understanding and communication skills. The leadership qualities and society these Adivasi women have attained can be considered the biggest achievement of the Project. This is surely first time in the history of the Adivasis in Attappady that a team of powerful and committed women leaders have been developed.

02March 2017
Attappady -Community Resources Persons, 62 in number were appointed for the functioning of the MKSP and rejuvenation of agriculture


The CRPs are women from the community, mostly illiterate but deeply knowledgeable in traditional methods of agriculture and are involved in full time farming. They are proving as models by engaging in agriculture. The CRPs have also understood the aims and objectives of the project and most of them are enthusiastic to participate in training programs and also engage in farming, seed selection, collection of produce for sale and all other activities of the team.

02March 2017
Peer Group Leaders Formation


Peer group formation process in every Districts as part of Balasabha Programmes for the year 2016 – 17. Selected 3 adolescents from a CDS will undergo a continuous training and mentoring process throughout the year. First level of training conducted in all 14 districts with the support of selected 28 youth from different background such us Social Work, Sociology and Media students from different parts of the state. Trainings are focusing on leadership training specifically to disseminate the significance of and necessity for gender, health and safety awareness among adolescents. This programme aims to create a chain of mentoring system among the children.

02March 2017
Life Skill Education Programme – Insight


This is continuous programme for the selected 250 children from poor family background in a district and those who are in 10th standard. It will be an year long education programme to motivate them to select their carrier, shape their life goals and sharpen their values or knowledge. Which will culminate in general and specific discourse from the participants in different media of expression, which may be curated and exhibited on a larger platform as an outcome indicator of the entire programme, as well as a benchmark beacon for improvement.

02March 2017
Rate revision of Amrutham Nutrimix


Kudumbashree Amrutham Nutrimix units are engaged in the production and supply of weaning food to children in the age of 6 months to 3years. Currently, each child is provided with 3.5 kg of Amrutham Nutrimix a month, at the rate of 135 grams per day for 25 days. Kudumbashree units supply Nutrimix to 32,922 Anganwadies in the State. In 2011, the rate of Nutrimix was revised to Rs. 56/- per Kg from Rs. 40/-. In 2016, the units requested that price revision is inevitable as it is difficult to cope up with the continuous price hike of raw materials. In 2016 December the rate was revised to Rs. 70/ kg.

02March 2017
Grading of Nutrimix units by implementing Rating scale


The Nutrimix units are working as Micro enterprises in separate facilities. Kudumbashree provides timely assistance for upgrading their quality parameters. The production protocol is formulated by CPCRI, Kasaragod and proper training is imparted to each and every unit to follow the prescribed standards. District and State level capacity building programmes are conducted periodically in which all the areas are addressed such as management, Accounts, Tax, food and safety, value addition etc. The faculties from the particular departments are invited for taking the sessions. All the units are instructed to follow the Standard Operating Procedures. There is a joint inspection team in every district to monitor and evaluate the functioning of the units. This team consists of senior Kudumbashree officials and programme officers from Social justice Departments. The first level inspection is done from the part of Kudumbashree and assistance are provided for improvement. The joint inspection team will make surprise visits to the units and necessary actions will be taken including the suspension of the units if any default found. For fine tuning the activities further and for continuous improvement and quality assurance, Kudumbashree is introducing rating scale. The rating scale indicators includes the parameters in the Standard Operating Procedures. The inspections are planned for classifying the units as A, B and C. The units marked as A will be permitted to supply the Nutrimix to anganwadis. The units under the ‘B’ criteria will be given a grace period for improvement and further actions will be taken as per their improvement. The units under the ‘C’ criteria will be banned from supplying Nutrimix and they will not be eligible to avail subsidy wheat. The ranking activity is in process which will be done by an external expertise to avoid bias in the process

14Nov 2016
IITF 2016


IITF 2016 held at Pragathi Maidan (NewDelhi) from 14.11.2016 to 28.12.2016 , Café team received a turnover of Rs.493078 and product sales of Rs.751354 and received Best Exhibitor Award.

27Nov 2016
Manorama Ananthapuri fest


Manorama Ananthapuri fest held in Putharikandam (Thiruvananthapuram) from 27.11.2016 to 07.12.2016 with a turnover of 4255494

02March 2017
Sabarimala Cafe


7 cafe kiosks positioned to tap the business associated with Sabarimala season . The places where the kiosks were positioned are Thiruvalla,Pandalam,Pathanamthitta Gov Hospital, Vadasherikkara, Ranni pazhavangadi,Pandalam thekkekkara, Perunad

02March 2017
Jan Ahar


This is an example for effective convergence, here Kudumbashree associated with Southern Railway to run the vegetarian canteen in Chenagannur Railway station

18Dec 2016
Kerala Kaumudi fest


Kerala Kaumudi fest held in Kanakakunnu (Thiruvananthapuram) from 18.12.2016 to 02.01.2017 with a turnover of 2037620

02March 2017
Bharath Parv Fest (New Delhi)


2 cafe units participated and turnover obtained was Rs.89600

02March 2017
Introduction of interest subsidy scheme for ME units


Like other centrally sponsored schemes Interest subsidy scheme introduced for Micro Enterprises instead of Capital subsidy which eventually help to identify potential entrepreneurs and to make enterprise viable

02March 2017


Community resource persons for assisting Kudumbashree farmers in animal husbandry projects Kudumbashree with objective of enhancing the livelihood opportunity of poor women has implemented various micro enterprises schemes in the domain of animal husbandry. Over the years it has been felt that the enabling environment for realizing the full potential of animal husbandry activities are lacking and hence establishment of new agents as community based resource persons attending to animal husbandry sector – Pashusakhi are required at the field level. Pashusakhi- an innovative community based resource persons aimed at addressing grass root level issues identified and faced by the Kudumbashree women farmers

02March 2017
Kudumbashree to Address Street Dog Menace - ABCD Management Units


Kudumbashree has completed first phase of training of its 389 number of members in 68 Units to perform as Animal Birth Control Designated Management units to aid the Stray Control projects implemented by Jilla Pancahyaths, Municipalities and Muncipal Corporations. As per GO no.3247/2016/LSGD dated 30/11/2016, these trained and certified Kudumbashree members will function as community level facilitators for catching stray dogs, transportation to the designated ABC centres of LSGIs for the ABC procedure as per protocols, pre and post operative care of dogs, and safe release of above dogs back as per rules, for a service fee of Rs.1000 per dog payable to them from the fund allocated by LSGIs for the project

09Dec 2016
Anti Human Trafficking Income Generation Programme


Anti Human Trafficking project is an initiative of Kudumbashree which carried out preventive and rehabilitative interventions. The project was initiated as a pilot in selected 3 blocks namely Devikulam, Chittur and Mananthavady of Idukki, Palakkad and Wayanad respectively. The project aims to bring down and contain human trafficking in the selected blocks. Along with this, Project also aims to equip the victims, escapees, survivors and High risk group’s identified by the project with the help of AHT cells, rescue organisations, Social Justice Department and NGO’s etc, from across the state with technical skilling and economic rehabilitation and thereby reintegration with the community. 1007 High risk people (Vulnerable to trafficking) were identified through the AHT intervention such as House visit, survey and focus group discussions. As part of the rehabilitation process of these High risk people Kudumbashree provide livelihood support to the identified.

16Dec 2016
Vulnerability Mapping


Kudumbashree developed a tool as vulnerability mapping to identify the issues/demands through the collective action of the community. Through the process we are trying to capacitate them to identify the situation and possibilities to prevent them. Vulnerability depends on the geographical, social, economical and physical situation and capacity of an individual or the group. Community resource Persons can be support them to realize or understand the vulnerability through different methodologies. It also aims the Participatory preparation of Social protection plan at the NHG area. It may be Focus Group Discussions, Individual Interviews, Home visits, Case Studies, experience sharing.

13Jan 2017
Varayude Penma - Art Camp


Many women from the community are losing their opportunities and they have faced challenges due to gender biases. In this situation Kudumbashree arranged an art camp in collaboration with Kochi Muziriz Biennale for the selected 42 women from the community who are interested in different art forms. 4 days workshop included familiarization of art forms, interaction with many famous artists and exposure to Biennale to know the art. In the next level these women can come and stay for 10 days for the own production with the support of Biennale. Hope this continuous intervention will lead them to become the strong voices of poor women in art and art history today.

02Feb 2017
Literature camp & Fest


There are lots of women in the network having the skill of reading and writing, some of them have written their experiences, poems, stories etc. But because of the family situation, poverty and defined gender roles these women could not stick on the expression of their visuals or tastes. By understanding this as a stepping stone Kudumbashree arranged an opportunity to participate 42 women in Kerala Literature Fest conducted by DC Books at Kozhikode. This was an inspirational and familiarization process which leads to next level of literature camp in March.

02Nov 2016
Namukku Keralam Kanam (Study Tour)


To increase the mobility of women, make more exposure opportunities and to know the surrounding Kudumbashree arranged Yathra for women. It is a study tour as well as an adventurism to the women to know the historical importance, experience the nature, and develop the leadership skills and confidence of women. 30 CDS chairpersons in a group is travelling together, 5 groups of women will travel to different tourist spots/forest or to any historical place.

02Jan 2017
Transgender NHG formation


Kottayam District takes initiative to form a transgender NHG as part of Gender Programme. They took initiative to form a Special NHG of this group during the legal sensitization programme of the community. Initially the gender team takes an initiative to share their life experience before the Kudumbashree Members and Officials. Now they formed a special NHG of transgender (12 members) in Kottayam North CDS named Manaswini. Kudumbashree create a space for them to mainstream.

02March 2017
Kudumbashree Construction Team


Training on construction activity for Kudumbashree members aims to provide skill training for various trades in the construction industry and also for enhancing their skills in construction related activities. This will create a sustainable income and eventually these trained women members will be grouped into All Women Community Construction Contractors based at Rural Local Self Government Institutions and Urban Local Body level in the state. The training for these members is provided through Kudumbashree recognized agencies across the state. On successful completion of training, these members will be provided with certificates which designate them as a certified women contractor.

02Jan 2015
Community Kitchen-172 centre (15060)


Nutritional enhancement of mainly pregnant women, lactating mothers children, adolescent girls, senior citizens and impoverished Managed by the tribal women’s Neighborhood Groups (NHGs) and women would serve food in the evening [morning bridge course students and pregnant women

23March 2016
Imashree Milk Producer Company Limited - Idukki


Imashree Milk Producer Company Ltd. received the dealership of Kerala feeds on 23.03.2016. Now company is able to supply cow feeds directly to Member farmers at lower rates.

02March 2017
Thennala Agro Producer Company Limited – Malappuram


Thennala Agro Producer Company limited received the technology for the production of Breakfast cereal from Council for Food and Research development - Kerala (CFRD), Konni. Company plans to launch this new product by 2017.

02March 2017
Training for Director Board members of Farmer Producer Organizations of Kudumbashree.


First Batch, Five day training programme for the Director Board Members of Farmer producer organizations of Kudumbashree was conducted at School of Management studies, CUSAT, Ernakulam. The topics covered are Role of Directors, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Team Building, Accounting and Book keeping.

27Feb 2017
PIP Training Programme for share holders of Kannur Goat Farmers producer Company, Kannur.


Four day Training programme for shareholders of Kannur goat farmers Producer Company was started at Koothuparamba Block on 27.02.2017. The farmers from Chittaraparamba and Mangattidom Panchayats participating this training programme. The topics covered will be scientific method s in Goat rearing, Accounting and Book keeping and Marketing.

28Jan 2017
Disha 2017 Campaign


To increase the reach and to strengthen the neighborhood activities of Kudumbashree the Mission is focused on ‘DISHA Campaign’. The expected outcome is to form special NHGs with the inclusion of marginalized, persons with disabilities, transgender, migrant labours and aged thereby increasing the reach of families to 50 lakhs. The NHGs are provided orientation to make a self analysis on their activities and performances – a self evaluation & grading to improve themselves. The highlight of the campaign is that on 2017 January 28th all the 2.58 lakh NHGs had conducted special NHG meeting at the same time (from 10 am to 5 pm) across the state to discuss and for self evaluation. The State Ministers, MLAs, Local Self Government representatives had participated in the NHG meetings to provide support to the women’s movement.

02March 2017
CDS Action Plan


The CDS Action Plan is an annual demand plan, consolidating development requirements from the NHG to the CDS level. The Demand plan of the CDS is also known as the Demand List of CDS. The CDS action plans have to be approved by the panchayat and considered in their annual plans. This CDS plan also becomes the "anti-poverty sub-plan" of the Local Self Government. The attraction of this process is the facilitation of the full involvement of poor women in the planning process at the grassroots level. Panchayat level, Block level and District panchayat level action plan has prepared and submitted to local bodies for linking both plans.

02March 2017
Snehanidhi Program


Bye Law 13.3.5 mentioned the formation of Snehanidhi in CDS. The money collected through Neighborhood Groups will be deposited in the Snehanidhi Bank account, which will be used to help out members of Kudumbasree. The activities of Snehanidhi are monitored by a committee chaired by the respective CDS chairpersons. The CDS member-secretary will be the convener while the welfare standing committee chairperson of the local body as well as the vice chairperson will be members on it. The committee will decide the beneficiaries of the scheme. As part of Snehanidhi program 18 new houses had constructed for houseless people. Medical, Education and Marriage benefit had also distributed from the particular head.

02March 2017
Scaling up of DAY-NULM to all 93 ULBs of Kerala


The State government has accorded sanction to enhance the scope of DAY-NULM implementation in the state by scaling up the programme to all 93 ULBs from first of November 2016.The Second Phase of was launched by , the Hon'ble Minister of Local Self Govt. Department, Government of Kerala Dr. K. T. Jaleel on 16th November, 2016. A consolidated book of Government Orders & Circulars of NULM issued by the mission from time to time was released by Hon Minister by handing over the same to Adv. VK Prasanth, Worshipful Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation.

02March 2017
Distribution of ID cards to the street vendors identified in Malappuram


Malappuram was the first city in the State to complete the street vendor survey conducted as a process under NULM implementation. 129 street vendors were identified and ID cards were distributed to 92 of them. The programme was launched by the Hon'ble Minister of Local Self Govt. Department, Government of Kerala Dr. K. T. Jaleel on 12th August 2017.Further financial literacy camps were conducted for them, opened bank accounts and linked with health insurance (RSBY). 4 among the identified street vendors were supported with loans under the Self Employment Programme (SEP) component of NULM to start microenterprises.

02March 2017

Karimadom Colony – a makeover

The Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH) component under DAY-NULM aims at providing shelters equipped with all essential services to the Urban poor. The existing shelters at Karimadom colony, Thiruvananthapuram was in a much depleted condition. 72 beneficiaries were given the keys to flats built for the homeless in Karimadom Colony under NULM scheme. These flats were designed to have a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The new shelters were inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister of Local Self Govt. Department, Government of Kerala Dr. K. T. Jaleel, V. S. Sivakumar MLA and Adv. V. K. Prasanth, Worshipful Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation.

02March 2017

Job Melas

Job Melas are organized by District Missions to provide opportunities for the DDU GKY candidates and youth in general for employment. Facilities for online registration are also made. The job melas provide a win win situation to the employer as well as the candidates. Kudumbashree intends to organize the job melas in all the 14 districts

02March 2017

e-shakti - digitisation of Neighbourhood Groups

Kasaragod in Kerala is one of the districts selected under e-shakti project of NABARD. Kudumbashree is one of the main stakeholders in this initiative with 11600 NHGs. Focus of the programme is to Integrate SHG members with the Financial Inclusion agenda, and to improve the quality of interface between SHG members and Banks for efficient and hassle free delivery of banking services. In order to execute the plan Kudumbashree has selected 350 animators who were given training to collect the data. 90% of preliminary data collection is over. Now the culminating phase of the project is to equip the selected animators to update the data using tablets on a regular basis. Kudumbashree CDS are already into the process of purchasing Tablets with financial support of NABARD. Once the process gets over all the financial transaction of Neighbourhood groups in Kasaragod district will be in our finger tips