Shipashree Metal Crafts Updated On 2017-10-21

The small scale metal manufacturing unit is located on Meparampu in ward 47 (Chaithanya ADS-Shilpa NHG). The owner of the unit is Sarojini.K. The unit was established on 2009 and got subsidy loan from Kudumbashree under SJSRY scheme with a staff strength of 6. They are producing different kinds of Bells, Karpura vilakku, Karthika vilakku, Kodi vilakku, Uruli, etc. They have purchased raw materials from Palakkad. The average sales turnover of the unit is Rs. 30000/- per month and Sarojini gets a profit of Rs. 10000/- per month. The staff gets a wage of Rs.200/- per day. Sarojini has informed that they have taken a loan of Rs.2.5 Lakhs for establishing the unit. The products made from the unit have a good demand in market and they sell their products in fests, melas, etc across the state. They have plans to utilize the opportunities for participating melas, fests, etc within the district and also across the State and also make use of semi mechanized tool to reduce production time and improve the finishing quality of products.

Stitching centre – NULM Group Enterprise Updated On 2017-10-20

Vanitha stitching centre, Chakaraparambu, Vytila, Kochi commenced operations in 2016 under NULM. The business involves stitching ladies garments as per the orders from nearby dealers. The unit is established in a small building with 2 rooms with staff strength of 6. EDP training was imparted through RSETI and a loan amount of Rs. 400000 sanctioned from Union Bank of India, Chakkaraparambu. The unit plans to expand business by availing fund from revolving fund and technology fund benefits. Also the unit has identified another building for the developing into a boutique centre.

Sree Krishna Spring Units Updated On 2017-10-19

The small scale metal manufacturing unit is located in Kunnathoormedu, Chirakkadu (Varsha ADS- Kripa, Surya, Bagavathi SHGs) in ward 25, Palakkad district. The owner of the unit is Vijayalekshmi. The unit was established on 2014 and got loan from Kudumbashree under SJSRY scheme with staff strength of 5, people are engaged for work in the unit based on the order/demand. The products include different kinds springs for vehicles/equipments/machines. They have purchased raw materials from Coimbatore and the works with 3 small machines. Vijayalekshmi has informed that each person gets an average income of Rs.3500/- per month from the unit. Her son Sreejith collects orders from and works actively in the unit. They plan to expand their business by manufacturing new products based on demand. Also if requisite skill training is imparted and with additional financial support they may be able to boost up their earnings.

Kochi Water- Initiative to supply purified drinking water Updated On 2017-10-18

Municipal Corporation decided to install water purification plant to supply purified drinking water to the citizens residing in municipal corporation areas at an affordable price of Rs. 20/-. The Corporation joined hands with Kerala Women’s Development Corporation to install the plant and to provide technical support.

The project is started in Fort Kochi with an investment of Rs.15 lakhs with Kochi Municipal Corporation, Kerala Women’s Development Corporation and Kudumbashree group as stakeholders. The purified potable water is marketed by Kudumbashree women. A 5 member group is selected and trained to market the drinking water in the urban areas. the investment of Kudumbashree group is Rs.7.5 lakhs and they availed loan under NULM SEP- Group component from Union Bank. The investment is to buy a pick up van, portable cans & for working capital.

“Snehadeepam”- Kochi water marketing group is engaged in procuring purified potable water at Rs.10 from the plant and market it for Rs.20 to the nearby household areas when the market price is Rs.60-80/-. One member of the group has driving license and badge number. The group is functioning well and is able to earn Rs.5000/- per head per month after all expenses.

Plastic Free Kerala - NULM initiative - Vipanjika Cloth Bag, Alappuzha Updated On 2017-10-17

Kerala state is in the process of encouraging the concept of ‘Making Green’. Most of the Local Self Governments have taken the initiative to discourage the use of plastic carry bags and is finding alternative means to address the issue. The women in Alappuzha municipality find this as an opportunity for income generation and 8 Kudumbashree members has started a group enterprise under SEP component of DAY- NULM.

The women were given 25 days Entrepreneurship Development Programme & skill training with the support of RSETI. The unit availed loan for an amount of Rs.2.85 lakhs from Syndicate bank and has started functioning on 8th June 2017. The unit is slowly making revenue and their first month earning is Rs. 14,000/-.

The Kudumbashree Mission provides them a platform to sell their products through the monthly fairs and exhibitions and is in the process of making effective tie up with the shops and super markets so that they can have assured market and income in the coming days.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy- Green Bytes Updated On 2017-10-16

Catering to people’s need to stay healthy in urban environs, the Kudumbashree women started the initiative of ‘Green Bytes’ providing freshly cut fruits and vegetables to office-goers for a light brunch bite. The fruit bowl includes a combination of fruits such as strawberry, pineapple, pomegranate, papaya, mango, kiwi and apple. In addition to this, fresh cut vegetables for ready to cook are also offered through the outlet.

The first unit named ‘Pulari Green Bytes’ is started in the Govt. Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram which includes 6 urban poor members Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation. The initial capital of Rs.10,000/- was arranged from their SHG named ‘Mathruka SHG’ as loan out of NULM Revolving Fund. The total project cost is Rs. 1.70 lakhs and is started under SEP-Group component of DAY- NULM.

3 day EDP and skill training is provided to them with special emphasis on hygeine, packing, customer management etc. The members are able to earn an income of Rs. 8000/- per month.

The next focus is to serve the requirements of persons having health issues like lifestyle diseases by marketing diet bowls and healthy drinks like amla, carrot, lime & other fruits mixed with honey, ginger, etc. The speciality of the project is that the calorific & nutritious value of each bowl will also be provided to the customers.

From A Home maker to Home-Stay Owner Updated On 2017-10-15

Rajamma K N (58) of Punnamada, Alappuzha was struggling to meet both the ends by running an old petty shop. Her son had died nine years ago due to a heart attack and three years back her husband also passed away due to liver disease, her lone daughter is married and they are also staying with her.

She is a member of Grihalakshmi SHG group in Punnamada ALF at Alappuzha. Now she is a good entrepreneur materialising her Home-Stay business in January 2015. The funds required for the purpose was raised from the financial benefits offered by the different component of DAY-NULM scheme: Rs. 10,000 from the amount her ADS received through revolving fund, Rs. 25,000 from her group linkage loan and Rs. 10,000 as thrift loan.

Her house is near to Punammada Boat Jetty were lot of tourists came for house boating. Rajamma started a small pay and parking facility together with food and accommodation for the taxi drivers who accompany the tourists. She refurbished three rooms of her own house and brought necessary furniture for the purpose. Initially it was little difficult for her to sustain, income varies as it is seasonal however now she is earning an average minimum income of Rs.10000 per month.

She is planning for more expansion in the future, with the  confidence and expertise she gained. To scale up she is planning to start a take away food counter to cater to the demand of tourists.