Molly George’s Provisional Store Updated On 2017-11-10

Molly George started an enterprise, a provision store on 21/1/2017 with the strong belief and hope that she would be able to earn a living with it after all her struggles to meet the wants of her family. She heard about the SEP programme from NULM community organisers and approached the Kochi ULB with her project plan of starting a stationary shop with basic eateries as well. She got a loan for an amount of Rs. 19000 from Union Bank Of India-Ernakulam. With the money she took a room on rent and bought all necessary equipments. Slowly but steadily her business boosted.She is able to make a monthly income of Rs.25000.

Manu Gabriel’s Workshop Updated On 2017-11-09

Manu Gabriel was jobless and was trying to find means by which he could support his family. With no collateral to place for a bank loan he was not able to avail one even though many a times he had thought of starting an enterprise. It was from his family’s neighborhood group that he came to know about the SEP component of NULM. He understood that loans could be approved even without collateral if recommended by the ULB. He approached the Kochi Municipality with his project of starting a workshop to cater to two wheeler vehicles. Task force approved his project and loan for an amount of Rs.180000 was sanctioned by

Bank-Union Bank Of India, Chakkaraparamb. Since Manu is an expert in his trade, he is able to make good income of a monthly income of Rs. 70000. In future he wishes to start a tools shop along with running his workshop.

Vanitha Stitching Centre Updated On 2017-11-08

Vanitha Stitching Centre, Chakkaraparambu a group enterprise under DAY-NULM was initiated by six women who were finding it difficult to meet the needs of their family with literally no income. They came to know about the Self Employment Programme under DAY-NULM and approached Kochi Corporation. They were guided by the City Mission Management Unit and sent for EDP training. Task force approved their project and loan for an amount of Rs.400000 was sanctioned by Union Bank Chakkaraparamb.Their tailoring unit started in May 2016. The business involves taking orders from Small Outlets and stitching as per their requirement. Since the group has 6 experiencedtailors they are known for their proficiency. Marketing is done by outlets.

They are able to generate a monthly income of Rs.20000/-. They wish to scale up their business by purchasing more equipments and engaging more staff provided they get financial assistance for the purpose. They also plan to do direct marketing.

Sreelakshmi Sanitary Ware Updated On 2017-11-07

Seena Rajeevan from Puthiyur is the Secretary of Surya NHG of, Thrikkakara. The surrounding area has a large number of ongoing construction works of apartments and other building. Anticipating the scope of business in this area, Seena along with her husband thought of starting a shop which sells plumbing, electrical and sanitary items as there is huge demand in this area. There are no such shops in this area as well.

She rented out a room of 700 square feet, availed licence from the municipality and a loan for Rs. 2 lakhs from Union Bank Edachira.The amount she has to pay as EMI is Rs. 4000 and he is able to save Rs. 8000 per month.

Seena wishes to scale up her business by getting hold of a larger room and with more products in her shelf. For the purpose she is calculating means by which she could raise the requisite capital.

Shaju’s cattle shed – a smart entrepreneur Updated On 2017-11-06

Shaju C.P of Thrikkakara Municipality was basically a farmer. He came to know about the loan offered under NULM scheme and approached the City Mission Management Unit of the municipality. EDP training from RSETI Perumbavur was imparted. A shy person by nature, on Day 1 of the training, he occupied the last bench of the classroom but on the fifth day of the training he came up on the stage stage and expressed his learning from all the sessions with much confidence.

The bank officials visited his house for inspection before sanctioning the loan. With 10 cents of land available for his enterprise, his innocent and confident talks the bank manager was impressed and sanctioned him loan to buy 2 cows instead of one he has applied for. Recently he bought one more cow and in addition with two calves the total strength of his unit became 5. He is able to sell milk worth Rs.1800 per day and pays an EMI of Rs. 5100.He is making good profit and his enterprise has improved his livelihood to a considerable extent.

Ruchi Canteen & Catering unit Updated On 2017-11-05

Canteen & Catering unit, located in Chalakudy Thrissur district.The catering unit has 5 members and is formed with the support of loans taken under SJSRY scheme.The unit availed bank loan through credit linkage for an amount of RS.4 lakhs. They received a subsidy of Rs. 1.4 lakhs. The group attended EDP training and is succesfully running the enterprise. There is scope for boosting up their business.Lack of adequate vessels is preventing them from placing bulk orders.Given financial support to avail the necessary infrastructure and publicity would make the unit perform better.

Araya's stitching centre Updated On 2017-11-04

Sujitha Manoj is a house wife, who lives in the 50the division of Thrissur corporation She is trained in tailoring. She has been running a stitching centre in her house for the past three years. She is a member of Cherupushpam NHG. In one of the NHG meetings she heard about the self employment programme under NULM. She applied for a loan and after the procedures a loan amount of 1 lakh was sanctioned by the Canara bank Main branch Thrissur.

She bought one curing table, one inter locking machine and button hole machine with the loan amount. A portion of her house was converted as the unit and furnished adequately. Her enterprise returns Rs 6000 to 7000 per month and paid her loan regularly.

The stitching centre grew gradually and now she has become everyone's favourite. Her four member family lives happily from her earning.

Renjith's Freedom cages Updated On 2017-11-03

Renjith belonging to Thaykkattussery division of Thrissur Corporation is a young entrepreneur who started his own enterprise in 2013 in the poultry sector. He is trained in poultry from Kerala Vetinery University,Thrissur. In the beginning, he brought birds cages from the market. Cage articles like nipple drinker, nipple cup were highly expensive. This problem triggered him to think differently. He decided to produce cages with the raw materials available in the market. Gradually he switched over from his poultry unit in to birds cage unit. In the beginning, it was as a difficult task to make cages. He collected galvanized mesh and made hi-tech cages. The experiment was very successful and it turned in to be an innovative unit.

For the investment he approached NULM CMMU Thrissur in 2016 and got proper directions. The corporation task force recommended his application and forwarded it to Bank of Baroda, Ollur Branch. The bank sanctioned him a loan of Rs.2 lakhs.

The birds get sufficient water supply from a nipple drinker fixed at the top of the page. It helps to keep the cage clean and prevents the birds droppings from getting mixed with water which may in turn produce foul smell. Professional feeder and egg collection methods are also included. The hi-tech birds cages are very cost effective and large number of poultry farmers are very happy with the use of these cages. Renjith earns approximate Rs. 25000-30000 per month. He plans to scale up his business all over Kerala.

Puthuma Elaneer Parlour Updated On 2017-11-02

Puthuma Elaneer Parlour is a Manufacturing, Sale and Service unit. It is a Group Unit of 5 members from 3 NHGs. They have 3 shops and located near to District Hospital, Palakkad, Civil Station, Palakkad and on Palakkad Centre (Palakkad North - CDS, Star - ADS, Priya, Priyanka, Priyadarshini - SHGs) in Ward No: 28 & 41. The owners of the unit are Mrs. Zeenath, Mrs. Mumtaz, Mrs. Rukkiya, Mrs. Parvathy, Mrs. Liala. The 3 units were started in the year 2000 with the help of loan amount of Rs.2,50,000 from Kudumbashree under SJSRY Scheme. As a Manufacturing Unit the products such as Dry Ginger Coffee, Traditional Snacks such as Elayada, Kozhukatta etc are made and as a Sales Outlet they are selling above mentioned items, Tender Coconut Water and Tender Coconut Shake are also served. As a Service Unit they are providing their service as Catering unit where they will take party orders. Presently the 3 units has approximately a daily income of Rs.7000/- and an average monthly income of Rs.50000/- and they will distribute the average income equally. The customers for the products are employees of several offices and the visitors to District Hospital. Major attraction of the unit is that the customers are served fresh and hot snacks and hence there is a great demand. If we are arranging proper training for them for making new products they are willing to make new products.

Lini Micheal’s Beauty Parlour Updated On 2017-11-01

Lini had attended a beautician course and was running a small beauty parlor in her home. With the limited facilities available in her house, she could utilize only a very small portion of her house. She was not able to make an adequate income for her livelihood. She came to know about the loan component under NULM for starting micro enterprises and availed a loan of Rs. 2 lakhs from Union Bank. After attending EDP training and availing a license she started her business in a rented shop after purchasing all required equipments and engaging an assistant. Since this is located in the main road side, she is able to make good business and is earning an average income of Rs. 8000-10000 per month. She wishes to expand her business by taking a more spacious room to cater to the customer demands.