Carbon Brush Unit Updated On 2017-10-31

Ms. Bindhu Anilkumar started a Carbon Brush manufacturing unit at Veloor, Kottayam. Carbon brush is an inevitable part of electric grinders and cutting machines. Under NULM Scheme, Federal bank Kottayam Branch sanctioned a loan of Rs.40000/- and the amount is used to purchase necessary equipments and raw materials. Her members are actively supporting her in the production unit. The earnings from the enterprise are sufficient to repay the loan amount in time and to meet the expenses of her family

Casino Hiring Service Updated On 2017-10-30

Ms. Soma Kurian, started a hiring unit named Casino hiring Service at Thiruvathukkal, Kottayam. Bank of Maharashtra sanctioned a loan of Rs.150000/- to start this enterprise under NULM Scheme. She purchased Chairs, tables, utensils, etc to rent it for private and public programmes. Her family members are also supports her in her venture. The earnings from the enterprise are sufficient to repay the loan amount in time and to meet the expenses of her family.

“I got a Job..a continuous income..something to save” – says Firoz Khan Updated On 2017-10-29

Firoz Khan, an urban poor was earning his livelihood through running a small business of Goods auto Rikshaw in Calicut city. He toiled hard to make ends meet by working from 5 AM until dawn carrying goods to customers on demand basis. However since his auto was a rented one (@ Rs. 250 per day), major part of his income earned went to the hands of his Auto owner and for maintenance of vehicle.

Even though he felt the need of owning a goods auto rickshaw for himself, his poor financial back ground held him back. His wife Shajitha being a member of Phoenix Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Group (Central CDS, Kozhikode) came to know about Self Employment Programme of NULM from her ADS president from ADS and NHG meetings. Firoz became aware of the scheme through his wife and attended the Self Employment Programme- General Orientation & six days EDP Training where he cleared all doubts regarding Bank loan and subsidy. Punjab National Bank, Govindapuram Branch sanctioned a loan of Rs.1,90,000/- and his contribution of Rs.16,500/- helped him to fulfill his dream.

At present he is able to save an amount of minimum Rs. 500/- per day after meeting all expenses incurred for maintenance of vehicle and Loan repayment.

City Livelihood Centre - Kottayam: An Attempt to Reduce Occupational Vulnerability of Urban Poor Updated On 2017-10-28

Occupational vulnerability is a distinguishing characteristic of urban poverty. Addressing occupational vulnerability is always a challenge in any urban poverty eradication Programme. Establishment of City Livelihood Centre (CLC) in Kottayam Municipality under National Urban livelihoods Mission by Kudumbashree is a firm leap to address this challenge.

City Livelihoods Centre, Kottayam is first one of its kind in Kerala, which was inaugurated by Sri.Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan MLA on 29th April 2017.The Vision of the Centre is to provide sustained support to the livelihood efforts of urban poor by conjoining the gap between the resources available with the urban poor like their services or products and the requirements of urban community. In turn, such a support will pave way for the social and economic empowerment of the urban poor to lead a secure and dignified life.

The services of urban poor includes domestic works, home nursing, Ayah, driving, cleaning work, domestic electrical work, plumbing work, etc. Though these services are largely required to the urban community, the urban poor who are involved in these services confronts unemployment due to least publicity of their availability to work. City Livelihood Centre tries to address this issue by setting up a permanent Service Providing Centre offering a gamut of fee based services to the urban community by engaging urban poor who possess necessary skill sets. The urban community can avail the services of labors registered in the CLC by phone or web based applications. At present there are a total of 193 labors are registered with the Centre. City Livelihood Centre will also arrange for skill training and skill up gradation training to the urban poor who are registered in the Centre for quality improvement.

Similarly, the City Livelihood Centre will support the urban poor or their collectives (SHG) to sell their products. Kudumbashree Units in Kottayam are producing a wide range of products including vegetables, sanitary products, food products, Stationery items, etc. Almost all of them are facing trouble in the marketing of their product due to diverse reasons like poor advertisement, messy packing, etc. The CLC will provide necessary support for product up gradation, raw material availability, marketing services, etc. for registered producers from urban poor.

Initiation of a City Livelihood Centre was not an easy task. The approval for starting the Centre received from NULM State Mission during March 2015. The great hurdle before opening the centre was the non-availability of local specific model for City Livelihood Centre in Kerala. The City Mission Management Unit conducted a series of consultation with various stakeholders and referred web-sites for beating this hurdle and develop a suitable structure for the City Livelihood Centre in Kottayam. The City Mission Management Unit strives to develop maximum potential to the Centre in addressing the occupational vulnerability of urban poor in Kottayam through their mobilization, skill up gradation and generation of maximum employment opportunities in a conducive environment. In future, we hope, the Centre will become a model for other cities in Kerala for reducing occupational vulnerability of urban poor.

Aluminium Fabrication Unit Updated On 2017-10-27

Ratheesh K.S hailing from from Thrikkakkara Municipality was finding it difficult to meet all ends with no job or a source of income. He came to know about the Self Employment programme of NULM from the awareness sessions conducted by NULM community organisers in the Neighbourhood group his family belonged to. Ratheesh approached the City Mission Management Unit of Thrikkakara Municipality and gathered more details about the scheme. Finally with a hope to earn a sustainable living he decided to avail loan to start an individual enterprise and he started an aluminium fabrication unit with the loan of Rs. 1.24 lakhs. After paying an EMI of Rs. 3000 per month (for 84 months) and after all expenses he is able to make an average income of Rs. 8000-10000 per month.

NULM made a difference in their life Updated On 2017-10-26

Ganesh Naik aged 46 was a poor riksha driver from Kasaragod. His family comprises of his father, mother, wife and 3 children and stays in a rented house. Earlier he was earning a living by driving an auto taken on a rental basis of Rs. 200 per day which could not meet the demand of his family, he being the lone earning member.

His wife being a Kudumbashree member came to know about the Self Employment Programme under the NULM scheme. Ganesh approached the City Mission Management Unit of Kasargode and applied for loan for a riksha. Loan for an amount of Rs. 1,78,500 was sanctioned from KGB, Kasaragod. Simultaneusly his wife got enrolled in General Duty Assistant course under NULM.

Presently he is making a livelihood with his own vehicle earning an average daily income of Rs. 750 and his wife got placed as a nursing assistant in Care well Hospital with monthly income of Rs. 8000/-Hence the family got benefitted under the two components of NULM.

Ammas Sweets – Ethnic taste of Kerala Updated On 2017-10-25

Nivya is a resident of Thrissur Corporation running a micro enterprise name AMMAS SWEETS. Her unit produces ethnic sweets like vattayappam, uniiyappam etc and sells them in Thrissur city area. She looks after her 4 member family with earnings from her unit.

In the past her husband’s business suffered a down fall. At this critical juncture she availed loans from Kudumbashree NHGs and local money lenders and commenced a ethnic sweets manufacturing unit. When NULM community organiser Della Thomas visited their NHG and explained the benefits offered under the Self Employment Program (Individual) scheme of NULM she was interested in availing this benefit. After the training she availed a loan Rs. 2 lakhs from Canara bank,Thrissur and expanded her business. Now her unit production has increased 10 times compared to the initial days. Nivya plans to expand her business across the district.

Adens Day care & Play school Updated On 2017-10-24

Adens day care & play school, a successful daycare centre in Kalpetta, Wayanad district commenced operations in January 2016. The owner of the enterprise availed loan for an amount of Rs. 1.8 lakhs under the Self Employment Programme – Individual scheme under NULM. The building was furnished with attractive painting and adequate furniture. Play school and kindergarten is included as their curriculum with six teachers and three helpers. The unit earns an average income of Rs. 13000 to Rs. 15000 per month. They plan to expand their operations by including primary school syllabus in their curriculum.

Meleyil Herbals Updated On 2017-10-23

Meleyil Herbals, a manufacturing unit of 22 products such as Masala Powders, Idli Powders and many more is located in Palayam, Thirunellayi, Palakkad ( Palakkad North CDS, Amritha - ADS, Sulthana - SHG). The enterprise is owned by Shameer and commenced operation from 2012 with the support of loan availed from Kudumbashree under the SJSRY Scheme. Presently the unit has staff strength of 6, each gaining a daily income of Rs.200/-. The raw materials for making the products like chilly, jaggery, dry Ginger etc are purchased from the whole sale market in Palakkad. The customers for the product include several shops nearby and in the city, the unit making an average income of Rs.30000/- per month. The Meleyil products have a high demand in the market due to its quality.

The owner has several ideas about the new products which would be successful once introduced. They plan to scale up their enterprise provided they get proper training and financial support.

The All Women Construction Team- A women initiative in the construction sector - Kerala Updated On 2017-10-22

The All Women construction Team is one innovative livelihood activity promoted by the Kudumbashree Mission in Ernakulam district. Initially started in convergence with Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) has trained 217 women under the project. Different type of works like the construction of a park, renovation of a canteen, kitchen interiors are some worth to mention initiatives by the team. The field level work of the women team made the M/s. Berger paints to come forward with the idea of providing training to women in painting houses. They have taken the initiative to train 8 women groups and offered them to paint the houses of their clients.

Scope of scaling up:

  • The construction training may be included under the ESTP component of NULM.
  • Kudumbashree is now trying to get a government order (GO) to award Public works (construction) of the Local Self governments, like Panchayaths, Municipalities and Corporations, worth Rs. 10 lakhs to be given to Kudumbashree groups without following the tender procedures. This is under the consideration of the Govt. of Kerala.
  • PMAY programme is also planning to award construction works to these groups.