Helensia Xavier’s Passenger Auto rickshaw Updated On 2017-11-20

Helensia Xavier of Fort Kochi West CDS was well versed in driving as she had attending a course in a driving school some time back. When she had some financial constraints in her family she thought of earning a livelihood by purchasing a passenger auto. In the year 2016 she approached the Corporation Office City Mission Management Unit of NULM who explained all benefits offered under the loan component of NULM. She was given guidance as to prepare the project and present it before the officials of the ULB who sanctioned her application and forwarded the same to the bank as a loan application. Bank of India-Thoppumpady sanctioned a loan for an amount of Rs. 200000 with which she purchased the vehicle. Helensia is able to make an income of Rs. 10000 per month after her loan repayment.

Sawariya Textile Shop Updated On 2017-11-19

Sawariya Textile Shop is an enterprise initiated by Kochu Thresya Shiji from Pachalam Division 32, Vaduthala. There are not many shops of this nature in this area and understanding the opportunity she made the initiative. Even though she had thought of making a livelihood by starting an enterprise she could not go ahead because of financial problems at her home. Under the Self Employment Programme scheme of NULM she availed a loan of Rs. 1,90,000 from Syndicate Bank. Attended EDP training and with much confidence she started her enterprise on 10.8.2016. Her textile shop mainly focuses on selling dress material for ladies and is able to make an average monthly income of Rs. 8000 after all expenses. She wishes to introduce more variety of costumes in her shop so as to improve her business.

Success story of Surendranath Updated On 2017-11-18

Surendranath 56 year old is earning his livelihood through passenger auto rickshaw in Calicut city. He has been in this field for last 37 years. At present he has order from parents of school going students also. He owned an auto which is very old. The maintenance and other expenditure were higher for it. So he decided to purchase a new auto. That time only he came to know about this project from his wife. She is a member of Kudumbashree NHG under North CDS of Kozhikode Corporation. He attended task force interview and six days EDP training and approached Syndicate bank, Kunduparamba branch for bank loan. Bank sanctioned an amount of Rs. 178000 as bank loan other expenditure he met from his hand. Total project cost was 200000. Per day expense for running auto rickshaw at present is mainly for fuel and changing vehicle oil. After all expenses a day he is earning an amount of Rs. 800-900.

Reshma Mujeeb’s Beauty parlour Updated On 2017-11-17

Reshma Mujeeb from Chalikavattom was very much interested in becoming a beautician and hence enquired and attended a beautician course. She got certified in this course and planned to start an enterprise to make a living. She approached the corporation NULM team where she was given instructions to make a loan application. Union Bank Chakkaraparamb sanctioned her a loan for Rs. 1,80,000 and established her enterprise on 31.07.17. She is making a monthly income of Rs. 10,000. She plans to scale up her business by purchasing more equipments for her shop and gain more customers.

Sajin’s Bakery Updated On 2017-11-16

Sajin was able to establish a good bakery in the year 2016. He wanted to start an enterprise since some time but financial constrains held him back. When he came to know about the SEP component of NULM he applied for loan to setup his enterprise by availing loan from Union Bank of India Palarivattom for an amount of Rs. 1,80,000. He is able to make a monthly income of Rs 15,000 and is able to cater to the financial needs of his family. He plans to introduce new variety of items in his bakery to boost up his business.

Vineetha Vinod’s DTP Centre Updated On 2017-11-15

Vineetha Vinod belonging to Kochi Corporation area had attended a DTP course some time back. She was interested in this subject and had a fair knowledge in it. She had to a make a means of livelihood on her own and thought of starting an enterprise which is related to her knowledge and interest. Hence she approached the Corporation City Mission Management Unit and her project was approved by the task force, the microenterprise project sanctioning team of the Urban local body. She availed a loan of Rs. 180000 from Union Bank and started an enterprise in 2017. She bought a Photostat machine and she is able to make a monthly income of Rs. 12000. As of now she does not express any plans of scaling up and only wishes she is able to maintain the income she is generating currently.

Luciya’s Sweet Shop Updated On 2017-11-14

Luciya belonging to Chakkaraparambu, Kochi Corporation started a sweet making shop as a means of her livelihood. The enterprise was established on 25/7/2017 with the help of the loan she availed under the Self Employment Programme(SEP) loan scheme under NULM. Loan for an amount of Rs. 190000 was sanctioned by Union Bank Of India-Chakkaraparambu.Her family members are also supporting her in her venture by marketing and distributing her sweets to nearby shops. She is earning a monthly income of Rs. 7000 after all expences including the EMI that she has to repay the bank. She wishes to scale up her business appointing more staff and making more variety of sweets.

Sadique Ali’s Bag Making Unit Updated On 2017-11-13

Sadique Ali from Chakkaraparambu, Kochi Corporation had experience in bag making and thought of making a regular income by starting a bag making unit to support his family. He could not make his wish come true for long as he had no means of setting up a unit. Later as he know about the loan scheme under Kudumbashree he applied for loan and Union bank of India, Ponnurunni sanctioned him a loan of Rs. 180000.It was in the year 2009 that he started his enterprise and with his expertise and marketing skills he is able to make a monthly income of Rs.20000. Now as he is getting a stable income, he is planning to scale up his business by taking more orders and trying to make more innovative bag products.

Vennila’s Fashion Icon- Tailoring and garments Updated On 2017-11-12

Vennila 32 Year old women entrepreneur from an urban poor family in Kozhikode Corporation started a self employment opportunity through self employment programme under Kudumbashree NULM scheme. She came to know about this programme from her NHG meeting. She is skilled in tailoring, embroidery works and cloth painting. So she decided to start a tailoring cum garment shop near to her home. She had attended orientation programme, task force meeting and EDP training before setting up the unit. From the first orientation itself she understood the procedure for starting a micro enterprises unit and realized that it is not an easy task. Later she identified a room for rent near to her home to start a shop. And acquired license in her name from corporation to start a tailoring and garment shop. She had attended six days EDP training also. She approached Karnataka Bank Palayam Branch for a term loan to start the venture. Bank, after verification sanctioned a loan of Rs. 1,90,000/- in 2016 November. Total project cost exceeded 2,00,000.

Before starting this unit she was working from her home. So she was experienced to handle different fashions in stitching. She started her unit on November 2016. At present she is earning an amount of Rs. 3000/- a minimum per month after meeting all expenses including bank loan repayment and rent for room. At its beginning stage she had faced obstacle of various kinds like lack of customers, difficulty in managing home and enterprise. Support from her family, self motivation and confidence were the catalysts to make it a success. Now she has a good number of customers. She is happy that she can also make contribution to meet household expenditures.

Nafeesa’s Pardha Unit in Chakkaraparambu Updated On 2017-11-11

Nafeesa was a skilled tailor and had specialized her skills in designing and stitching pardha. She was running her business in her home. She had to face many financial constraints as her home business was not earning her adequate income. Ot was at this juncture that she came to know about the SEP-Individual scheme of NULM. On visiting the ULB she got more details of the scheme, attended EDP training and the Union Bank Of India, Ponnurunni approved Loan Amount- for an amount of Rs,150000.

Nafeesa is an expert in stitching the pardha. Her house is located in an area with many Muslim residents. Hence she is getting good orders and able to make a monthly income of Rs. 20000.