Stitching Dreams Together Updated On 2017-10-21

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayat: Aikaranad

Name of Enterprise: Angel Tailoring Centre

Name of entrepreneur: SaijiBabu

Date of starting enterprise: 19.01.2017

Initial investment:Rs.40,000

Additional investment:Rs.50,000

Source of investment: Rs. 40,000 Own Investment+Rs. 40,000from Kudumbashree Crisis Fund+Rs.Rs.50,000 CEF

Profit per month (as of September 2017): Rs.22,606

Entrepreneur Profile: Smt.SaijiBabu is a B.Com graduate. She has several years of experience in tailoring. Saiji is a member of a NHG and she belongs to an economically backward family and her family depends on her income.Her husband returned from the Gulf with a lot of financial liabilities.

Future Plan: Saiji is planning a venture with SarvaShiksha Abhiyan to collect bulk uniform orders from different schools and has already submitted a proposal to hospitals to get their staff uniforms order. She is planning to put out all her products under a single brand – Angel.SVEP MEC Smt. Jayamol provided different types of marketing support to Saiji.

Supporting MEC: Smt. P R Jayamol

Entrepreneur Testimony: “I have a lot of liabilities but now I am confident that I can easily overcome it, because Kudumbashree has shown me the way. I have started walking on this way with the help of SVEP. I am sure I will achieve my goals.”

The Prosperity of My Family! Updated On 2017-10-20

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Mazhuvannnoor

Name of Enterprise: Sneha Provision Store

Date of starting enterprise: 15/01/2017

Initial investment: Rs.30,000

Additional investment: Rs.50,000

Source of investment: Rs.30,000 Own Investment +Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of September, 2017): Rs.22,975

Entrepreneur Profile: Smt.SarithaShibu is a housewife with VHSE qualification. She has been eager to help her husband, a person with disability, to make ends meet.Due to such a constraint, she could not venture outside her home to eke out a living. At this juncture, she happened to meet Smt. SushithaSathyapal, an SVEP MEC, who told her about the possibility of getting support to start a new business. On the basis of this advice, Saritha put up a small roadsideprovision shop adjacent to her house at an investment of Rs. 30,000.This provision store was a blessing for the people of her locality as they had to travel for about 5 km to Nellad to purchase provision items.

Future plans: Saritha’s immediate concern is to expand the shop. With a loan of Rs. 50,000 received under SVEP, construction work for the expansion of the shop building is ongoing. Saritha’slife is gradually entering a new path which promises to pick up momentum.

MEC supporting the enterprise: SushithaSathyapal

Entrepreneur Testimony: “I have become the source of prosperity for my family. I don’t have any special talents, but Kudumbashree has always been by my side. It makes me stronger and gives me the willpower to do something with my life. I will always be grateful to Kudumbashree and SVEP.”

Kudumbashree Melas Have Given Me Confidence Updated On 2017-10-19

District: Pathanamthitta

Block: Parakode


Name of the enterprise: Bharath Flour Mill Unit

Name of the entrepreneur: Valsala Kumari

Date of starting enterprise: 08/07/2017

Initial Investment: Rs. 2,60,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000 CEF

Source of investment: Rs.2,00,000 Gold Loan + Rs.40,000 Linkage Loan + Rs.20, 000 Own Fund

Profit per month (as of September, 2017): Rs. 10,000

Entrepreneur profile: Valsala Kumari is a member of Navajyothi NHG since 2002. Initially she used to sell chilly and coriander powder within the NHG and to the neighbouring houses. Since she had to depend on other flour mills to powder the products, it was not cost effective and she had stopped running the business. With the intervention of the SVEP MEC Sreekala, Valsala,all the work up to packing is done by her own unit now. She has participated in Ethnic Food Fest, Onam Mela etc., whichgave her more sales and easy marketing opportunities. Regular supply of idli powder to nearest anganwadis and all powdered products to the staff of government institutions is a sizeable market identified to sell her products.

Future plans: Bharath Flour Mill needs to construct a separate shed and plans to buy one dryer and an advanced pulveriser by availing an interest subsidy loan. Valsala is planning to increase the supply of idli powder to 5 more anganwadis, if permission is granted by ICDS. SVEP will support the unit so that it attains a monthly income of Rs. 35,000 within 6 months.

MEC supporting enterprise: Sreekala

Entrepreneur Testimony: “Now I have a lot of liabilities but I am very confident to invest more in my business because of the demand for my products. Kudumbashree melas are great opportunities to make more profit in a short period of time.”

From the Kitchen to The Stage Updated On 2017-10-18

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Kunnathunad

Name of the Enterprise: Sunitha’s Pickle Unit

Name of the Entrepreneur:SunithaReji

Initial investment: Rs.20,000

Additional investment: Rs.80,000

Source of investment: Rs.50,000 Own Investment + Rs.50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of September, 2017): Rs. 20,000

Entrepreneur profile:Sunitha was a postgraduate house wife and her family depended on her husband’s income. Sunitha is an active member of the New Abaya NHGunder the Kunnathunad CDS. SVEP-MEC Sofy John visited the NHG and noticed Sunitha’s interest to start a business. Using her skills, she started a pickle making unit. The MEC provided marketing support through monthly market conducted by different CDS. Now she has got all the licenses from different departments and gets good demand for her pickles including bulk orders from Bangalore.

Future plan: Now all the process of enterprise happens inside the home, so Sunitha plans to procure a building for the business. Shealso wants to expand the business to the entire world by exporting products to Gulf countries without any compromise in quality.

MEC supporting enterprise: Sofy John

Entrepreneur Testimony:“There is a Malayalam sayingthat goes, ‘From the kitchen to the stage’. I am now an example for that proverb. Kudumbashree taught me to dream. I am sure with the help of SVEP, I can chase my dreams.”

The Confidence to Take Risks Updated On 2017-10-17




Name of the enterprise:Malayalee Food Processing

Name of the entrepreneur:Preetha

Date of starting enterprise:15/04/2017

Initial Investment:Rs. 2,00,000

Additional Investment:Rs. 50,000

Source of investment:Rs. 1,50,000 Gold Loan + Rs. 50,000 borrowed for interest

Profit per month (as of September, 2017):Rs. 20,000

Entrepreneur profile:Preetha is a Graduate from a very poor family who was doing some clerical jobs in nearby organizations for very low salaries. After joining Kudumbashree and becoming the secretary of Oruma NHG, she was eager to become an entrepreneur to earn more money. She was ready to take risk but she didn’t know what business she could do. At that time, SVEP MEC Sreeja Girish visited her NHG and explained the project. After many discussions she finally decided to start a bakery, with support from her mother and a friend. But initially theproducts lacked finishing and the MEC took the initiative to give her training. Now she employs a worker,has an outlet near her house for production and has completely repaid her loan of Rs. 50,000 with interest.

SVEP Taught Me to Dream Updated On 2017-10-16

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vaduvacode

Panchayat: Thiruvaniyoor

Name of the enterprise: Prabha’s Snacks Unit

Name of the entrepreneur: PrabhaRajan

Date of starting enterprise: 08/02/2017

Initial Investment: Rs.25,000

Source of investment: Own Investment

Profit per month (as of September, 2017): Rs. 21,890

Entrepreneur profile: Prabha Rajan is the member of an economically backward family of Kerala is the only earning member of her family. Her husband has not been able to do any work for the last five years owing to ill health. Her son is completing his education which requires a large sum of money for which she is the only person whom he can depend on. She is an NHG member since 2014 of Thiruvaniyoor Panchayat CDS.

A Bullet Journey into the Life Updated On 2017-10-15

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vaduvacode

Panchayat: Puthencruz

Name of the enterprise: Brigardz Bullet Workshop

Name of the entrepreneur: Jibin Kurian

Date of starting enterprise: 24/01/2017

Initial Investment: Rs. 30,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of investment: Rs. 20,000 own investment +Rs. 10,000 from NHG +Rs. 50,000 from CEF

Profit per month (as of September, 2017): Rs. 20,000

Entrepreneur profile:Jibin completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and worked at workshops during the time of his studies.Jibin’s mother is the member of a NHG in Puthencruz Panchayat.

Future plans:Jibin plans to repay the housing loan that his family has taken and mobilize more investment from sources like the Innovation Fund provided by Kudumbashree to further expand his workshop. Jibin tags along on Royal Enfield rides organized by biker communities currently. He plans to promote such communities and organize rides where he provides technical and logistical support in the future.

MEC supporting enterprise: Sandhya P G

Entrepreneur Testimony: “For people who want a better life and who are willing to work hard, the SVEP program which is implemented by Kudumbashree is a great opportunity. A MEC who relentlessly works towards integrating an entrepreneur’s ideas to his dreams is very useful for common people like me.”