The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Updated On 2017-10-31

District: Pathanamthitta

Block: Parakode

Panchayath: Erathu

Name of the enterprise: Mahima Readymade & Gold Covering Centre

Name of the entrepreneur: Manju

Date of starting enterprise:19/01/2017

Initial Investment: Rs.1,90,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000 SVEP CEF

Source of investment: Rs.75,000 Gold Loan +Rs.5,000 Own Fund + Rs.10,000 Thrift Loan + 1,00,000/- Loan from financier

Profit per month (as of August, 2017): Rs. 15,000

Entrepreneur profile: Manju is an NHG member since 2007. As a student, for meeting her education expenses, she used to sell sarees door to door. This created a spirit of entrepreneurship in Manju. When she was visited by SVEP MEC Vijayakumari, this provided the missing motivation and support she needed to start the business.

Future plans: At present Manju wishes to expand the garment business to a better boutique in her locality. She is an expert in gold covering and ornament making, so she also plans to start a training centre for interested NHG members.

Entrepreneur Testimony:“I had already experienced the merit of business in my childhood. With better advice of SVEP MEC, I am now able to do a business of my choice which gives me great satisfaction and reward!”

No Stopping Manju Updated On 2017-10-30

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vaduvacode

Panchayat: Thiruvaniyoor

Name of the enterprise:MDM Tailors and Textiles

Name of the entrepreneur:Manju Muthu

Date of starting enterprise:22/2/2017

Initial Investment: Rs. 2,00,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of investment: Rs. 1,50,000 Own investment +Rs. 1,00,000Mudra Loan

Profit per month (as of October, 2017):Rs. 20,000

Entrepreneur profile: Smt. Manju Muthu is a38-year-oldmember of the Scheduled Caste community. Manju and her husband are of Tamil origin but have been residing in Kerala for the past 25 years. She has been a Kudumbashree member for more than ten years and is the president of her NHG.

Future plans:Smt. Manju is very ambitious and she never withdraws any money more than required from her business. She reinvests her retained equity into the business and wants to establish a flourishing business. Her profit per month shows a temporary decrease only because the inventory increases. Recently,she took one more room adjacent to her shop from where her husband is also running a business.

MEC supporting enterprise: Joshy Xavier

Entrepreneur Testimony:“I am really grateful to Kudumbashree and the SVEP consultant without which my life would have beenmonotonous. Achieving success in life is not something one gets by fluke or luck but is something for which a combination of skills, timing and hard work is necessary. For those who have real interest in business and are in search for a platform to start, SVEP is the answer.”

From farmer to entrepreneur Updated On 2017-10-29

District: Pathanamthitta



Name of the enterprise:Aiswarya Vegetable Shop

Name of the entrepreneur:Sathyabhama

Date of starting enterprise:22/01/2017

Initial Investment:Rs.85,000

Additional Investment:Rs.50,000

Source of investment:Rs.65,000 Gold Loan +Rs.10,000 Own Fund + Rs.10,000 NHG Loan + Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of August, 2017):Rs. 15,000

Entrepreneur profile : Sathyabhama is an NHG member from 2009. Previously, she was a good farmer and her products had a good market. Since she has started her shop with support from SVEP and MEC, she can’t find time to engage in farming and she has passed the responsibility on to her husband. Sathyabhama sells purely organic vegetablesand the shop is easily accessible by the public.Due to the huge demand of organic vegetables, she is now procuring vegetables from different Joint Liability Groups.

Future plans:Aiswarya Vegetable shop urgently needs electricity connection, so that she can extend the working time up to 8.30 PM. She plans to lease more land to do agriculture and her ambition is to open more shops.

MEC supporting the enterprise:Vijayakumari G

Entrepreneur Testimony: “It is important to make sure our business is in the right place for targeting the right customers. The orientation and motivation from the SVEP MEC helps me to make my business fruitful and to think in the long term!”

Yes, I can! Updated On 2017-10-28

District: Ernakulam



Name of the entrepreneur:JosmiJoby

Name of Enterprise:Mispa Stores

Date of starting enterprise: 23/06/2017

Initial investment: Rs1,00,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of investment :Rs. 1,00,000 Own Investment + 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of September, 2017):Rs.29,256

Total investment:Rs. 1,50,000

EntrepreneurProfile: Josmiis a housewife who is a NHG member in the Kudumbashree network.Her husband was finding it difficult to meet the needs of the family with his daily wage work. Like other Kudumbashree women,she received an opportunity toenter the micro enterprise field unexpectedly.But she has used this platform for the wellbeing of her family.

FuturePlans:Josmi plans to find a constant income from the enterprise. Her shop currently dealsonly in grocery items. She wants to expand the business with more products like vegetables and fruits.

MEC supporting the Enterprise:Bindu Manoharan

Entrepreneur Testimony: "I did not even think in my dreams that I’ll become an entrepreneur.Kudumbashree has understood my abilities and has given me the opportunitiy. NowI want to make use of this opportunity!"

A Delightful Life Updated On 2017-10-27

District: Ernakulam



Name of the entrepreneur: Lakshmi Rajan

Name of Enterprise: Soorya’s Dry Fish

Date of starting enterprise: 09/02/2017

Initial investment:Rs. 20,000

Additional Investment: Rs.50,000

Source of investment :Rs. 17,000 Own Investment + 3,000 NHG loan+ 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of September, 2017):Rs. 19,700

Total investment:Rs. 70,000

Entrepreneur Profile: Lakshmi Rajan is an active member of Kudumbashree. When Lakshmi first heard of SVEP, her husband just lost his job. With guidance and motivation from SVEP MEC, Anitha Balachandran, Lakshmi decided to start a dry fish distribution unit, which was found to be viable option for that area. Now she gets a stable income through her enterprise.

Future plan: Lakshmi currently purchases dry fish from the local market butshe plans to purchase dry fish directly from coastal areas by creating linkages with Kudumbashree micro enterprises in these areas. She also plansto buy a vehicle to expand her business to markets outside of her panchayat.

Entrepreneur testimony: “I first gotinformation about SVEP when we were facing so many financial problems. Now we have been able to gradually overcome those problems. Kudumbashree has given me a delightful life!”

Window of Opportunity Updated On 2017-10-26

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Aikaranad

Name of the entrepreneur: Laiju M. K.

Name of Enterprise: LEXA DISTRIBUTORS

Date of starting enterprise: 23/02/2017

Initial investment: Rs.60,000

Source of investment: Rs. 60,000 Own Investment

Profit per month (as of September, 2017): Rs.20,600

Total investment: Rs.60,000

Entrepreneur Profile: Shri Laiju M K belongs to an economically and socially backward family with ailing parents who depend on him. His mother is the member of a NHG. Shaiju has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and was doing welding works forRs.600 per day.He found it difficult to make both ends meet with this work. With technical and marketing support from SVEP MEC Smt. Jayamol, he started a small enterprise which supplies nameplates for automobiles. With a lot of effort, he mobilized an initial investment of Rs. 60,000 to set up the unit. He could collect fairly good number of orders through personal canvassing, with support from Jayamol, and is now in a position to sustain the business. He has already posted his unit’s profile on the internet, on the basis of which he is getting business from distant areas as well.

Future plans: Laijuis planning to procure a punching machine so that work can be done quickly as well as avoiding payment to outside agencies. He is confident of getting good business as the number of new vehicles being registered in Ernakulam district is steadily going up. He also has plans to enlarge his business potential by extending his facilities to other areas of automobiles like sticker printing.

Entrepreneur testimony: “Even though there was some element of skepticism at the initial stage regarding the viability of my new concern, it has turned out to be a really motivating and rewarding enterprise. During this short span of time with motivation, assistance and guidance from Kudumbashree, MEC Smt. Jayamol and SVEP, I could tide over all the initial problems and emerge successful in my humble but bold enterprise. Now I am fully confident of the long term success of my unit which will certainly help me manage my family affairs in a better way.”

The Success of Desire Updated On 2017-10-25

District: Pathanamthitta

Block: Parakode

Panchayath: Enadhimangalam

Name of the enterprise: Aparna Tailoring and Garments.

Name of the entrepreneur: Prasanna Kumari

Date of starting enterprise: 25/01/2017

Initial Investment:Rs. 65,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of investment: Rs.30,000 Own fund + Rs.35,000 Gold Loan + Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of August, 2017):Rs. 10,450

Entrepreneur profile: Smt. Prasanna Kumariwas a typical house wifefrom Enadhimangalam Panchayath, whois an expert in tailoring. She used to work at other tailoring shops for daily wages before starting her own enterprise.With the help of SVEP MEC Beena,she was motivated to start a tailoring shop of her own.Before starting the enterprise, Prasanna Kumaristruggled hard tomake both ends meet with her husband’s income. But now, she canmanage almost all the family expenses with her earnings and they have started saving as well.

Future Plan:Prasanna Kumari intends to expand the tailoring unit to a modern stitching unit.She is also planning to start a garment shop and an ironing centre along with her current shop.

MEC supporting enterprise: Beena

Entrepreneur Testimony: “Even if you are a normal housewife,if you have the desire to support your family, all of you can be a good entrepreneur like me. A project like SVEP and a good advisor like MEC can make any ordinary woman, an entrepreneur.”

When Skills Run in the Family Updated On 2017-10-24




Name of the Enterprise:Sneha’s Tailoring Unit

Name of the Entrepreneur:Snehalatha

Date of startingEnterprise: 06/02/2017

Initial investment:Rs. 20,000

Additional Investment:Rs. 50,000

Source of investment:Rs. 20,000Own investment + Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of September, 2017):Rs. 11,260

Entrepreneur Profile:Snehalatha has completed training in fashion designing and fabric printing. Herdaughter-in- law,Vinitha, has also completed the same course. They are working together to run the business. Her husband is retired and her son was laid off from a government owned company.

Future Plan: Snehalatha intends to expand her business by appointing another worker for stitching ladies garments and process more orders.

MEC supporting Enterprise: Lathi C.N.

Entrepreneur Testimony: When the income of the household had dried up, I approached several institutions to support us in setting up a business but nobody helped us. At that time, SVEP MEC Lathi and one of our Kudumbasree members, informed me about Start up Village EntrepreneurshipProgramme. With her support, I set up a tailoring unit in my home.Lathi explained to me about the availability of quality materials, marketing of finished items etc.She also helped me to get a loan from the CEF for expanding my business. She also helps us to maintain our accounts properly.Now my daughter- in- law and Iwork together,and help my husband and son.

Age No Bar Updated On 2017-10-23

District: Ernakulam



Name of the enterprise: Mahalakshmi Lucky Centre

Date of starting enterprise: 28/06/2017

Initial investment:Rs. 35,000

Additional investment:Rs. 50,000

Source of investment:Rs. 35,000 NHG loan+ Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of September, 2017):Rs. 25,000

Entrepreneur Profile:Mahalakshmi Lottery Unit is a venture initiated by a 61-year-old widow,KaalikuttyChinnapan, under SVEP program. She belongs to a Scheduled Caste community. She is an active member ofPratheekshaNHG in Aikkaranad CDS. Before she started the enterprise, her only income was from widow pension. She is also a MGNREGA worker. Her biggest windfall comes when the tickets she sells win prizes.

Future Plans: Since her income is increasingeveryday, Kaalikuttywants to improve the infrastructure of the enterprise. She is also planning to start other branches of Mahalakshmi Lucky Centre.

SVEP MEC supporting the enterprise:Geejamol

Entrepreneur Testimony: “It was not expected that at my age,I will get such a fortune. I am a member of NHG for a long time,and I didn’t know about these activities done through Kudumbashree. MEC Geeja is my hero,Kudumbashree is my good fortune!”

Selling Magic in Parts Updated On 2017-10-22

District: Pathanamthitta

Block: Parakode

Panchayath: Pallickal

Name of the enterprise: Maya Bazar

Name of the entrepreneur: Shanavas

Date of starting enterprise: 28/03/2017

Initial Investment: Rs. 1,50,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 4,00,000

Source of investment:Rs. 1,50,000 Own Investment + Rs. 3,50,000 Bank Loan + Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit per month (as of August, 2017):Rs. 42,450

Entrepreneur profile: Shanavas is a graduate from an ordinary family. He was working in a workshop before starting his own enterprise. His mother SuharaBeevi is a NHG member. Aadhikattukulangra is a place famous for getting cheap spare parts of all vehicles. Identifying this opportunity, he started the business in a place just before Aadhikattukulangara which meant customers looking for such partsspot his shop first.

Future plans: He plans to concentrate more on two-wheeler spare parts because the demand is very high and he is able to get more income from lower investment. He also plans to start another outlet immediately after the repayment of his bank loan.

MEC supporting enterprise: Raji Rajan

Entrepreneur Testimony: “I completed my graduation with an ambition of starting a business of my own. But lack of capital and confidence led me to work in a workshop for 4 years. SVEP MEC Raji helped me to prepare business plan including all stages of my business. Now I am doing the same mechanical work which I learned in a productive way while providing some financial benefit for poor people.”