Harithashree Updated On 2017-12-15

District: Kottayam

CDS: Kidangoor

JLG: Harithashree

Crops: Paddy, Banana, Tubers & Vegetables

Area under Cultivation: 8 Acres

Rural India is known for its rustic beauty and cultural life that amazes not just the subcontinent but the entire world. But there’s another side to it-filled with stories of oppression and neglect faced by women. So, when unknown women from villages of India do something that empowers the society in which they live, it is not just a piece of information worth spreading; it’s a happening that needs to be celebrated.

The success story of Mrs. Sathi Mohan and their group from Kidangoor in Kottayam district has a narrative arc that pushes the limit of unbelievable. A rural agricultural labourer who works with their family and does not get her remediation, after coming to Kudumbashree, she did not feel happy to work and wanted to earn better. The Kudumbashree group named Harithasree has cultivated 4 acres of paddy and 4 acers of other cultivations like banana, champu, kachil, ladies finger, peaetc.They receive all kinds of support from government authorities by which they were able to improve a lot. Now she has received lots of appreciation and many recognitions including the 'Best Farmer award' from Panchayath in 2012, 'Best Farmer award' in their Ward in 2013 and Ward, District and Panchayath wise awards in 2016 and 2017. Now, she is the ward wise master farmer in her Panchayath.

Aswathi JLG Group Updated On 2017-12-14

District: Thrissur

Block Panchayath: Puzhakkal

Grama Panchayath: Adat

Jlg Group: Aswathi

Adat is a place which is still preserving its agro culture and continues its importance in cultivating rice massively, situated in the Adat Gramapanchayath of Puzakkal block. A group of women from adat is trying to hold the same agro culture with four members in 2000. Each and every member has a good farming background with experience makes it one of the best JLGs of district. They started the group by investing small amount from their own pocket and start paddy cultivation. In the initial stage they didn’t get much expected returns, but they keep their perseverance and unity they stepped up their initiative from 2 acre to 3.5 acre and started vegetables too. This time they were successful and that gave them a boost. At that time they happened to know more about the JLG scheme of Kudumbashree and registered it with Kudumbashree and availed financial benefits like incentives, Interest subsidies and loans. Now Lakshmikutty, one of the four from the Aswathi JLG group is one of the best farmer of the district. She got different training from Kudumbashree. Krishibhavan and so on. According to her, if we love plants and dedicate much as passion agriculture will never fail us. And that makes her and her group successful.

Mythri JLG Unit Updated On 2017-12-13

District: Thiruvananthapuram

Block Panchayath: Varkala

Grama Panchayath: Elakamon

Jlg Group: Mythri

Mythri is a registered JLG unit in Elakamon Grama panchayat in Varkala block in Trivandrum district. The unit members had taken membership with kudumbashree in 2002. The unit has given their life to excel their work in the field of agriculture. On the same way they have shown their excellence in Animal husbandry as well. In the beginning, they started to do agriculture individually. At that time they have to face many challenges and from those challenges they have gained immense knowledge in the field which helped them to excel. In 2010, 5 persons joined together to do cultivation. They did vegetable cultivation in 50 cents, Paddy cultivation in 5 acres and in 3 acres they did banana, black gram, tapioca, ginger, turmeric and pea.

The major challenges they have faced were diseases affecting crops, pests, lack of water, poor market conditions and the politics played by brokers. The cultivation will be done twice every year. Due to lack of machinery and infrastructure a lot of crisis has occurred.

Block coordinator from kudumbashree district mission Trivandrum has given valuable information about the assistance provided by Kudumbashree through orientation programmes and field visits. Through this frequent support the unit was able to prepare organic fertilizers and organic products. These organic products got wide acceptance in the market. The pre-onam market and onam market brought them a large opportunity to improve the sales income. Healthy discussions are going on regarding the participation in weekly market as well.

Now we are planning to cultivate cool season crops. We are also thinking to extent our land space for cultivation. Through these new initiatives, we would like to be the best model for other JLG units who want to excel.

Art of carving success Updated On 2017-12-12

Name of the Farmer : Usha Solomon

District : Kollam

Block : Ithikkara

Panchayat : Adichanellor

Crop Cultivating : Tuber crops, Vegetables , Banana and other fruit crops.

JLG formed : Avani JLG

Ward : 12

Number of members : 4 (Usha Solomon, Komalavally, Prema, Chandrika)

Area of cultivation : 1acre

Usha Solomon, a self sufficient women farmer who has achieved a sustainable source of livelihood at Adichanellur CDS in Ithikkara block. Usha started the practice of agriculture in thought of her family’s health in the availability of pesticide free food material and also to escape from rising price of food products in market. Usha worked almost alone in her own land , in her success in cultivation she decide to take agriculture as her path of livelihood . she made her farm a better one by practicing organic method of farming . Now she started to cultivate variety of food crops in her land .Usha used to bring her vegetables in nearby markets for sale and also vendors come to her home and purchase the vegetables . she used to motivate other farmers in her village in adopting farm practices. She selected as the cluster level secretary in krishibhavan.

In 2016 she joined Kudumbashree mission and she got inspired in group farming technique initiated by kudumbasree. Finally she formed a new JLG and named as “Avani”. She guided other members in the group in adopting new agriculture practices. With her guidance they started to cultivate different crops in her land and found success. She selected as master farmer in her block. Because of her hard work she succeed in her field and gain respect from her family and society.

Support from Kudumbashree : Got training for different cultivational practices. Got support from kudumbasree in form of Interest subsidy and Incentives and found a better way to sell their agricultural products.

Awards: Received Akshyashree award and Dr. B R Ambedkar excellence award in 2016-2017.

Success story of Omana Kuttamon Updated On 2017-12-11

District : Thrissur

Block Panchayath : Cherpu

Grama Panchayath : Cherpu

Jlg Group : Parvathi.

Cherpu, one of the beautiful places which has a bright tradition of agro lifestyle and tradition of Thrissur district. If we take a walk through the area, we can see the remnants of the great framing tradition which was evident through the people who holds it still. OmanaKuttamon, one of such personality who was such a proud farmer grows and starts her farmer career from Kudumbashree. She joined Kudumbashree in 2002 and later started their JLG named Parvathi. In the initial stage they did paddy and banana. The result was not that much supportive. When her family stays strong behind her as a primary support, they decided to do keep the steps forward by increasing the area of cultivation. And that confidence and perseverance paid, that time there is a good return which supports her needs.

This also made them to invest more by stepping in as her own on a leased land besides JLG Group. From those returns she made her own house and bought 107 cent paddy field and essential equipment’s. She is getting good support from Kudumbashree in forms of training and financial assistance. The training from the agricultural department and Kudumbashree is behind the success of my farming skills, she recalls. Her dedication is awarded by the Cherpu Krishibhavan by nominating her as best banana farmer of the Gram panchayath. The confidence gained from this made her to lease an acre of barren land and started vegetable cultivation. Also she had 6 acre of paddy and 2000 banana plantation. Now she is a full time farmer and master farmer of Kudumbashree, Cherpu.

Kathirmani- Gold out of barren land Updated On 2017-12-10

District : Kannur

Grama Panchayath : Pattuvam

Jlg Group : Katirmani

No of Members : 5

Name of Members : Yesodha.P, Leela.M, Omana K.V, Rohini.P, Padmavathy.K.V

Pattuvam grama panchayat of Kannur district in shining in the success glory of Kathirmani JLG. The journey began with the formation of a collective farming group named ‘Katirmani’(KNR 13/08/10). The five member group (Yesodha P (president), Leela M (secretary), Omana K. V, Rohini P and Padhmavathi K. V) has proved that determination, will power and group strength bears the fruit of success. Their interest in farming is evident from kitchen gardens which they have raised in homesteads to support family demands. The lack of expert advice and financial support didn’t change their mindset, it only gave the power to fight and win.

By registering as a collective farming group in kudumbashree they began a new venture which made them self sustainable. The training programmes and interest subsidy given by MKSP scheme has encouraged the group to expand the area under cultivation from 25 cents to 500 cents. The group is mainly engaged in Kaipad cultivation of rice. Orkayama, kathir and ezhome-1 are the cultivated varieties. Rice is raised in 5.5 acres of arable lease hold. Vegetables nemly cucumber, pumpkin, amaranth, okra are cultivated in summer rice fallows.

All the field operations starting right from land preparation to harvest is done by group members collectively. This helps in developing a sister hood relationship among the members. The active participation from the members of employment guarantee programme (MNREGA) helped a lot in primary tillage operations and land levelling.

The benefit from group farming made the members self sustainable and supported them in meeting the additional demand for education and marriage of their children. The demand for rice and vegetables are met from own farming and they are leading a happy, healthy life. The sale of farm outputs are made in kudumbashree outlets, thus ensuring a stable market without out any steep price fluctuations.

The Kathirmani group is availing area incentive for the past 4 years and has become an ideal model for utilisation of arable waste lands. One among the five members of kathirmani JLG was selected as master farmer. Thus the group has expanded their service not only as a producer and supplier of fresh farm outputs, but also as a provider of expert advice to the young budding farming community.

On an average, 3.5 tonnes of rice grain is harvested from 4.5 acres of wetland. After meeting the family requirement, the marketable surplus is sailed through kudumbashree outlets. From 1acre of vegetable cultivation the group is reaping 2.5 ql of cucumber, 2 ql. Of pumpkin, amaranth and okra. As apart of experimentalisation pavizham and gandhakashala varieties of rice were also cultivated.

The kathirmani JLG was selected as the second best JLG in Kannur district during 2013-14. In 2014-15 they grabbed first prize for best JLG in district and was honoured in the annual meet of Kudumbashree mission held at Malappuram.

As a part of MKSP scheme in Thaliparamba block of Kannur ditrict, a mobilisation camp was conducted at ward level . This has resulted in increasing the number of JLG to 945 and number of NHG members to4720. For the smooth functioning of JLG & NHG, 189 MFs were identified. Monthly meetings were conducted at FFC so as to update the scheme and to take necessary time bound action. Four master farmers were identified to form JEVA team (JLG E- Valuation Agent) and trainings were given by district mission about MKSP scheme and its functioning.

Special training and awareness sessions given to scheduled tribe colonies in 4 CDS has finally resulted in formation of 125 ST JLGs. They are now actively undertaking cultivation of upland rice, tapioca, amorphophallus and colocasia in barren land.

A two day training on “Use of weed cutter and its repairing” was conducted by district mission on demand of master farmers. This training has helped them in getting familiarised with the machine and many of them make their living from operating weed cutter.

Vandhana JLG- Success of group farming Updated On 2017-12-09

District: Idukki

Name of JLG: Vandanam JLG

President : Valsamma Shaji

Secretary : Toncy benoy, Sheela Radhakrishnan,Reji Sunil

Small farmers of Idukki face economic, technical & social as well as climatic challenges. When farmers identified their common needs and started to help themselves they formed JLG. Vandhana JLG started their farming in September 2009 .Initially they started tapioca farming and they got a good return from it, which is nearly 20 quintal tapioca. Apart from tapioca farming they also cultivate vegetables, banana, tubers etc. All the four members in the JLG has cow, goat so they could use animal waste as fertiliser and they follow an organic farming system. Apart from farming they started pickle making and koonappodi production.

They got an initial investment from Union bank as loan and they repaid it on correct time. Till they did not face any loss in their farming. Now they got a financial assistance from Mankulam Agriculture Department for building a rain shelter and its work is on progress. In 2013 they got the best JLG award from Kudumbashree. Even in good productivity years, they undergo marketing hassles, Kudumbashree weekly markets abled them to earn good profits under these circumstances. Now these women are self sufficient to handle the expenditure of family. Other major secrets of their success are the efficient use of inputs like land and water and science based approach in farm layout.

Aruthuruthi JLG Updated On 2017-12-08

District :Kasaragod

CDS :Chemmanad

Name of JLG :Aruthuruthi

NO. :13/03/03

Crops : Paddy, Vegetables

Area : 3 ACRES

Started in : 2011

Name of members: Soorya, Saraswathi, Janaki, Sharada

It is our pleasure to present the success story of the four members JLG formed in 2011.They used to cultivate paddy and vegetables in 3 acres of leased land. They continued their cultivation and at present their success is a model for each and every farmers of the entire state as well as all the JLG.

They cultivate one crop paddy, other vegetables, and pulses in entire three acres of land. During every harvesting they get minimum of 525para (7300 kg) of paddy, 200kg of other vegetables and 50 kg of pulses.Their net profit in last season was around 1lakh. It is their profit after subtracting their expenses incurred to organic fertilizers, labours, irrigation and their own wages.These farmers using only organic fertilizers and organic pesticides and the product is very tasty and very good for health.

The rice has been marketed as boiled and white rice in various centers such as Kudumbashree chantha and local shops. Their rice have good demand in outside kasaragod as “Naadan Ari”.

As it is organic, people come in huge numbers,for the rice.The boiled rice is selling at rupees 100/kg, and white rice rupees90/kg and also pulses (cowpea)selling at rupees100/kg.

With the paddy,the paddy straw is got huge demand and high price in market as cattle feed which is also good for cattle.

They started cultivation by availing loan for Rs.2 lakhs from Canara bank. The Kudumbashree district mission kasaragod, is providing incentives yearly. These four farmers attend all the training programmes and classes conducted by Kudumbashree district mission.

Almost all the activities such as preparing the land, irrigation, cultivation, harvesting, boiling the paddy, packing the rice and all other activities are done by these four farmers.Their hard work,sincerity and positive attitude towards organic agriculture are flowering their land.

Karuna JLG Updated On 2017-12-07

District: Ernakulam

Panchayath: Kalady

Name of the Group : Karuna

Karuna joint liability group is one of the best groups in Kalady grama panchayath. The attitude and passion for agriculture are the main reasons for their Success. This group is led by Smt. Lekha Valsan, a real woman farmer she is very passionate on agriculture and also a good team leader. This group consists of 5 members and formed the group in the year of 2011.

They are mainly cultivated paddy in 5 acres .They have two season crops. apart from that tapioca, banana, pea, turmeric etc are also cultivated. A total area of around 8.5 acres are cultivated by Karuna JLG. They have taken an agriculture loan from Canara Bank. Interest subsidy and farming incentives were also get to this group.

The group has the inspiration of others especially those who undertaking group activities, because these members were financially better families and they considering this group activity made social commitment and inspiration to others. Collective farming gave great pleasure to them. Over the time more groups has formed in the panchayath for collective farming through Kudumbashree. They were the master farmers to train and motivate those group before the concept of master farmer arise. Each members of the group are getting the greatest support and encouragement from their families panchayath and kudumbasree .

By considering their attitude toward work, an award is given by Panchayath & Kudumbashree. They are the members of Kudumbashree animal husbandry activities also.

Art of farming Updated On 2017-12-06

District : Kozhikode

Name of JLG : Mantharam

Total No. of Members : 4

Name of members : P.K Bindhu, N. Rama, M. Sarojini, Kairali.

Block : Kozhikode

Total area of cultivation: 5.5 acres

Mantharam jlg is registered under Kudumbashree Community Development Society of Ramanattukara municipality 11th ward in Kozhikode block in 2010. The joint liability group Mantharam grows banana, rice and vegetables in their 5.5 acres of land. All the crops are being grown using organic fertilizers and biopesticides. With 3 cows, 1 biogas plant and plenty of natural products from the field the farmers faces no difficulty in sourcing the inputs. All the crops are grown organically which have a good demand in the market. They cultivate nendran banana in 3 acres of land, rice in 2 acres, and vegetables in 50 cents. They used cultivate vegetables in all the seasons including cool season crops like cabbage and cauliflower. In case of rice, they are cultivating traditional varieties in two seasons every year. They are planning to shift to high yielding variety cultivation from next virippu season onwards. The reason for their success from farming is everything is sources from their place itself and do not depend on external input for crops. Secondly they markets the agricultural produces themselves and entire family is involved in the work so they do not spend anything extra on laboures.

Support from Kudumbashree:

This group is a beneficiary of Onam 2018-nendran banana cultivation, Bhakshya suraksha bhavanam etc. Kudumbashree District mission has sanctioned and disbursed area incentive and interest subsidy eligible to them which helps them to improve the farming activities.

Awards received:

  • Ramanattukara Krishibhavan- Best JLG award - in 2015