Farming changed our life Updated On 2017-12-05

District: Alappuzha

Block: Pattanakkad

Panchayat: Ezhupunna

Name of JLG: Krishna JLG

Number of members: 6

Ezhupunna village is in Pattanakad block which is loacted in the northern side of Alappuzha district, this village is having a very proud history. Sruthi the NHG in Ezhupunna was the stepping stone of five women innovative farmers.

We were only just being a part of Kudumbasree NHG until 2010. But by understanding the value of agriculture after attending many training sessions we decided to form a JLG. We the six members, Preethy Jyothis, Leela Bhaskaran, Rakthamma Vijayan, Renuka Vasudean, Chinnama George and Rosamma Thomas of Sruthi NHG hence formed as Krishna JLG.

We began cultivation in one acre of land. The land we have was barren but our strong determination to gain success we made the land fruitful through our hardwork. We first cultivated vegetables like ladisfinger, cowpea, snake gourd etc.. Through the great co-ordination between the members we were able to get more yield than we expected. This result gave us more strength and inspiration to farm more and gain more.

It is the era of innovative farming so we also directed our path to such innovative ideas. We first thought of constructing a polyhouse but the intial cost of setting up of such construction was very huge for we starters. So hence we decided to move on with rainshelter.

Kudumbasree FFC helped us to make our dream come true. We shared our concept of setting up of rainshelter with them and with their help we build a rainshelter in five cents. We got financial support from banks and Krishibhavans. In the rainshelter we first tried ladiesfinger that was huge success and next we tried cowpea and next snake gourd and that goes on....

Aquaponics Farm Updated On 2017-12-04

District: Kottayam

Panchayat: Pampady


I am PriyaJai from Pampady Gramapanchayat. I am a member of ThejasKudumbashree. We have a JLG named Newtech. I have started my project unexpectedly. My first project was layer hen farming and now I am working on aquaponics.

I thought of going to project when I know about the "Panchayatpanchavatsarapadhathi". I gave the application for grow bag project, layer hen and terrace farming. I began with terrace farming in these grow bags and I have use biogas slurry as the fertilizer.

Panchayath has given me 6 day old chicks from Manarcadu hatchery. I wanted to build a cage to grow them. So I tried to get more information through google of high-tech hen cage. I also wanted to work upon waste management system. The waste is transferred to the biogas plant and the biogas needed for the house for cooking gas.

A 2 and 3 layer cage was made with an aluminium tray attached to each layer. The waste will be added to the stagnated water in the tray and a pipe connection is given in such a way that when the tap is open, this waste will go to our biogas plant.

Mr.Korasir (Pampady krishibhavan) andMr.Kuriakosesir (Veterinary doctor, Kooroppada)visited my home. They became very happy and encouraged this project. Dr Kuriakose sir said about my success project to Aneesh(MalayalaManorama). He also came to see my poultry cage and he published a feature in MalayalaManorama. After that many people interested this and visited to see my poultry cage. I have recieved the award for"Innovative farming"from Pampady Krishibhavan.

BV380 hens are also grown. It is the best among the layer hen farming. I am able to sell 50 to 60 eggs per day.

I was interested in aquaponic, so I thought of doing that. So once this was first time I am doing this, I took help from Mr.Prasannakumar sir and Mr.Rajan sir(Kodungoor). They have completed the training in aquaponics.

I have thought of taking the loan as the project will cost around Rs.2,00,000.Pampady CDS chairperson Sindu and block co-ordinaterTeena helped me to get JLG loan easily.

We made aquaponic pond and grow bed in successful way. Now we are getting spinach,ladies finger,chilly,tomato,cucumber,mint leaves etc. Along with this Tilapia fish is growing well in the pond. I feel so happy to see this and many people are coming to see our aquaponics. People get surprise seeing the vegetables grown in baby metals without soil. Because of the water circulating system water is not wasted.

I wish to all kudumbasree to do these projects and make a grant success in this project. It is very important to start aquaponics in every places like "CheraipallipuramGramam project". Thanks to all people who helped me in this project.

Harvesting the Success Updated On 2017-12-03

District : Palakkad

Block : Ottappalam

Panchayat : Vaniyamkulam

JLG : Haritham

Activities : Farming, Food Processing, Organic Fertilizer Processing, Apiculture and Animal Husbandry.

Crops : Vegetable and Fish


How can we reach the success with minimum resources? Team Haritham will give you the right answer. They are the best models for how to become a good farmers. Formed a JLG unit in 2010, started cultivation in 48 cents. Ivy guard tried as first crop. It was a success. They started to attend more classes and training on agriculture conducted by Kudumbashree and Department of Agriculture. The effort was hardworking and committed. They developed their cultivation land to 12 acres, as lease. Today, the effort is broader than word with cultivation of almost every vegetables which needed by the surroundings.

The 12 acres of 12th ward in VaniyamkulamGrama Panchayat, possessed by team Haritham, is rich by Bitter Guard, Beans, Cucumber, Ash Guard, Pumpkin, Ladies Finger, and Ivy Guard etc… Now the pond, situated in their cultivation land, live with fishes. Started Apiculture and rearing of rabbits. They running food processing unit and organic fertilizer units in this land.

Haritham JLG is affiliated to the Vaniyamkulam CDS, in Ottappalam block. This JLG has four members. Among them Mrs. Mercy George performs as the leader. Anitha, Usha and Sreemathi are other members of Haritham. Mrs. Mercy George was the Best Master farmer from Palakkad. She is incredible in the fields on day to day activities. She is more conscious to learn new trends in agricultural sector, and to try it on their cultivation field as well. She is one of the active members of JEVA team Palakkad. Regular participant of classes conducted by Kudumbashree and Krishibhavan on agriculture.

All the harvest supplies to public through VFPCK Stall and Weekly Markets of Kudumbashree. The first time harvest of Fish, was on 2017 November 10th. They have harvested fishes like Katla, Grasshopper, Johu, Mrigaya and Nutter, which is worth at least 300 rupees per kilogram in public market. It was a successful attempt and they are interest to do more with fish farming. Apiculture is doing successfully and it is yet to harvest. In the field of animal husbandry, the auspices and sale of rabbits is doing successfully.

An all-round effort, to perform by a JLG is practices by Haritham JLG. They manufacturing organic fertilizers and insecticides for their own use, and performing as prime suppliers for Eco Shop. They have taken linkage loan from Co-operative bank and got interest subsidy and incentives from Kudumbashree. This was the capital for their initiatives. Motivation from Kudumbashree official help them to move towards the direction of success.

We cannot mark a full stop for their story, because it’s a sempiternal effort by four lady heroes. They got the first achievement as the best farmland for exhibit. They were the second team to supply vegetables to VFPCK in 2014. They selected as the farm school in 2014.

A Success story of Determination Updated On 2017-12-02

Name of the Farmer : K.G. Indira

Block : Kottarakara

Panchayat : Ezhukone

Crop Cultivating : Tubercrops, Vegetables, Pulses, Ground nut , Cool season Vegetables and Maize.

JLG formed : Samrurthi

Number of members : 4

Area of cultivation :2.5 acre, (Vegetables, Dry land paddy and Tubers)


A Success story of Determination

Indira, a farmer in Ezhukone panchayat. Years ago she couldn’t even provide enough food for their family . when the situation got vulgered she found a ray of hope in agriculture field and she started cultivation in her own land by tuber crops and vegetables. Her mother act a the pillar support for her in agriculture. She found success in her work , she felt very confidence on herself. Based on season she found much opportunity in cultivation of many variety crops and improved her life dramatically. She went for harvesting rice fields of other farmers in order to get money to maintain her family needs. In 2001, she heard about Kudumbasree NHG’s finally she joined in the group which belongs 20 members . From their she learned different schemes introduced by Kudumbasree mission. By Inspiring this she started small enterprises, but was not able to succeeding it.

In 2011

She joined in group farming by forming a group of 4 members and started work by registering in CDS. The group got training for different cultivational practices from Krishi Bhavan and KVK’s . The group started their intial work in their own ad rented land of 2.5 acre with Banana, Vegetables and Tuber crops. They could found success in their work which created much confidence in them. They attended trainings conducted by Kudumbasree in using farm machineries, that helps them in improving their work. They started helping other women members to enter into this field. The member Indira selected as a Master farmer in her block.

In 2013 she met Dr. Sheeba, Professor in KVK, Sadanantapuram. She told Indira to start the practice of Miniset cultivation in Yam, a method of producing small yam from 200 gram set by using organic method. She thought to do the method as an experiment, finally she could harvest 2-6kg of yam from a single set. She used the Variety “Gajendra” for cultivation. She foud a great success in yam cultivation. After the success she starts to do experiments in cool season vegetables, Ground nuts and Maize. Finally she understood she can be a star in the field of agriculture. Recently she is a member of JEEVA team in Kottarkara block. She used to sell her agricultural products in neighbourhood families and Market after satisfying her family needs. Apart from this she started to rearing poultry and goat for egg and milk purpose. Now she following a prestigious life along with husband and children support.


Support from Kudumbashree

Got training which help them to improve their farming. Received supports as area incentive, Interest subsidy and Bank linkage and got an out let to sell their products.


Received Best farmer award in 2015 in Ezhukone Grama Panchayat.

Success story of Molly Sebastian Updated On 2017-12-01

District: Thrissur

Block Panchayath: Ollukkara

Gramapanchayath: Nadathara

Kerala has its own agricultural heritage and Thrissur can claim a better portion of it. When we talk about the agricultural heritage of the district, Nadathara is the name which we can’t replace or avoid. Still there are hundreds of people who took farming as their life. Vegetables are the important crop of the area in which bitter guard has its own place. Nadathara is even famous for its own variety of bitter guard called Nadatharapaval.

Molly Sebastian, a member of migrated Kottayam based agro-family who deviated from the field after she got married to a family which was not much into farming. But later she realized that the meager income of her husband is not sufficient for a successful life which gradually drags them to debts and poverty. In a situation which she realizes that their life is slipping out of them due to these issues and landed into a situation that she needs to do anything and was ready to. At that point of time she takes the call of her life which was there in her blood that of a farmer. When the Kudumbashree NHG comes with the solution for initial investments she was full-fledged for the call primarily in 1998. The initial lone of 5000 from NHG drives her to the present situation of a proud farmer, she recalls.

As per Molly her success was visible when we can see her husband who is unaware of what farming is, was with her as a great support. She gradually gets more income and her standard of life rises and then she is able to do farming on leased land up to 8 acres in 2000. Late she happened to know about the Kudumbashree policies on leased land farming and with the help of then CDS Chairperson Mercy Gopi got financial assistance in 2008, she gained more confidence. Later she registered with Sneha JLG group and started working which made her to be selected as master farmer of the Panchayath. This also raises her farming capacity like bitter guard in 12.5 acre, pea in 2.5 acre, plantain, and some other vegetables in another 2 acres. If we fall in with a small margin loss too, Kudumbashree is there to support and makes sure that we are not falling down with incentives and interest free loans she added.

Her dedication and skills got showcased in 2010 she is successful in the winter farm school for vegetables at Agricultural university, Thrissur. As per Molly if you have a mentality and health to work, farming is always the best option for you. Later her group was following rain fed system, so she will work only for 6 months. But by that time they were able to gain sufficient profit for the year. By bitter guard itself they can make around 50000 profits. Now they are doing farming for one full year. She was a regular face in all farming related events in the district. Till the date she got around 466713 rupees as incentives from Kudumbashree.

Her hard work and dedication was felicitated by Krishibhavan by giving her the best farmer award in 2000, 2008 and 2013and by the government of Kerala by giving Mahilashree award in 2012. She gives all the credits for the almighty to change her life. But we can say without any doubt that these are the success of the hard work, confidence and dedication. She claims with a pride tone that all the best moments of her life like career and education of children, their marriages and even their own house are the sweat from the farm. The pleasure and satisfaction which we get from the farming is always different, she adds.

Success in agricultural activities of Samrudhi JLG Updated On 2017-11-30

District : Thiruvananthapuram

CDS: Malayinkeezhu Grama panchayat

JLG: Samrudhi

President – Sathi K

Secretary – Manju Chandran

Members – Anila Kumari, Priya

Samrudhi is a registered JLG unit in Malayinkeezhu Grama panchayat in Nemom block in Trivandrum district.

The JLG unit was formed by 4 female members. The dream what they saw was prosperity in the community which led them to put the unit’s name as samrudhi. The unit started by cultivating banana and vegetables in the land of one of the unit member. The first attempt was a failure but they learn new lessons from that failure which give them immense confidence to do it again.

The unit took 5 acres of land for lease in Malayinkeezhu panchayat. They took a loan of Rs 2 lakhs from Central Bank of India which helped them to do the cultivation. They learned how to cultivate paddy and that was a new beginning to Samrudhi. They used water from nearby stream. During the last March – April, they feared that the drought would affect their cultivation. But that was not a big challenge for the unit. During the drought period there will be no water in the nearby wells and the paddy cultivation by this group made a drastic change for that situation. For this new venture the unit got big support from the locality itself. They got all support and assistance from Kudumbashree district mission and Malayinkeezhu grama panchayat.

As part of Haritha Keralam initiative made by the Government of Kerala, harvest festival conducted in their paddy field. They are doing sales in an amount less than that of the market price through kudumbashree weekly market, monthly market and festivals as well. This JLG unit has been selected as the best unit in Malayinkeezhu panchayat. Through the unit, employment has been guaranteed for 2000 labour days.

Paddy cultivation in 5 acres of leased land was a big success by the unit. As of now the harvesting has been done for 2 times. The total need of vaykol for the cow farmers in that panchayat has been fulfilled by this unit’s paddy field. The coordination, dedication and confidence helped them to succeed in the area where they tried to find their living and the unit members are very happy to do paddy cultivation to feed the malayalis with their own rice which has been cultivated in their own land.

The cultivation was doing without using any pesticides. The harvesting in the paddy field has been celebrated as “Kannikoythu - 2017” which was inaugurated by Haritha Keralam Mission Vice Chairperson Dr. T. N. Seema. Samrudhi unit is expecting a new food culture that will come in the future. The unit’s entire endeavors are to make the people healthier.

Farming with life Updated On 2017-11-29

In Thrissur district there is a small village named kattor and is not a farming area but some of the people do farming in small scale. Majority of the people lived their with animal husbandary activity.

In Kattor Gramapanchayath a JLG named sayoojyam started cultivation in 2010.There are four members in the group and a lady named Sulochana is the leader of the group .she is a cancer patient but she works hard for the well functioning of the group.They do farming activity all over the year and do farming all the crops.Rice,Banana,Vegetables ,Tuber crops are cultivated by this group.In 2010 they started cultivation in 1.5 acre vegetables and the organic vegetables are sold at sight .As the need of organic vegetables increases they take more fallow land and now they cultivated in 6 acre. They get all the help from panchayath and block.Land preparation is done by MNREGS and seeds are collected from Agriculture department. This year they do fallow land cultivation and get 22kg rice from 75 cent . As they are interested in farming activity they come all the trainings and make organic manures and fertilizers in their own home.

Sulochana is now a role model for all farming groups inthis panhayath .she is survive from cancer due to the farming . she engaged majority of her time in farming and other social activities. She do cattering work also .their

life goes better now and they earn money for their better life.

Succeess story of Drishya JLG group Updated On 2017-11-28

District : Pathanamthitta

CDS : Chittar

JLG : Drishya

Drishya JLG group is successful in carrying out multiple farming method at the hill stations of Chittar GramaPanchayath from Ranni, Pathanamthitta district. Crops like Banana, Tapioca, Yam, Colocasia and other vegetables are cultivated in 5 acre of land. Lease land is used for cultivation purposes.The main issue they were facing was the attack of wild animals and that remained without any solution as the farm was nearby the forest area. Still the group members Sudhamani, Smitha Sasi, Geetha Gopi and Hima Mohan maintains to work and bring there cultivation to success level.

Department of agriculture provided paddy seeds for the upland cultivation of paddy ( Karanel Krishi). This was used for the means of trail farming in 2 acres of land and this group was able to do it successfully. The group members are happy as this type of paddy farming is not harmed by wild animals.The land for the cultivation of paddy was prepared by the help of MGNREGS.

The JLG members are from families in which they practiced farming and cultivation in traditional ways. Smt. Sudhamani is the group leader and as well as holds the position of CDS member and Master farmer. After the formation of JLG group, they were taking a loan of 1 lakh rupees per year for 4 years. Interest Subsidy and Incentive was obtained from Kudumbashree District Mission.

This group following the traditional farming practices as well as the training obtained from the MKSP program.

The main thing in the success of their farming was the interest in agriculture and moreover that was the main source of income. Hardwork and unity in their work will defenitly bring bright colours to their successful farming.

Cowdung and other animal wastes are used for fertilizers in cultivation. Since they are practicing organic way of farming, the yields obtained has a great demand in the market,people buy crops directly from the farm during the harvesting time.

Along with cultivation they also practiced animal husbandary which included cow, goat and hen. Hence they were able to used animal waste like cow dung and all for using it as organic fertilizers and also the products like milk and egg also made there extra earning in farming.

The group members are extremely happy as this multiple farming provide an extra income and organic vegetables to their family and others.

Success story of Jerry Varghese Updated On 2017-11-27
  • District : Wayanad
  • CDS: Meenangadi
  • JLG: Kripa
  • Crops: Vegetables, Paddy, Banana



  • Best Master farmer award from Kudumbashree
  • Best Farmer award from Panchayat
  • Best JLG Award, Wayanad


There is one in crowd of millions who are most phenomenally worked and to set an example for others. Smt Jerry a farmer from Meenangadi Panchayat, Wayanad district belongs to an ordinary family. Even in her hardship she worked very hard to earn a better life. Her major support is her family. She is inspired by her father, a farmer and gets motivation from her husband. Her children also support her to be in success.

Mrs Jerry, started farming from 2008 onwards in her 10 cents of land which is now expanded up to 1 acres of land and also have 350 grow bag. She is a member of Kudumbashree. At present she cultivates a variety of crops which include fruits, vegetables, flowering plants, trees and more. Fruits such as banana, papaya, jackfruit, mango etc, vegetables such as carrot, beetroot, lettuce, brinjal, snake guard, ash guard, cucumber, chilli, okra, beans, onion, coriander etc and spices such as ginger flourish in her farm.

She imports a variety of high yielding seeds like pumpkin, tomato and lettuce from UK. Apiculture, Mushroom cultivation, Poultry farm, Quail rearing and Guinea fowl rearing are the other important activities.

Papaya jam and jackfruit chips, grape vine, mushroom cutlet, pickles of different flavours, amla legiyam are processed for sale. She also sell high quality vegetable seedlings. Being a JEVA member, Jerry gives a training class of budding, grafting, layering and vermicompost preparation to young active farming aspirants. She looks after a vegetable farm in a convent which is nourished by differently abled inmates. She receives financial support from Kudumbashree, Krishibhavan and Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA).

Success in farming - Kripa JLG Updated On 2017-11-26

District : Ernakulam

Name of JLG : Kripa

Total No. of Members : 4

Name of members : Eliyamma Ouseph, Mary Poulose, Thankamma Sreedharan, Eliyamma

Panchayath : Vengoor

Kripa JLG is one of the inspiring group among the collective farming groups in the district. Because these four members were aged above 50. They started the farming in 2004-2005. Before that they were doing some unskilled works for their livelihood but it has no sufficiently met their needs. The idea of collective farming arise during the NHG meeting then they decided to start the farming in that area because vengoor panchayath is concentrated in agriculture area. Then they formed Kripa JLG which include Eliyamma Ouseph, Mary Poulose, Thankamma Sreedharan, Eliyamma. They were finding the land for lease. At that time the concept of lease land farming is not munch familiar among the community so they faced difficulty in getting the land.

After a long search for lease land they got 2 acre land for lease they started ginger cultivation in the first phase it got good yield and profit. That result gave the confidence and enthusiasm among the group. Gradually they get more land for lease and then they extended the cultivation in 8 acres of banana, pineapple, Tuber crops. Their income and living status will improved gradually in addition to that they started cow rearing goat rearing etc.

They gave motivation to others for starting collective farming in the Panchayat. Panchayath level appreciations CDS level appreciations also got to this group. Krishi bhavan also supported. Many times they got Kudumbashree loan and Incentive. They were active members in all classes conducted by kudumbashree and CDS.